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Turn into ‘muse, muse’ in chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam

Chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam are the places where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful picture like a wonderland, live a virtual life to your heart’s content, and bring back beautiful photos.

1. Hung Yen chrysanthemum garden – chrysanthemum garden in Vietnam is full of yellow 

The Chrysanthemum garden in Hung Yen is one of the famous chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam for many years. When winter begins to visit the Northern land, it is also the time when the chrysanthemum gardens show off their bright yellow colors on the land of Hien street, attracting a large number of tourists from near and far to visit and take photos.

Turn into ‘muse, muse’ in chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam
Hien Hung Yen Street has a beautiful yellow chrysanthemum garden. Photo: @bananamilkkk

Chrysanthemum flower, also known as chrysanthemum flower – a tiny, bright yellow flower, is grown by Hung Yen people to make tea. With the use of clearing heat, detoxifying good for health, the chrysanthemum flower was once used as a precious item to offer to the king. That’s why chrysanthemums are also called king chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemum is grown by Hung Yen people to make flower tea. Photo: @thuongpham_ss95

Chrysanthemum cultivation in Hung Yen has existed for hundreds of years. But in the past few years, when daisy gardens have caught the attention of tourists and photographers, people everywhere have known more than Nghia Trai village, Tan Quang commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province to admire the season. bright yellow chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum gardens are concentrated in Van Lam district, Hung Yen province. Photo: @tiemanhcaro

Traveling to Hung Yen at the end of the year, visitors have the opportunity to admire the brilliant yellow chrysanthemum garden throughout peaceful countryside. Here, chrysanthemums are planted in rows in straight rows. When winter comes, the flower buds open, showing off their golden color in the sun, making the scene even more dreamy.

Chrysanthemum flowers show off their bright yellow color on winter days. Photo: @p_ducphann

Visiting this beautiful chrysanthemum garden , everywhere is a cheerful and happy yellow color. Walking in the chrysanthemum garden, visitors can enjoy taking photos or participating in the harvesting of chrysanthemums with local people. Depending on the size of the house, visitors also get paid when harvesting together, which is an interesting experience that you cannot miss. 

2. Ninh Binh chrysanthemum garden – chrysanthemum garden in Vietnam has just “aired” 

A few years ago, the chrysanthemum garden in Hung Yen “made a storm”, now in the ancient capital of Ninh Binh, there are also beautiful yellow chrysanthemum gardens. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ninh Binh in the last days of the year, go to Bai village, Son Lai commune, Ninh Binh city to admire the yellow chrysanthemum gardens in the sun.

Ninh Binh also has a bright yellow chrysanthemum garden. Photo: nbtv

Like the chrysanthemum in Hung Yen, the people of Bai village also grow this flower for the purpose of making flower tea. However, before the stage of tea harvesting, the yellow chrysanthemum gardens were able to decorate the countryside scene more cheerful and brilliant. It is known that the Ninh Binh chrysanthemum garden is up to 1 hectare wide, growing millions of millions of beautiful chrysanthemum plants. 

The garden of chrysanthemums in Son Lai Ninh Binh is up to 1 hectare wide. Photo: nbtv

Now, the Ninh Binh chrysanthemum garden is one of the chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam that is loved by young people. Many tourists and photographers have come here to save the beautiful and idyllic moments of this brilliant yellow chrysanthemum garden. Normally, gardeners will harvest in December when chrysanthemums enter the most suitable time to make tea. 

December is the time when people harvest chrysanthemums. Photo: VnExpress 

If you want to check in with this beautiful yellow chrysanthemum garden, you should take advantage of coming early before people harvest chrysanthemums. According to the farmers here, when the chrysanthemum blooms from 85 to 90% will be harvested. All are hand-picked, ensuring flowers are intact, not crushed, serving the chrysanthemum tea production stage to be more delicious and more standard.

Cuc chi in Ninh Binh is also grown to make tea. Photo: nbtv

Coming to Ninh Binh chrysanthemum garden, you will feel the peaceful and beautiful village atmosphere. There is a carpet of yellow chrysanthemum flowers shimmering in the sun, and a diligent farmer caressing each petal. Come here once to take beautiful photos to bring back, as well as to understand more about the culture of growing flowers and making tea of ​​the Northern people.

