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The unforgettable taste of Sam mountain seven-course beef and the perfect place to eat in An Giang

Sam mountain seven-dish beef is a combination of An Giang delicacies made from the most delicious beef in the Chau Doc area.

Referring to An Giang, people immediately remember the famous land with many famous tourist sites and spiritual works such as the Bay Nui area, Ba Chua Xu templeSam mountain, Sap mountain, Van Linh Pagoda,… This tourist attraction not only owns many famous landscapes but also has countless memorable specialties, from fish noodles, Chau Doc vermicelli, chicken burning leaves to wish O Thum lake, Tinh Bien palm jaggery, … to the old and quite strange dish right from the name of the seven-course beef in Sam mountain.

The unforgettable taste of Sam mountain seven-course beef and the perfect place to eat in An Giang
The most famous specialty of Chau Doc An Giang area. Photo: @candykun1072

Explain the name and origin of the seven dishes of Sam mountain?

When checking in Sam mountain – the place with Tay An Co Tu , Ba Chua Xu Temple and Mr. Thoai Ngoc Hau’s Tomb, tourists from afar will be treated to an extremely interesting specialty, which is seven-course beef. Although this dish has been famous for a long time, before it was rarely sold in restaurants or local shops, only later was it popular but not quite enough and exactly seven dishes like the original dish. However, there are many restaurants that only need to sell one or a few of the seven dishes to attract diners and get rich. This proves the attraction of special dishes in Sam mountain. So where is the origin of the seven-course beef?

The dish is associated with many anecdotes. Photo: CultureMagazin

According to local people, the name “seven-course beef” is because in the past these dishes were made from beef and served up into seven different dishes on the tray. Legend has it that An Giang delicacies originated in the West and gradually became popular around the beginning of the 20th century in Saigon as well as other southern provinces. At that time, only when the village or home had a party or an anniversary celebration, did people gather together to show off their skills in cooking seven dishes of beef to treat guests to enjoy.

Elders who were former dignitaries recounted that for a long time, Vinh Te village in An Giang region had an unwritten custom that on the occasion of a party, especially during a wedding ceremony, to treat guests with a traditional seven-course beef. Gradually, many people have improved by cooking according to Chinese and Western ways. And no matter what, the famous beef dish of Sam mountain must be cooked by Vinh Te people to be true.

Enjoy the famous beef seven dishes in An Giang. Photo: thegioiamthuc

For a long time, An Giang tourists who want to enjoy this specialty have to work hard to go to Vinh Te village and have to choose the right occasions for festivals, weddings, anniversaries, Tet… But later on, These delicious and rich dishes have been sold more at local dining places such as ox’s head porridge shop, grilled beef with tile, beef salad,… in Chau Doc market and the area near Hang Pagoda. Moreover, the seven-course beef dish is also popular abroad. Currently, there are many authentic seven-course beef restaurants in the US, Canada, Australia, France,…

What dishes are included in Sam mountain’s seven dishes?

The traditional dishes in the seven-course beef specialties that any skilled cook can master are ox-head porridge, boiled beef intestines, boiled beef with Banh ask, beef skewered with bread, and beef shaken. In some places, the list of seven dishes is different, such as beef dipped in vinegar, spring rolls, beef with guise leaves, beef rolled with fish fat, beef satay, beefsteak, and beef porridge. Depending on the locality in the province, the dish has different variations, creating the diversity and richness of the seven-course beef dish. There are also grilled beef with lemongrass, grilled beef, grilled beef ribs, beef hot pot, beef brain with pepper stew, beef salad, rare beef with lemon, stir-fried beef with Giang leaves,…

Delicious dishes from beef ‘reputable in the world’. Photo: VietFuntravel

Up to now, people still call it seven-course beef, but at restaurants, the menu each restaurant will sell from 10 to more than 20 dishes depending on the customer’s choice and request, not necessarily every time. exactly seven new items.

Although each dish in Sam mountain seven-dish beef is different in terms of processing, in general, it has the special flavor of the famous mountain beef of Chau Doc and has synthesis and harmony of flavors together. After the delicious dish is served, there are always rice paper, raw vegetables, and typical side dishes such as sour food, acrid banana, green star fruit, and old ginger. The most standard seven-course beef dipping sauce will be seasoned fish sauce mixed with minced pineapple (or pineapple).

An Giang beef marrow. Photo: FB Lang Thang An Giang what to eat

The secret to making the best Sam mountain seven-dish beef dish

An Giang people often tell each other that in order to cook a standard seven-course beef dish, the Vinh Te orthodox cook rarely goes to the market to buy ready-made meat for processing, but from the ingredients, he also carefully selects the whole animal. live cows and, ideally, heifers. After cleaning the cow, the worker will take a straw to hunt the cow skin again, if it is a heifer, it is called “bare calf” because only then will the piece of beef meet the standard of making a seven-course cow, that is, must and the skin, when finished cooking, eat both sweet and fleshy.

