19.01.2023, 14:08

Old New Year spaces in Hanoi are visited by young people: Not only “virtual living” but also nostalgic for a “grandparents” time.

Besides the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of the modern Vietnamese New Year, many young people look for nostalgia for the atmosphere of the old traditional Tet.

New Year’s Day is coming very close, the spring atmosphere has flooded all over the streets of Hanoi, at this time everyone is in a hurry to clean up the mess of the old year, and get ready to welcome the new year.

It is not difficult to see that each year Tet is a change, especially in modern life, everyone is busy making Tet a bit more humble. Therefore, in recent years, the desire to relive the old New Year space is a trend of many people. Not only the generations of ancestors, but even the younger generation want to find a little bit of the atmosphere of those days.

Old New Year spaces in Hanoi are visited by young people: Not only “virtual living” but also nostalgic for a “grandparents” time.

The atmosphere of Tet has overflowed all the way

Saying that the old Tet sounds “ancient” and far-fetched, but it was actually only about three decades ago. It was a time when only grandparents and parents passed, and we probably never had the opportunity. Many elderly people also joke that the young people who have experienced the old Tet never have nostalgia. True, in addition to the 8X generation, maybe from the beginning of the 9X, young people today only know the old New Year through the small screen, through the stories of their grandparents.

However, the imaginings of the exciting Tet at that time made young people more curious. The most noticeable thing is that in places with old colors, there are bold silhouettes of young people.

Bustling atmosphere in Tet markets

Scenes of the old Tet in the midst of modern life can be found in Tet markets. Certainly the scenery cannot be the same, but the main thing is that this place brings exciting moments different from usual.

Young people find the taste of the old Tet in the heart of Hanoi

Walking around Dong Xuan market in the days leading up to Tet, you can see all the excitement and excitement in this place. Many young people come here to experience going to the Tet market in the old fashion where it is full of girls, basket traders and sellers, who have not yet heard the noise of bargaining, buying and selling.

Markets are the place to bring a familiar and bustling taste every Tet to spring

Walk in the market close to the stalls, full of red and green colors from all kinds of food in the world. Even though the market is so familiar, even if you go every day, people still feel that there are still very new things that only Tet can have.

Besides Dong Xuan market, at the flower market or the streets selling Tet decorations such as Hang Ma and Hang Luoc, there is also a bustling atmosphere.

The whole space is dyed brilliantly

The hustle and bustle of the year-end market and spring colors filled the streets, making everyone flutter. Not only because of the beautiful flowers and young green leaves, sellers and buyers laughing, but also because the taste of Tet has spread everywhere.

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere along the streets and admire the fresh spring colors

Ancient spaces in the heart of the capital

The old street corners are also the place to evoke nostalgia for the bygone times. Although not directly passing, but impressed many young people, so it is not difficult to see the flow of people looking to the old quarters to feel a different Tet atmosphere in today’s life.

A lot of young people come to street corners to take pictures with the beauty of the ancient New Year

These are the small bumpy roads, and the narrow houses with simple tiled roofs that still retain the ancient beauty of Ha Thanh hundreds of years ago. It can be seen that young people today are also eagerly looking forward to Tet. People in long dresses, cheerful faces have added colors to the new spring. Young people come here not only to keep memories of the traditional New Year but also to appreciate traditional values.

In the midst of modern life today, these old beauties still last forever

Although there are differences between the old New Year and the present New Year, although these scenes are not all to talk about the old Tet, they have partly made people who have passed by remember less and also made the young people better understand the visions of the past. me. Then come back to this New Year, know how to harmonize between ancient traditional values ​​and modern innovation. To see that this New Year is different but still has the same meaning as the old Tet!