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Startled by the horror but delicious dishes of Vietnam

Throughout Vietnam, there are hundreds of delicious and delicious seafood dishes, but there are a few ‘special’ cases when there are specialties that look quite scary.

Walking around Vietnam, the provinces or cities always have rich, diverse, and extremely unique cuisine. There are dishes that make many people fall in love, but there are also dishes that just look at it and make many people afraid. However, that kind of appearance doesn’t tell the taste of the dish. Many specialties cause a lot of ‘terrible’, but when you ‘close your eyes’ and enjoy them, they have a surprisingly delicious taste.

Stewed ocean tuna eyes

Tuna eye is a famous, nutritious and worth-visiting specialty when coming to the “land of yellow flowers and green grass” in Phu Yen, but some people are also terrified when using it. This is also considered a unique and exclusive dish of Phu Yen that every visitor who comes here wants to enjoy once.

Delicious tuna eye dish/ Photo: Tran Kim Thu

This dish is also referred to as the ‘ocean floodlight’ stew because the eyes of the tuna are very bright. Therefore, this is a seafood with high nutritional value, so tuna becomes a nutritious food source for both locals and tourists. In addition to the delicious fresh meat, local people have created a dish of tuna eyes stewed with Northern medicine. And over time, tuna eyes have become a familiar dish and one of the famous specialties of Phu Yen.

Startled by the horror but delicious dishes of Vietnam

Close-up of ‘ocean eye’/ Photo: haisansaigon

Cha Ruoi

Diners will be a little apprehensive because the main ingredient looks quite ‘scary’. The turtle looks like it’s squirming when it’s not processed, so many people are a bit apprehensive. However, the people have created the dish, turning the scary-shaped worms into a fried dish that many diners eat and fall in love with, forgetting the original scary shape of the Ruoi .

The unprocessed snake looks very scary/ Photo: Eva

Ruoi is one of the rare and special specialties, only seasonal and usually only appearing in a few provinces in the Northern Delta. At street stalls, cha Ruoi is served with vermicelli like vermicelli and a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce. In the family, the rich dish is often served with rice.

After the finished product / Photo:

Raw sauce

Western tourist land with canals and rivers surrounded with many delicious aquatic species, so it has long been dubbed the “kingdom of fish”. The types of fish sauce here are innumerable, can be mentioned through the types of fish sauce, fish sauce, fish, fish or fish sauce of the fish, shrimp, crab, … Usually people will think of immediately. Hotpot with fish sauce, fish sauce or mixed salad, but authentic Westerners must eat raw fish once.

Fish sauce is also made from fish heads / Photo: afamily

Eating raw Western fish sauce means enjoying this typical dish without processing or cooking. Although it seems difficult to eat and looks a bit shy when the fish are still wrapped in brown water, this is an addictive dish. Just marinate a little seasoning to reduce the saltiness and then eat with vegetables and meat, diners can “close their eyes” and slowly feel this delicious rustic flavor.

When presented with vermicelli and vegetables, it is extremely delicious / Photo: Western harvest

Coconut worms fish sauce

Considered as one of the famous specialties of Vietnam, but when seeing coconut weevils, many people will have to “cry” because they look no different from worms. Only a few years ago, but coconut worms have become a familiar dish with gourmets for a long time, sometimes up to millions of dollars for a plate of live worms.

The coconut worms are very fat / Photo: vietfuntravel

Although the horror is that, but coconut worms have a strange way of processing, just wash and soak the coconut worms with spicy chili fish sauce to enjoy. Often people who try this dish for the first time also have to cover their eyes and nose before they dare to put this dish in their mouth. Coconut worms are most delicious when dropped into a bowl of special sauce, still alive. Only when eating like this can the eater feel all the crispy and sweet taste that the flesh of coconut brings. The feeling of putting a live coconut weevil in your mouth really needs a great challenge, especially for foreign tourists or women enjoying this dish for the first time.

The famous fish sauce coconut worm dish / Photo: vntrip

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