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2 Vietnamese dishes are on the list of "must try in your life" voted by American newspapers

Once again, famous Vietnamese dishes pho and banh mi were mentioned by foreign newspapers.International friends have increasingly loved Vietnamese cuisine. Not only for tourists coming to Vietnam or Vietnamese restaurants abroad, but our dishes also appear more and more in international media.

Typically, recently, two Vietnamese dishes, pho and banh mi, were included in the list of "60 dishes you must try in your lifetime" selected by the US newspaper Insider.

Pho is a dish available everywhere on the S-shaped strip of land. From popular bowls of pho costing only tens of thousands to "sky-high pho" priced at several million dongs, they have appeared in the media many times.

Pho, with its extremely sophisticated way of making, from choosing ingredients to simmering the broth, is considered the "quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine". And, of course, the taste of this dish has conquered many people both at home and abroad. America's CNN once commented that very few street foods in the world can compete with Vietnamese pho.

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Along with pho, bread is also the "representative" of our Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese people have created their own banh mi from the French baguette, impressing with fillings including pate, spring rolls, pickled vegetables and herbs.

Today, bread is also transformed into many different styles, with different fillings, creating the unique characteristics of bread in each place. Travel website CNN Travel also ranked Vietnamese bread at number 5 among the world's 24 most delicious bread dishes.

There have been many milestones that banh mi and pho has recorded, such as appearing in many famous foreign newspapers and television stations and being 2 out of 3 Vietnamese words in the Oxford Dictionary - the Vietnamese dictionary. He is reputable in the world.

Along with our pho and sandwiches, this list of 60 dishes also has many famous dishes from other countries such as Peking duck, pad Thai, kimchi, tacos, ramen noodles, dim sum...

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