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Koi fish cafes in Saigon have a beautiful space with schools of expensive Koi fish  

Going to Saigon Koi fish cafes, you can enjoy delicious drinks, play, and check in with lovely Koi fish.

Very pretty Saigon Koi fish cafes, super check-in

1. Koi Lands Coffee

Koi Lands Coffee is one of the most beautiful and famous Saigon Koi fish cafes . The shop is located at 13 Confucius, Binh Tho ward, Thu Duc district city. This place is not only a coffee rendezvous for Saigon people, but also a coordinate for taking pictures and checking in, which is very popular with young people. 

Koi Lands Coffee is a Koi fish cafe in Thu Duc city. Photo: @thaohuongssh

The first time you come to the shop, you will probably immediately be overwhelmed by an extremely large and spacious space. The system of tables and chairs is designed interspersed with lakes, below are schools of colorful Koi fish swimming around. In particular, the beautifully designed fountain also creates an interesting virtual living angle for the shop. 

Koi fish cafes in Saigon have a beautiful space with schools of expensive Koi fish  
The space of the restaurant is spacious, cool, with many beautiful corners. Photo: @dominhdong

Diners love this Koi fish cafe because the seats are designed with different high and low levels, making it easy to observe and watch the schools of fish happily swimming. In addition, the shop also designs more swings, and high chairs by the lake so that you can both have a beautiful angle and enjoy watching fish.

2. King Koi Coffee Garden

One of the most popular coffee shops in Saigon today is King Koi Coffee Garden. The shop is located at 43 Duong Van Duong Street, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, owns a huge area of ​​750 m2, has a cool, spacious and extremely spacious space. 

King Koi Coffee Garden is up to 750 m2. Photo: @travel_fantasyss

If you don’t know where to go on a weekend, try coming here to chat with friends, relax with family or take some nice check-in photos. With the characteristic of being a Koi fish cafe, King Koi Coffee Garden designed seats in the middle of the lake for guests to play and watch the fish swimming. 

The shop has beautiful and expensive Koi fish. Photo: @giangtu26

This Saigon Koi fish cafe is always beautiful and crowded. However, the evening is the right time for you to visit the restaurant. At night, the shimmering lights are lit up, making the Koi fish more colorful. The cool scenery plus the school of fish floating in the water make this place beautiful like a fairyland. 

3. Koi Coffee Garden Island

Another beautiful Koi fish cafe in Saigon that you should experience is Koi Coffee Garden Island located at 176/1B Le Van Sy, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District. The shop is the coordinate that both adults and children are extremely fond of thanks to the large and beautiful schools of Koi fish that are well cared for.  

Koi Coffee Garden Island is a place that children love very much. Photo: Fanpage of Koi Coffee Garden Island

Koi Coffee Garden Island owns an extremely large space with a scientific design, creating an extremely cool atmosphere. This place is a place to escape the heat in the summer in Saigon that young people really enjoy. Coming to the shop, you can enjoy your favorite drinks while watching schools of precious Japanese Koi fish swimming around.

Koi Coffee Garden Island serves a variety of drinks and delicious dishes. Photo: Fanpage of Koi Coffee Garden Island

The seating system at this Saigon Koi fish cafe is also built in a circular shape, located in the middle of a spacious and cool Koi aquarium. The feeling of sitting next to the fish, and touching the cool water with one hand is really an interesting experience. At the bar, a diverse and affordable drink menu is also an important plus. 

4. Ellip Cafe

Not only local residents but also Saigon tourists often check in Elip Cafe – the shop is located at 492/1 Thong Nhat Street, Ward 16, Go Vap District. With a very beautiful Koi aquarium, the shop has become a very famous coordinate, always crowded with visitors, even on weekdays or weekends. 

Elip Cafe is a favorite Koi fish cafe in Go Vap. Photo: Elip Cafe Fanpage

Elip Cafe is designed in Vietnamese architectural style with rustic bamboo material, decorated with many cool and peaceful green trees. The highlight of the shop is the elliptical ceiling space that welcomes natural light and creates more virtual living corners for guests to drink coffee.

Koi fish are very well taken care of at the restaurant. Photo: Elip Cafe Fanpage

Coming to this beautiful cafe, you will admire the carefully cared for Koi aquarium. The space here is not too large, but it is always peaceful, calm and comfortable. Weekends do not have to run the deadline, in your spare time want to escape the heat, here are the coordinates that you should visit.

5. Anna KOI Food & Coffee

Anna KOI Food & Coffee is also a destination in Saigon for young people who are passionate about photography and love animals. The space of the restaurant is a model of a garden with lots of trees and a beautiful Koi pond. If you have the opportunity, try to come to this beautiful cafe in Saigon located at 73 To Ky Street, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, Hoc Mon District.

Children love Anna KOI Food & Coffee cafe. Photo: Fanpage Anna KOI Food & Coffee

Coming here, you will be able to see firsthand the large, colorful Koi fish swimming leisurely. Every time they are fed, they will be very “enthusiastic” to bite the bait, creating a very cute and fun scene for guests to take pictures. 

The seating is designed to intertwine with the aquarium. Photo: Fanpage Anna KOI Food & Coffee

One of the most interesting experiences when coming to this cafe is feeding the fish and enjoying the truly peaceful moments when the fish swim leisurely, enjoying their own lives. Whether you visit the shop during the day or at night, you will have a really pleasant and relaxing time. 

Beautiful Koi fish at Anna KOI Food & Coffee. Photo: @dtnm.97

Above are beautiful Koi fish cafes in Saigon with extremely comfortable and relaxing space for those who love Koi fish or simply want to experience a really new and impressive coffee space. . 

Photo: Instagram + Fanpage

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