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Top 10 best places to welcome Christmas 2021 in Vietnam

Christmas is coming, have you planned where to go, what to play on this occasion? Today Vinlove will suggest to you the 10 hottest Christmas destinations in Vietnam in 2021!

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

Hanoi Cathedral is located in the heart of Hanoi city, about 300m walk from Hoan Kiem Lake. Every Christmas, Hanoi Cathedral is splendidly decorated with intricately designed stone caves and pine trees. Visiting the cathedral on this occasion, you will be immersed in the bustling and cozy Christmas atmosphere with many activities taking place such as singing hymns, Christmas concerts, etc. Also, every year here has become the hottest entertainment place in the Christmas season for young people and tourists in Hanoi.

Top 10 best places to welcome Christmas 2021 in Vietnam

Hanoi Cathedral on Christmas Day

Hang Ma Street, Hanoi

Another favorite Christmas check-in point is Hang Ma Street. Every time Christmas comes, this street is filled with colorful colors with Santa’s clothes, hats, pine trees, decorations for this occasion. Here, you can find anything related to Christmas. Besides, Hang Ma Street will be the ideal background for those who are passionate about taking pictures.

Hang Ma Street shimmers to welcome Christmas

Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street

No longer strange to the people of the capital, Hoan Kiem Lake walking street with its spacious space decorated brightly and eye-catching with countless attractive activities will definitely be a great rendezvous for you and your loved ones. this Christmas. Coming to this street, besides the activities to celebrate Noel, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy street art performances from modern dance, flashmob dancing, guitar playing, or participating in folk games such as skipping rope. , eat mandarin, pass the pass, etc.!

Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street

Phat Diem Church, Ninh Binh

Arriving at Phat Diem Cathedral, visitors are immersed in a peaceful religious space, admire the church complex designed in a combination of Eurasian style and discover how to decorate the church at Christmas. The area around the church is covered with a warm color, each corner of the campus has impressively decorated objects. This is also one of the most interesting Christmas destinations in 2021.

Christmas at Phat Diem Church

Sapa Stone Church

If you want to change the atmosphere and find yourself a new destination for this Christmas, then Sapa will be not a bad idea. Sapa in the last days of December is immersed in cold, even sometimes it snows. Therefore, the closer to Christmas.

Sapa Christmas season is as beautiful as a miniature Europe with the ancient features of the church, dotted around with the white color of snow and the brilliant colors of the pine tree and the golden bells decorated for Christmas. If you have the opportunity, book yourself a Sapa tour to discover the romantic beauty of this place.

Check-in at Sapa stone church

Bui Chu parish, Nam Dinh

Bui Chu Nam Dinh parish is located in Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province, about 120 km from Hanoi, where there are more than 100 large and small churches. Coming to Bui Chu, visitors can not only visit an old parish but also admire the impressive architectural beauty of the church here. Talking about Bui Chu is talking about the church, but the most prominent among them are Bui Chu church, Phu Nhai church, Van Loc church… During the Christmas season, the parish is bustling with holidays preparing for Christmas Eve. Born. The churches are beautifully decorated and parishioners from all over come to Bui Chu to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Church of Bui Chu

Ba Na Hills

Christmas travel experience you must definitely visit Ba Na Hills once! Known as “miniature Europe”, Ba Na Hills captures the hearts of visitors by its beautiful ancient architecture, colorful flower gardens, and many other attractions.

Most especially, during this Christmas 2020, visiting Ba Na Hills, visitors will have the opportunity to check-in with a 20m giant pine tree, the splendid space of Christmas Square with white snow houses and pumpkins. Not only that, you can also enjoy many unique and lively art performances. If you have never been here and are wondering what to prepare to go to Ba Na Hills, how to go, what to play in Ba Na Hills, then read this article now to grasp from AZ the experience of breaking Ba Na Hills island. Please!

Celebrate Christmas at Ba Na Hills

Notre Dame Cathedral

Where should Christmas 2020 go? If Hanoi has a big theater, then in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh, you should not miss Notre Dame Cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon (known to the people as Notre Dame Cathedral) is located in the heart of the city. Notre Dame Cathedral has become a symbol and pride of the people of the city during its more than 100 years of existence.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Visiting here at Christmas, visitors will see the church as a glittering golden cathedral decorated with elaborate decorations. From Notre Dame Cathedral to some streets in the center of District 1 such as Nguyen Hue and Le Loi streets are decorated with eye-catching lights. This area has many 4- and 5-star hotels, which are decorated splendidly, bringing a bolder and more Western Christmas atmosphere.

Tan Dinh Church

Have you heard of the pink church? If not, try to visit Tan Dinh Church in Ho Chi Minh City for Christmas this year. Built-in 1870, with Gothic architecture combined with Roman, Tan Dinh church brings on its ancient beauty. The most special feature of this church is that it is painted in a lovely, youthful, and eye-catching pink color. For that reason, this place attracts a lot of tourists, especially during the Christmas season.

Check-in at Tan Dinh Church

Shopping centers

Besides the above famous places, you can also go to the commercial centers on this occasion. Every time it comes to Christmas, these areas are often decorated splendidly, as well as have many attractive programs to welcome visitors to visit. You can take pictures, shop, eat, participate in games here. Vinlove will suggest to you some of the most popular shopping malls

– In Hanoi: Times City, Royal City, Aeon Mall Long Bien, Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vincom Ba Trieu,…

– In Ho Chi Minh: Van Hanh Mall, Parkson Hung Vuong, Bitexco Financial Tower, Aeon Mall Binh Tan,…

Above are the top 10 most beautiful Christmas spots in 2020  that you should not miss. Take note now and plan your Christmas outing!

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