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Ca Mau crab soup shop sells 1,000 bowls per day, with bowls up to 14$

Although she has only imported crabs for 2 months, every day, Ms. Thao’s shop has sold 30-40 kg of Ca Mau crabs and 1,000 bowls of soup.

Ms. Thao (from Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province) opens a crab cake shop in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City. This place is famous for diners thanks to the bowl of crab cake soup, and crab nuggets imported from Ca Mau. Every day, her shop sells nearly 1,000 bowls of Banh Chung, 30-40 kg of crab.”I think that the crab in my hometown is delicious, if there are many bricks, why don’t I sell them so that diners have a chance to experience it,” Thao shared her fate with crab dishes.

Ca Mau crab soup shop sells 1,000 bowls per day, with bowls up to 14$

At 6 a.m. every day, two types of nuggets (2 skin crabs) and brick crabs are transported by traders from Nam Can district (Ca Mau) to Thao’s bakery shop.“At first, I was afraid of not selling well, so I told the trader to only take 3-4 kg to try.I did not expect this crab dish to be so well received by diners.Since adding the dish, the sales volume has increased more than 3 times compared to the previous time, from about 300 bowls to nearly 1,000 bowls,” said the owner.

“Before delivery, the trader also checks the quality by shining a flashlight under the crab body.If the flashlight can’t penetrate the thick shell, it means the crab is full of bricks, full of meat.Thanks to their dedicated and thorough business, the crabs at my restaurant are always fresh and delicious,” said the owner.

As soon as the goods were received, the staff at Thao’s shop began to clean the mud with a brush on the shells and bibs, so that when steaming, the crabs do not smell.

Small crabs are steamed for 15-20 minutes, large crabs from 25 minutes to half an hour.The nylon ropes to tie the crabs are removed to ensure the health of diners.

A whole brick crab is sold for 200,000-300,000 VND, for crab nuggets is 240,000 VND. Sometimes when you can import large-sized crabs, the shop will sell about 400,000-500,000 / head.The crab is steamed until cooked, so it retains its sweetness and firmness.

For the broth, Ms. Thao uses crab broth cooked with shrimp heads, bones, and lean meat, then carefully seasoned to suit the taste of Saigon diners. In addition, she uses ball mushrooms to make the broth sweeter, when chewing, you will feel the crispy outside, and succulent inside.

A normal bowl of Ca Mau crab cake soup including fish cake, shrimp, crab meat, and blood is 50,000 VND.In addition, all kinds of rice cake soup, crayfish, and whole brick crab soup … range from 65,000-300,000 VND.

“This is the first time my brother and I have eaten at Thao’s restaurant. We were surprised because the broth was quite fragrant and sweet with a seafood flavor. Particularly, the crab dish is very good quality, the meat is firm and the crab bricks are fatty and delicious, even more, delicious when dipped with chili salt, “said Nguyet (25 years old). Currently, this crab cake shop lights up from 7 am to 10 pm, food is always fully prepared to serve diners.

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