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2 cafes with unique and strange spaces in District 2: There are even oases and swimming pools like a resort

Not only attract young people with their unique space, but these cafes are also “equipped” with many more services for customers to enjoy “virtual living”.

District 2 is indeed a new “district” for those who love to have coffee with friends or find a place to take pictures. Catching up with that trend, this “rich area” always launches cafes with new visions and spaces. Not only invest in one place to take pictures, but these shops also create many shooting zones with different backgrounds and miniatures to bring a diverse and unexpected feeling. So, still in Ho Chi Minh City, you will be able to sit under the big trees, and a cool swimming pool and breath in the fresh air, sip coffee relax, light sunshine like a resort in a resort. A morning away from the car horns, hiding in the lap of these cafes is extremely relaxing. The space here will bring a different Ho Chi Minh City – feel like you are traveling in the place where you live.

“Oasis” right in the middle of a residential area

When I found my way into Dalaland, I thought I had the wrong address because the outside of this cafe looks like a Mediterranean-style villa. But when entering, they are overwhelmed by the design like a high-class resort with white and blue tones, with a hint of the Mediterranean and Egypt. When you set foot in the shop, you will be completely separated from the busy traffic outside, completely feel the quiet and peaceful. That is why many people often say that Dalaland Coffee has a space like a resort.

2 cafes with unique and strange spaces in District 2: There are even oases and swimming pools like a resort

And also because it is located on a large area, the shop has 3 floors with 2 lakes for guests to freely change their “outfit” to take pictures. The shop has a basic white color, so customers can easily choose what to wear when coming here (except white if you don’t want to be “sink” in the picture).

Two areas that are loved by many customers are the oasis areas that are like cool tropical seas with many shady trees. This is also the most characteristic space of the restaurant and has appeared countless times on social networks because it is no different from taking pictures of magazine covers. There is also an area on the first floor where you can enjoy watching KOI fish roaming under the transparent lake. And can’t forget the terrace with a “million-dollar” view overlooking the towering Landmark 81 or the modern Metro station.

Address: 24/4/1 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Going to coffee but thought that I got lost in the resort

Originally an architectural studio belonging to a villa in the isolated Diamond Island area, it has now opened a new model of a cafe to welcome more guests to relax. Because this area is located next to the windy riverside, it is deserted, so I thought I had “flown” to another land to travel. Since its launch, many people have commented that the pool area and the inside of this cafe are like the lobby of luxury hotels because of the Italian casual design style. This cafe is so spacious that there are “7749 virtual living corners” and can host a fair or workshop comfortably.

What makes the girls love this cafe is that the campus has two cool green swimming pools. The swimming pool in front is small and pretty, so it looks like the pool in a luxury villa. The rear pool is also equipped with a SUP for customers to paddle comfortably. But this SUP is not only for guests to relax in the lake, it is also a “tool” for girls to enjoy “virtual living”. Behind is a scene of trees, green grass and carefully arranged light gray rocks, bringing a more artistic feel to the pool area. If you have taken pictures at the pool, you can completely lie back on the sunbeds or find a romantic corner of the garden to enjoy tea and coffee. A drawback of the restaurant is that the menu is quite simple with only 5 types of water,

Especially the swimming pool can be used to play with water, no chemicals, so it is safe, but you must ask the staff in advance. This is also a favorite place for families with young children in residential areas because the shop encourages children to be taken by their parents to swim, but it is also necessary to inform the staff in advance to prepare. In recent days, whether it is early morning or sunny afternoon, this brand new cafe still attracts a lot of people to “check-in”.

Address: No. 2, Nguyen An, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)