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Buffet rice is only 1$ / serving, many office workers who were skeptical have now bought a monthly ticket

A suitable place for Hanoi office people to visit at noon.

“Let’s live on the salary of 6 million, don’t spend it like you have 60 million” is a saying that has caused a stir on social networks for many days. Looking at it in a positive way, this is also a useful piece of advice for many ordinary office workers, whose salary is not really enough to spend extravagantly.

One of the problems that always make the above group of office people a headache is that every day they go to work, they should cook to take away or order food. Self-cooking is only suitable for those who can get up early and do not have to run the “deadline”, eating out is not sure to ensure nutrition but costs a good amount of money, sometimes half a month is “smooth”.

Understanding the feelings of most office workers, the 1 hour 30-minute lunch break team has been constantly looking for appropriate solutions to suggest to everyone. And in today’s article, we will introduce to readers a lunch model that has just been launched not long ago, but it is predicted that in the near future it will be an ideal stopover for people working in Hanoi.

Buffet rice priced from only 20 thousand

Going to eat hot pot, and grilling buffet must be too familiar, but eating rice in this form has previously only seemed to be found in vegetarian restaurants. However, recently, a company specializing in food in Hanoi has developed rice buffet shops.

Still made from familiar ingredients such as fish, chicken or snails, eggs, and green vegetables, but the dishes here are placed in large stainless steel trays with lids like going to a party. This helps to ensure hygiene and can keep food hot for a long time.

Buffet rice is only 1$ / serving, many office workers who were skeptical have now bought a monthly ticket

According to the store’s staff: “Every day, my restaurant maintains the main dishes of chicken, fish, beans, eggs, meat and 2-3 vegetable dishes so that customers can have a variety of choices, but also welcome them. more types of guests. “

Each guest who comes here will pay and be given a tray of food. Everyone will bring their own rice and choose the food they want. After bringing the rice to the table, the shop staff will bring the soup to the place.

“I like the buffet style because normally I eat quite a bit of rice, mostly vegetables and food. Now if I go to eat at other restaurants, people have already prepared the quantity, I have to leave the rice behind, which is a waste. For me, the food is quite satisfying, and those who want to eat more will use more dipping sauce later. You also have to sympathize with the cook because they are serving a group of people, not a few people who can taste it properly.” Ha Minh shared.

Mainly aimed at office workers and workers with standard income, so in addition to the retail price of 30,000 VND, the shop also sells combos of 10, or 30 servings.

If you buy in a combo, the price of the meal will be much cheaper

“I’m not good at cooking, so I’ve been working for 5 years now, I’ve been eating lunch at the restaurant, the usual restaurant is 30,000 VND to 35,000 VND, when you ask me to change dishes, I pour 45,000 VND every day. Here, buy 30 tickets per month, win the promotion, get 10 more free. So, each meal of mine is less than 20,000 VND, but still has enough dishes that I like. That way, when I come back from eating, I will drink iced tea, it’s fine on the earth.” Mr. Thanh and his colleagues all meet for lunch at the store.

Eating popular rice in a not-so-popular space

Surely in the impression of many people, referring to a popular restaurant is referring to the image of sitting on the sidewalk, otherwise, the tables are a bit old, and sometimes the legs of the tables and chairs are still shaken. Not to mention, the dining space is cramped and hot, making everyone want to eat quickly and then “run away”.

With nearly 8 years of eating out experience, Mr. Hai was very skeptical when he heard the new staff say that eating rice was only 20,000 VND and it was clean and beautiful: “I thought they would go into a corner and sit down. But when I come back, I say that so that the brothers and sisters at the company will not worry.”

“But after coming to the place, I believe that, even though it does not have prime locations or large premises on major roads, the shop knows how to make the most of the space to decorate, arrange, from place to place. parking, food counters, staff counters to the place to set up the dining table. Now, we’re all here every afternoon.” , Mr. Hai said.

As can be seen, the dining space of the guests is also arranged with large and large tables, which are always cleaned by the staff. On the wall there are a few simple decorations, like cafes and milk tea shops that young people often frequent. In addition, the shop’s facilities all have lighting and fan systems for hot days in the capital.

“Although eating at a noodle shop or fried rice on the sidewalk will be more full, I like coming here because it has a cool and clean space. From the day I got here, I don’t need to wake up at 5 am to prepare lunch for work anymore.” , Ms. Ngan shared.

Not only employees, bosses also come

Every day, the store welcomes a large number of customers who are office workers and workers around the area. However, there are also a few very special guests who come back occasionally but still buy combo tickets.

Ms. Ngat and Mr. Vinh are managers of a company, seeing that employees often mention the buffet restaurant, they often take advantage of lunchtime to “act”: “My company does not have a separate dining room for employees, just We spend money to support our brothers and sisters, so we are also very curious to see how everyone’s meals are. About 2 months ago, we all spent time eating at 2 stores near the company in Hoang Ngan and Nguyen Hong.”

“This afternoon, I went to meet a customer near Nguyen Ngoc Nai facility, but saw that every store was full, so we turned here to have a meal, convenient to try the quality here.” While Mr. Vinh advises boys to take more food to be full, Ms. Ngat is quite satisfied when trying chicken curry or braised meat, a little bit of each dish.

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