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Guests enjoyed “Vietnamese sashimi” and commented: “It’s really delicious, so delicious!”

Every early summer, the dish dubbed “Vietnamese sashimi” is hunted by many gourmets.

Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and rich, including dishes from rustic ingredients, but not all guests dare to try, especially foreign tourists. However, with Will, a tourist from far away France, it is completely different.

Having lived and experienced in the S-shaped strip of land for a long time, Will is famous on social networks with a series of videos trying Vietnamese food. From dishes with fish sauce, shrimp paste or raw dishes, French guys are not afraid to try. Most recently, the “unique – strange Vietnamese” dish Will enjoys and has to comment that “It’s so delicious, really delicious!” make people curious. That is the red jellyfish dish, which is also nicknamed “Vietnamese sashimi” by many people.

Red jellyfish is considered the “sashimi of Vietnam”.

French boy Will praises the red jellyfish that it is really delicious.

Red jellyfish – summer “hello” dish

Netizens or many diners often call red jellyfish a dish that signals the coming summer. Because every year from March to early June of the solar calendar, this dish becomes popular and this is also considered the “season” of red jellyfish.

Called red jellyfish because jellyfish possess a characteristic red color, as clear as jelly. The body of the jellyfish is soft and succulent, while the legs are tough and crunchy. When the jellyfish is picked up, it will have a light pink color, people will soak the jellyfish in a bucket of water with boiled, cooled shells, roots and fragrant leaves. It is these ingredients that create a more pronounced red-pink color, similar to the color of betel nut for jellyfish, and at the same time help eliminate the strong fishy smell.

Guests enjoyed “Vietnamese sashimi” and commented: “It’s really delicious, so delicious!”

The red jellyfish has a deep red color due to being soaked in water containing parrots.

How to prepare and enjoy special

After being soaked, the red jellyfish will be picked up directly by the seller and cut into many small pieces or thin slices. According to many sellers, you don’t have to use ordinary knives or scissors to cut, the tools to cut jellyfish are also very special. That is to use a piece of bamboo or a piece of bamboo, made from a water kidney. This will help the jellyfish keep its fresh taste without being fishy.

Many diners call red jellyfish a dish “Vietnamese sashimi”, because when eaten, it will be eaten raw, combined with other vegetables and accompaniments. Can be mentioned as baked beans, sliced ​​copra or vegetables such as marjoram, perilla, mint… All the ingredients along with the red jellyfish will be rolled together into a complete whole, dipping with dipping sauce.

The standard red jellyfish dish must be cut with a piece of bamboo or bamboo, made from a water kidney.

The red jellyfish dish is said to have originated from Hai Phong or Thai Binh, and in the city of red phoenix flowers, when eating jellyfish, it will be dipped with suddenly, creating a fleshy, sour but still pure taste. In the version of red jellyfish sold at street vendors or sidewalk shops in Hanoi, diners will dip red jellyfish with shrimp paste, whisk it with a mixture of lemon, sugar, and chili. In other localities, red jellyfish can also be dipped with fish sauce. The original jellyfish has no taste, just cool, like jelly, but when combined with ingredients and accompanying sauce, it has a rich flavor.

Red jellyfish can be eaten with shrimp paste or suddenly.

The dish “Vietnamese sashimi” is loved by many people

As mentioned above, the season of red jellyfish falls between March and early June every year. This is the only time of the year when you can enjoy the best red jellyfish, so if you miss it, you will have to wait until next year.

Therefore, now just surf on social networking sites or just search with the keyword “red jellyfish”, a series of videos or pictures about this dish will appear. Most of the eaters commented that even though it is a raw dish, the red jellyfish is not too picky about eating, even for people with “weak stomach”, and those who are used to eating it will find the taste very delicious because of its cool taste. on a hot summer day. Buu Vi Vu, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City and first tried red jellyfish commented: “I find this dish is not difficult to eat, if anyone can eat vermicelli with shrimp paste, they will eat it. ‘crush’ it.”

Every March – June every year, gourmet diners go together to “hunt” and enjoy red jellyfish. (Photo @Buuvivu @Callmemayne @Kieungan)

Kieu Ngan, another diner added: “The chewy taste of coconut, the crispiness of jellyfish and the flesh of tofu, accompanied by perilla vegetables outside, dotted with shrimp paste, forming a very special whole. The dish. This is delicious.”

As a rustic dish, red jellyfish can be found at street vendors or roadside eateries. If you are having the opportunity to visit or travel in the capital Hanoi or Hai Phong during this time, try once to experience it for yourself.

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