The beef here is tender, with a very natural sweetness. Photo:

Of the seven or more dishes in the seven-course beef, the most basic one is boiled beef intestines. The name sounds simple, but when processing requires many stages because beef intestines are tough and indigestible, and easily smell difficult to eat, so the cook must carefully boil them with a secret. And even after boiling the beef intestines to the standard soft, fragrant, no longer smell, people still have to dip in a separate solution to let the beef intestines hunt again, meeting two characteristics: soft and crispy. Moreover, the bowl of fish sauce dipping beef heart must be seasoning sauce mixed with minced pineapple. The dishes served in pairs with raw vegetables or wild vegetables in the mountains are extremely fresh and nutritious.

Famous delicious beef intestine. Photo: FB Lang Thang An Giang what to eat

But the most impressive dish in Sam mountain’s seven-dish beef is stir-fried beef with Giang leaves – with a processing technique that makes every An Giang cook proud. Giang leaves, which have a sour taste, grow a lot along the cliffs in the Chau Doc area, so when brought in to stir-fry with beef, it is very mouth-watering and easy to eat. Especially when rolling rice paper and then dipping it with minced seed sauce and seasoning, mixed with minced lemongrass will be very easy to digest.

It can be said that boiled beef and stir-fried beef with Sam mountain leaves along with other dishes on the list of seven dishes have created An Giang cuisine with distinct and unforgettable flavors for any visitor. come on.

Delicious grilled beef. Photo: @candykun107

Eating beef with 7 dishes of Sam mountain at which eating place is the standard?

Currently traveling to the West in any province, you can find famous culinary destinations, from famous My Tho noodle shops to delicious restaurants in Vinh Long, Can Tho, Dong Thap .. And so is the seven-course beef in Sam mountain. Along with Vinlove reference list of specialty shops selling this extremely Chau Doc offline.

First, it is impossible to ignore the beef shops located near the Sam Mountain Cave Pagoda because this is a place chosen by many diners to visit. The most popular with tourists is Tu Thieng and Truong Nhut.

1. Temple of the Sacred Heart

Address: Highway 91, Group 6, Hamlet Vinh Tay, Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc City, An Giang.

Opening hours: 17:00 – 23:00

Average price per dish: 80,000 VND – 200,000 VND

Some delicious dishes you can try when you visit here: grilled beef with lemongrass and lemongrass, beef intestines, grilled beef taste, grilled beef with leaves, beef hot pot,…

The famous beef dish of Sam mountain must also be cooked by the Vinh Te people’s own hands. Photo: @langthang.angiang

2. Truong Nhut Restaurant

Address: Old Highway 91, Vinh Tay 1, Sam Mountain, Chau Doc City, An Giang

Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00

The average price of each dish: 30,000 VND – 100,000 VND

Phone number: 02963.862.162

Beef 7 dishes Truong Nhut – Sam Mountain, Chau Doc. Photo:

Sam mountain seven-dish beef here includes traditional dishes such as ox’s head porridge, sliced ​​beef with bread, boiled beef intestines, boiled beef with Banh ask, stir-fried beef with wine leaves, and beef jerky. The beef at the restaurant is quite tender, with a very natural sweetness. Therefore, it is delicious to cook in any way or any way. The most delicious dish is stir-fried beef with Giang leaves because of the combination of the sweetness of beef mixed with the mild and sour taste of Giang leaves, the spicy aroma of powdered pepper, the pungentness of chili and especially the fat of roasted peanuts. Coconut milk creates an irresistible delicacy.

Grilled lemongrass beef roll with fish fat. Photo: FB Lang Thang An Giang what to eat

3. Beef intestine – Seven-course beef TONY

Address: Group 10 of Vinh Tay Hamlet, Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc City, An Giang

Opening hours ⋅ 9:00 to 23:00

Phone: 0395 119 511

This is one of the restaurants chosen by a large number of diners to visit when coming to Sam mountain. You can try delicious seven-course beef dishes such as grilled beef with lemongrass and lemongrass, beef with garlic, intestines, grilled beef taste, grilled beef with leaves, beef hot pot, beef dipped in fat, …

The restaurant is chosen by a large number of diners to visit. Photo: thegioiamthuc

4. Cow head porridge at Chau Doc market

Address: Chau Doc An Giang market

At Chau Doc market, there is a restaurant with cow’s head porridge that when entering the market and asking, no one is unaware because of its irresistible delicious taste. If you have the opportunity to go to the market, remember to come and order a bowl of hot porridge with super delicious beef intestines and beef head and enjoy the delicious taste.

If Tien Giang has My Tho noodle brand, Can Tho has Cong cake, Dong Thap has Sa Dec noodle soup , An Giang also owns seven dishes of Sam mountain that many tourists from far away fall in love with. People come to Chau Doc not only to enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery of a semi-mountainous region, but also to have the opportunity to eat delicious beef dishes that are only here. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity.

Photo: Internet

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