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Sun World 3 regions welcome visitors to the early spring festival

From the top of Fansipan in the North to Phu Quoc Island in the South, each Sun World theme park offers visitors emotional experiences during the New Year.

On the first day of the new year, thousands of tourists came to Sun World Fansipan Legend, climbed to the top of Fansipan 3,143 meters high, worshiped and prayed for peace in a place where heaven and earth harmonized, wishing for a peaceful and prosperous new year.

The series of festivals to welcome the new year at Sun World Fansipan Legend will continue with the Khen Hoa festival from the 5th (January 26 to February 5) and the Spring Festival to open the Fansipan Heaven Gate from the 6th of the Lunar New Year to the 2nd lunar month.

This year, the Khen Hoa festival is organized by the resort in collaboration with the Sa Pa town committee on a larger scale, bringing together more trumpet teams of different ages than in previous years. Here, there are many folk games such as climbing fat poles, walking on a rope bridge, walking on stilts, throwing … giving visitors a colorful spring festival atmosphere in the Northwest.

This year’s Open Heaven Gate Spring Festival has also been enhanced, with many new activities such as daily lion dance performance, typical highland performances from the “artists” of the Northwest, 9 stalls selling goods and services. many typical highland products…

Sun World Ha Long is also a spring vacation destination for many big families. Many visitors rate the view of Ha Long Bay from above, while sitting on the cable car cabins is an interesting experience to start a new year.

Crossing the bay, visitors can explore Dragon Park (pictured) with many games to help recharge positive energy in early spring, take a walk or take pictures in the Japanese garden and enjoy the performance of international dancers. .. Besides the areas decorated with miniature Tet landscapes, the blooming sunflower garden is the check-in center of many tourists.

The show “Natural Moon Dance” at Ba Na tourist area (Da Nang) makes visitors feel like they are lost in the fairy world. Besides, dozens of other outdoor shows such as walking on stilts, performing malambo drums, etc. of international artists continuously performed at different time frames at Sun World Ba Na Hills have brought experiences. Exciting Tet. This Tet holiday is also the first time an antique car exhibition is held in the area of ​​​​Convergence Square.

Also in Ba Na, the spiritual area at the top of Nui Chua brings different colors and emotions to spring tourists. Three young tourists check-in at the spiritual area with colorful spring flowers from tulips, roses or peach bells.

Asia Park – Asia Park in the “worth living” city of Da Nang attracts families, groups of friends… with festivals, music and art parties such as the dragon lion performance “Long Phung sum”. this”, the lion and drum parade will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of the Lunar New Year and on the 4th will be an Asian festival with Kpop dances, Jpop, Chinese ancient dances, Japanese contemporary magic shows… , visitors have the opportunity to participate in minigames, catwalk contests, talent in the ancient costume festival of Asian countries…

Sun World Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh is one of the most attractive spiritual destinations in the South. On the 4th day of the Lunar New Year, Nui Ba Spring Festival officially opens with an art show and high-altitude fireworks display, and will last until the end of the second lunar month.

Visitors to the Ba pagoda complex (open until 10pm every day) will be immersed in the natural scenery, admire the series of Buddhist works on the top of the mountain such as the Buddha Statue of Tay Bo Da Son, Buddhist Exhibition Center, Cluster of Bat Nha Sutra Pillars carved the Heart Sutra in Tibetan characters. At night, the entire spiritual complex on the top of the mountain is lit up with 3,500 led lights.

In addition, this year, visitors can go directly from the Ba Chua complex to the top of the mountain by the new Tam An cable car. The cable route not only makes the journey of visitors to Nui Ba much more convenient, but also is considered to be the cable route with the best view among the existing cable lines at Sun World Ba Den Mountain.

Tourists who chose Ngoc Island as the spring tourist destination of Quy Mao enjoyed a multimedia performance called Kiss The Star in the town of Sunset, southwest, Phu Quoc island. In the space of nearly 1,000 square meters of projection surface above sea water, the blend of modern technologies including laser, sound, fire, water has triggered the imagination of visitors. Not only that, visitors can also admire the fireworks display after each show from the 2nd to the 4th of Tet.

This town also attracts visitors with a corner of the Mediterranean with the iconic works of the world’s lands such as the Clock Tower (England), or the Fountain of the Sun God, the Bell Tower of St. Mark’s Campanile, Juliet’s Balcony, Pompeii Gate (Italy), Arc de Triomphe (France)…

Aquatopia water park or Exotica village at Sun World Phu Quoc with challenging games … welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors in the first days of the new year.

Photo: Sun World

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