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The shop of shumai bread is more than 40 years old, making the American tourist fall in love, buying so much that the owner is familiar with it

Although he has tried many delicious dishes in Vietnam, this American guy still has a special love for simple banh mi in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you are a person who often watches videos about food and discovers restaurants on the YouTube platform, then surely once a video of an American tourist named Max McFarlin. The “collection” of videos about Vietnamese cuisine makes many people doubtless about Max’s love of Vietnamese delicacies. His dishes shot throughout the provinces of the S-shaped country attract a lot of views and interaction.

The shop of shumai bread is more than 40 years old, making the American tourist fall in love, buying so much that the owner is familiar with it

He also loves bread, especially bread dishes in Ho Chi Minh City. But among them, Max has a special love for shumai bread that is more than 40 years old at An Dong market, district 5. Although it is just a humble bread shop nestled in a busy market, thanks to The famous noodle soup dish that this place has existed for more than half a person’s life.

Many times on Max’s YouTube channel, Cuc’s small and beautiful bread shop was broadcast by him. In his most recent enjoyment, the YouTuber had to “admit” that no matter how many places he eats in Ho Chi Minh City, this noodle shop is still the best bread in his heart.

The bakery with no signs, no tables and chairs, but still attracting so many diners, must rely on how to make delicious dishes. The recipe for shumai, marinated meat is commented by many patrons that after many years, it has not changed. Ms. Cuc’s bread is “remembered” by Max and other diners because the layer is filled with meat sauce instead of just adding salt, pepper or soy sauce like other places.

But the “last boss” is still an attractive shumai cooking pot, each piece of shumai is neatly arranged, soaked in sweet meat sauce. Another dish that makes the “brand” name of Ms. Cuc An Dong’s bread is the rolled-up kebab, which looks very eye-catching. The meat was revealed by Ms. Cuc to Max that it is cooked with fresh coconut water, so when the water is decoctioned, it will have a more delicious taste.

This tourist eats so much bread at Co Cuc’s restaurant that every time he comes to visit, she and her daughter shake hands like children in the family. She even remembered that he would eat spicy food, eat more meat sauce. Many times, Ms. Cuc offered to give him a free meal, but the tourist refused.

Photo: Riviu

In addition, another impressive point is that Ms. Cuc’s loaf of bread is also extremely full. Although the price has been increased to 25,000 VND, diners still do not complain because the meat filling of the loaf is very good. The handsome tourist sometimes craves to “treat” two loaves to satisfy his hungry stomach. On social networks, many other diners and YouTubers also come to the famous banh mi shop to eat.

Photo: Riviu

Morning is the most expensive time for Ms. Cuc An Dong’s bread, as evidenced by the fact that the guy only sat for about 1 hour, but many baskets of bread were not delivered continuously. The bread and the hot, steamy shumai meat, emitting a fragrant aroma, have been seasoned very well to the taste of the majority of people who come to have breakfast. Each loaf of bread is quickly made by Ms. Cuc and her children. Until now, Ms. Cuc has also passed the profession on to her son and daughter-in-law so that the bakery can continue to operate.

Photo: Riviu

Screenshot and source: Max McFarlin

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