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The entire Can Gio beach experience is for devotees to move

Located 50km from the center of Ho Chi Minh city, Can Gio beach is an ideal meeting place for you to “change the wind” on weekends or when you want to escape the crowded and hustle and bustle of the city. 

Can Gio is the only beach in Saigon , this place has a rustic and wild beauty with fresh air. The 13km long beach with wonderful scenery is a favorite place for many moving followers. In particular, not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery but also come to Can Gio You can also enjoy a variety of delicious seafood and check-in with a series of attractive tourist attractions. If you are visiting for the first time, the below Can Gio beach experience will be a useful guide for you. 

The entire Can Gio beach experience is for devotees to move
Can Gio is the only beach in Ho Chi Minh city. Photo: @knemaro

Ideal time to go to Can Gio beach 

Can Gio is like a green lung of Saigon, this place has green oases with luxuriant fruit gardens or long green mangrove forests. The most famous destination in Can Gio is the big beach, one of the familiar check-in places for young people. The best time to go to the beach in Can Gio is from December to April next year, when the season is dry, the weather is nice so you will be able to participate in many experiences. 

The best time to visit Can Gio beach is from December to April next year. Photo: @gntruc
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How to move to Can Gio beach 

According to the Can Gio seafaring experience of the tourists who come here often, you can travel by many types of vehicles because the road here is very convenient. You have many options to ride such as motorbike, car or bus. 

There are many ways to get to Can Gio because the roads are convenient. Photo: @ di.eem

With a motorbike, you depart from the center of Ho Chi Minh city across Binh Khanh Bridge to go to Ferry. After crossing the ferry, you follow the exclusive Vam Sat road then turn to Duyen Hai then go on with the 4-way roundabout, turn right to reach Can Gio beach. 

If traveling by bus, you should take bus route 75 at 23/9 Park, the bus route will run directly to Can Thanh station (Can Gio). In addition, you can also take the bus at Ben Thanh market to take bus route 20 to Binh Khanh ferry, after passing the ferry, you can take bus number 90 to go straight to Can Gio beach . Bus prices are very cheap, only 10,000 VND for the whole trip.

You can take a bus and take the ferry to get to Can Gio beach. Photo: @karinadefa

If you have a car, you can also follow the motorbike route to get to Can Gio, using this vehicle will be very convenient because you can avoid hot sun and dust. 

Experience seafaring Can Gio: place of stay 

Since the travel time is only about 2 hours, tourists will usually return to the city the same day after arriving in Can Gio. However, if you want to stay and have more fun, there are places to stay for your needs. Experience in Can Gio beach you should know that there are both hotels and resorts near the beach, you can choose to stay at Hon Ngoc Phuong Nam, Tam Ngoc, Can Gio resort, Ky Nam resort or nearby hotels at 300,000 VND / night. In addition, you can also choose to stay at motels in Can Thanh town with a cheaper price, about 200,000 VND / night. 

Can Gio one of the places to stay near the sea. Photo: Dulichtoday

Interesting experiences at Can Gio beach you do not miss

Breathe the taste of the ocean of virtual live check-in 

Can Gio Beach is also known as April 30th beach, this place is not bustling and crowded like other tourist beaches, so it is loved by many tourists. The tourism service on this beach is not completely developed, so it still keeps the atmosphere free and fresh.

Can Gio seawater is not green, but the scenery here is still very beautiful. Photo: @ oanh.pinky

Can Gio seawater is not as clear as normal beaches, because it contains a lot of alluvium, but the scenery here is still very beautiful and poetic. Especially, at the time of sunset and sunrise here is very beautiful, you can relax walking the sea, admire the scenery and breathe the fresh air.

There are many beautiful virtual living corners. Photo: @ huy_bear2801

Beautiful sunset. Photo: @ntpn_xx

If you want to swim in the sea you can move away from shore. An experience going to the beach in Can Gio you must know to have a beautiful virtual live photo, which is the path to the sea with stone here, this place is the favorite virtual living place of many young people. 

The famous rocky road of Can Gio beach. Photo: @ bichdao.mkt.

Play sports, go camping 

Can Gio beach is very wide and few guests, so when you come here you can participate in many interesting activities such as playing beach sports, organizing collective activities or camping, eating, dancing. dance and sing with friends and relatives. Surely this experience will be extremely enjoyable and bring you a lot of joy.

The beach area is large and short so you can organize many fun activities. Photo: @nomad_shirley

Enjoy seafood 

The sea of ​​Can Gio has a large flow of alluvium, so the seafood here is very rich and fresh, coming here without enjoying seafood dishes, your trip has lost many poetic parts. Experience in Can Gio beach, you can refer to buying seafood on the spot and thanks to processing, or you can also visit restaurants, restaurants near the sea to enjoy fresh seafood dishes.

Fresh seafood is caught directly. Photo: @ lamlinh.leluu

The dish that you can refer to here is clam, this dish in Can Gio is classified as a specialty because it is raised in natural conditions, so it has a sweet taste, large size. Shrimp is also an attractive specialty, with prawns, prawns, prawns, huge iron shrimp, sweet and fragrant meat. In addition, other types of seafood such as crab flu, clam, pink crab, green crab, sour salad with snail, fried tamarind snail, steamed snail … are also extremely attractive. 

Shrimp, clam, snail, squid in Can Gio are all best. Photo: @ chang.m.17

Monkey Island is one of the prominent destinations near Can Gio beach. Photo: @travelsandcorners

Outside Can Gio beach, this place also has many attractive tourist destinations, so if you have more time you can check-in other destinations such as Ong Mausoleum, Monkey  Island, Thanh An Island , Vam Sat … With the above seafaring experiences in Can Gio , you can completely take the roof ball or make a fun schedule when coming to this “green oasis”. 

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