3. Hanoi chrysanthemum garden – chrysanthemum garden in Vietnam is famous throughout the North 

One of the chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam that “caused a fever” throughout the travel forums for many years is the white daisies gardens in Hanoi. Also at the time of winter, young people in Ha Thanh began to dress up to take pictures, to see white daisies blooming throughout the inner suburbs. 

Hanoi has a specialty of white chrysanthemum flowers. Photo: @nguyenanh5656

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi on winter days, you will see white daisies overflowing on the street. Florists in Ha Thanh on simple bicycles, bringing white daisies around the inner suburbs, creating a beautiful, poetic, peaceful scene and a specialty unique to the capital land. 

Hanoi daisies bloom in winter. Photo: @hiyn.ttt

If you have fallen in love with the pure white of the nightingale, take the time to visit the white chrysanthemum gardens in the heart of the capital. Daisies are grown in many places in the inner suburbs of Hanoi. You can go to Song Hong Da Beach, Nhat Tan flower village, Tay Tuu flower garden, West Lake flower valley, Long Bien flower meadow, Phuong Linh flower garden, etc.

Song Hong Rock Beach, Long Bien Flowering Grassland,… are home to many white daisies. Photo: @_._.kem97_ 

No matter which flower garden, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the pure and pristine beauty of the white nightingale. All are beautiful chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam , poetic, adorning the winter of Hanoi more beautiful and lyrical. Ticket prices vary depending on each flower garden. Visitors can buy more hand-held flowers to take many beautiful photos.

White daisies are the symbolic flower of Hanoi. Photo: @quynh.in.52

For many years now, the white chrysanthemum is almost a symbol of the Hanoi winter. Coming to Ha Thanh chrysanthemum gardens, you can admire the white chrysanthemums blooming, being cuddled, gently touching on each delicate petal and of course bringing back beautiful pictures like a muse, lad.

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4. Dalat Immortal Chrysanthemum Garden – The chrysanthemum garden in Vietnam is as beautiful as a fairyland 

One of the chrysanthemum gardens in Vietnam that is “making waves” in the Da Lat loving community is the immortal chrysanthemum garden located on Highway 20, Xuan Tho commune, outside Da Lat. Although only appeared about 2 years ago, these chrysanthemum gardens are quickly known, attracting a large number of visitors. 

Dalat has a beautiful hill of immortal chrysanthemums. Photo: Truong Hoai Nam

Surfing around Instagram or travel forums on Facebook, you will not be surprised by the beautiful fairy-tale photos taken at this immortal chrysanthemum garden. It is known that this is a small hill specializing in growing immortal chrysanthemums to serve the needs of making dried flowers. However, when the flower garden bloomed beautifully, tourists knew more, the garden house was opened to serve the needs of sightseeing and taking photos.

Immortal chrysanthemum hill is located on Highway 20, far from the city center. Photo: Truong Hoai Nam

Up to now, Dalat Immortal Chrysanthemum Garden is one of the most famous chrysanthemum gardens , not only because of its unique beauty but also because of its prime location on the hill, in the middle of the pine forest. This Immortal Chrysanthemum Hill is about 6,000 – 7,000 m2 wide and spreads along the hillside. Here, flowers are not planted flat but planned like terraced fields, creating a poetic space like a fairyland.

Immortal chrysanthemum color brilliant in the sun. Photo: Truong Hoai Nam

Embracing this immortal chrysanthemum garden is a green pine forest that makes this place almost separate from the urban streets outside. Visiting the garden, walking among the flower beds, you feel like you are lost in a fairyland, temporarily putting aside your worries and releasing your soul into the poetic scenery.

The flower hill is embraced by the green pine forest. Photo: Truong Hoai Nam

Not as bright yellow as the chrysanthemum garden, nor as white as the nightingale daisy, the immortal chrysanthemum color is a combination of yellow-orange, white, pink, purple, … extremely outstanding. If you want to take good photos here, you should come early in the morning or visit between the hours of 16 and 17 pm, when the gentle sunlight breaks through the flowers.

Early morning and late afternoon are the right time to live virtual in the immortal chrysanthemum hill. Photo: Truong Hoai Nam

Each chrysanthemum garden in Vietnam has its own beauty, its own imprint, but all are cheerful and brilliant with vast and poetic space. Visiting the garden of chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, or chrysanthemums of immortality, you will be able to embrace the beautiful picture in your heart, transformed into “muses, muses” next to the sweet chrysanthemum flowers blooming. 

Photo: Instagram + Internet