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Discover the 2 most beautiful night markets of Hanoi, what to enjoy?

Eating vermicelli at Long Bien market, and eating fried pho at the flower market at midnight is an experience that many people enjoy.

Visiting the wholesale markets and feeling the real life when the night falls has become the “pleasure” of many Hanoi lovers. And that journey will be more complete if we can enjoy hot dishes and mingle with the bustling life in this place. Here, we will suggest you some restaurants right in the 2 markets of Long Bien and Quang Ba.

Long Bien wholesale market

Fish cake soup, mixed vermicelli

From the main gate of Long Bien market, turn right at the first turn, and you will see the smokey burden of a middle-aged woman. Most of the people who come here order fish cake soup for 20,000 VND / bowl. However, if you are already a “customer” of this restaurant, people will ask the owner to make more rice paper, mixed vermicelli, or vermicelli for 30,000 VND / bowl. What makes many people “infatuated” with this product is the clear, sweet broth, completely not brackish due to the large number of main noodles. ($1=25,000 VND)

Photo: What do I eat in Hanoi?

Noodles with bean paste with shrimp paste

Although it is considered the origin of vermicelli with shrimp paste, in Hanoi, to find a shop that opens late at night, you can only go to Long Bien market. This shop is located on a corrugated iron roof, right next to the watermelon wholesale area. Because it mainly serves small businesses, a serving here only ranges from 30,000 VND to 35,000 VND, but it is extremely filling. The portion of sausage, meat or fried rice is only average, but the taste of the fried beans here is excellent, crispy on the outside, fragrant on the inside.

Discover the 2 most beautiful night markets of Hanoi, what to enjoy?

Photo: @todaytiteat.

Mrs. Dao’s vermicelli noodles

It is the most famous restaurant in Long Bien market but also the one with the hardest address to find. Therefore, in order not to waste time wandering around, visitors should ask the salesmen in the market for guidance.

With the lowest price of 50,000 VND, you will enjoy a hot sale of vermicelli with a little bit of vermicelli, chewy beans and braised beef tendon, melt in your mouth. Although the broth is a bit light, the restaurant has prepared soup powder, garlic vinegar and fish sauce for customers to taste to taste. In addition, you can also order more toppings such as pork rolls, bare beef and homemade dried onions.

Photo: @thaoofood_2222, Nga Vu, Tran Minh Chau, Cao Sulli.

Quang An Flower Market

There have been many people introducing the “virtual living” corners of millions of views in the “paradise” of flowers in Quang An, but rarely mention the restaurants in this market. It is also partly because there are very few restaurants, but it is located in a position not many people notice.

Photo: @ntthu.20002, @ _beelee23_, @_annie.n

Only those who “care” for the night can find a row of duck eggs stewed with wormwood leaves, nestled between the rows of flowers at the end of the first turn. Or there are 2 noodle shops, hot noodles right next to the fence of the market. Just familiar dishes such as egg noodles, chicken noodle soup, and fried pho, but enjoying it in a scene filled with fresh flowers is an interesting thing that everyone wants to experience.

Photo: Vanbaola.

In addition, because they are located on the same road, after visiting and checking in 2 markets, you can stop by and enjoy other delicious dishes around the Long Bien station area such as people’s bread, and noodle soup in the street. Cao Thang or vermicelli grows in Hoe Nhai.

Photo: @ngantran1101, @bunbongg.

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