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Check-in at Can Gio resort on April 30, super chill ‘near spray’ Saigon

To the tourist area of ​​30 April Can Gio to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery and ‘sweep’ clean the world of fresh and delicious seafood must be something everyone wants to enjoy. 

Coming to Can Gio, you can not only check-in well-known destinations such as Monkey Island, Thanh An Island  or Vam Sat to breathe fresh air and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature, but also check- printed at the April 30th tourist area to breathe cool sea breezes and enjoy the impressive wild and natural beauty. Check-in resort and beach April 30 is a wonderful experience that will bring you unforgettable moments of relaxation. 

Check-in at Can Gio resort on April 30, super chill ‘near spray’ Saigon
Check-in KDL 30/4 Can Gio will bring a great experience. Photo: @yonggtrann

Locate 30 April Can Gio tourist area

April 30 Can Gio tourist area is located in the area of ​​1 street, Long Hoa, Can Gio,50kmfrom the center of Ho Chi Minh city . This is a very popular destination in Can Gio located in a prominent position so it is easy to find. From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you can travel by bus, motorbike or car depending on your needs, traveling time is only about 2 hours. 

April 30 Can Gio tourist area is only 50km from Saigon. Photo: @enbithuy

When to go to the sea April 30?

The best time to check-in and relax at the 30 April Can Gio resort is from January to June each year. This is a very cool weather season in Can Gio, the sea water in this season also has a certain degree of transparency, not opaque like other times of the year, so your bathing or enjoying nature will be more complete. . 

The weather from January to June is very nice, the sea water is clearer. Photo: @pntvuy

Great experiences to ‘let loose’ at the April 30th tourist area

Check-in beach April 30, Can Gio, you will be living in a fresh space with nature and sunshine to comfortably enjoy an emotional trip with countless interesting experiences. 

Explore nature, have fun on the beach 30/4 

The sea in Can Gio has a very characteristic opaque color and the sand here is also black due to its geographical features, so the experience of visiting or exploring here will become so special. You can freely have fun, swim in the ocean or immerse yourself in the quiet and wild natural scenery here. Can Gio beach is very safe, so you can swim in the sea. 

Beach April 30 is a very famous check-in point. Photo: @ kienquocnguyen1998

Especially, the beach area of April 30 has many beautiful virtual living corners for you to freely relax and capture beautiful virtual live photos. The natural scenery of this place is very beautiful with stretching sand beaches, casuarina rows whispering in the wind, full of sunshine. In particular, the early moments on the beach are very beautiful, the scenery here is very fresh and full of life, so check-in at the April 30th Can Gio tourist area, do not miss this wonderful experience. 

Check-in super chill at Can Gio. Photo: @qquynh_nnhu

Enjoy delicious and attractive seafood 

As a coastal district of Saigon, when you come to Can Gio in general and April 30 in particular, enjoying seafood is an experience that you should not miss. Can Gio Beach has a rich ecosystem with abundant seafood, so this place’s cuisine is also very attractive. Seafood dishes such as clam, shrimp, crab, squid, and snails are processed in many ways such as steaming lemongrass, boiled, baked, tamarind, and salt roast … extremely attractive. Seafood in Can Gio is always fresh, so its taste is fresh, meat is chewy and delicious. 

Rich seafood will surely fascinate culinary devotees. Photo: @knemaro

Enjoy seafood right at restaurants near the sea or buy directly at the market and bring to the beach to wear “cup” jubilantly with friends in the middle of a beautiful sea space and enjoy the cool sea breeze guaranteed only have chill and super chill. 

Fresh crabs, snails, scallops and tomatoes are delicious and attractive. Photo: @ bichhuyen19896

Experience check-in at the 30th April Can Gio resort

April 30th Can Gio resort is a quite famous resort place and is loved by many tourists because of its beautiful space, special location, so when you want to visit this place you should connect first to be active. 

Should connect with tourist area 30/4 Can Gio before check-in. Photo: @ trucxd17

This place is not so comfortable and modern as the tourist areas in famous coastal cities, so it will suit the needs of exploration rather than luxury resort, so before your trip, determine your needs. Do not forget to bring essential items such as sunscreen, basic medicines to use when needed. 

The trip will be a great experience for you. Photo: @ntpn_xx

April 30, Can Gio tourist area is very close to Saigon, so if you want to immerse yourself in the sea breeze and enjoy the wild and fresh nature, give yourself some time to travel. Western and renewable energy. Surely you will have a fresh and excited soul after your trip to this sea. 

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