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The Hanoi Museum suddenly became a virtual living coordinate that is hunted by young people because of the new check-in corners

Possessing an eye-catching art space and countless poetic virtual live backgrounds, Hanoi Museum is becoming an impressive check-in point loved by many young people.

Hanoi is home to many impressive museums and art centers. It was thought that these historical and cultural places were gradually sinking into oblivion, but in recent times, young people have flocked to the museum, which is not only an ideal destination for art enthusiasts, who love culture but also extremely cool virtual living coordinates with countless beautiful corners.

Check-in at the museum is not a new trend for young people, because it can be said that every place has been visited several times by people. But in the present time, to ask about which museum is leading the trend, one must definitely mention the Hanoi museum.

The Hanoi Museum suddenly became a virtual living coordinate that is hunted by young people because of the new check-in corners

Established in 1982, Hanoi Museum is one of the most famous museums in the capital. In 2010, on the occasion of the 1000th Anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, Hanoi Museum put on a new color with palatial modern architecture, it can be said that this place is one of the most beautiful museums in the capital. dollar.

Although not located in the center of the old town as people often think, but this place still brings a distinct feature of the thousand-year-old city.

The project suddenly became a very “hot” check-in point

Hanoi Museum is a place to introduce Hanoi from the founding of the country to the present. As a precious treasure, this place possesses tens of thousands of rare artifacts including ancient treasures.

Maybe you have passed this place once or a few times, but if you don’t pay attention, it is difficult for anyone to recognize this as a museum because, in our subconscious, museums or historical sites are often Classic directions with golden-tones tinged with time. More and more people know this place not only because it contains Hanoi’s memories but also because the museum possesses a very unique modern architecture.

In an eye-catching green space, the museum impresses with its striking inverted pyramid design in gray and white tones, the strange architecture makes people even more surprised through the camera angle of young people. . You may not know, the design of the Hanoi Museum is rated by Business magazine as one of the museums with beautiful architecture comparable to famous museums in the world such as the Chinese Imperial Museum, the Museum of Louvre Paris or Moscow Russian History Museum.

With only 5k, you can check in “forever” with interesting and useful experiences

No need to go far, right in the heart of the capital, there is a coordinate with billions of beautiful angles that quickly make people fall in love. Especially, the cost for you to own great photos here is surprisingly cheap. Therefore, recently, Hanoi Museum has been invited by many young people to visit and take pictures…

The Hanoi Museum is currently free to enter, so you only need to spend 5,000 VND to park the car or 10,000 VND when traveling by bus to the museum. There are countless shooting angles that are both beautiful and unique for you to explore, such as running around between the “streets” modeled after the old streets of Hanoi, checking-in in the long corridors. cinematic, dreamy green leafy path…

But don’t let your museum meeting only be full of virtual live photos, but visit and explore to bring back more useful knowledge. Currently, because it has not been completed yet, visitors coming here will only be able to explore the space on the first floor.

However, coming to the Hanoi museum, you will not only visit antiques from ancient and medieval times, but you will also be transported back in time to old Hanoi. Admiring the beauty of the Ao Dai and the experience of wearing it for free is one of the points that make the Hanoi museum even more special. Just take a moment to visit, learn and feel about the artifacts, and historical documents, you will surely find a lot of interesting things.

Photo: Quy Nguyen

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