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The 3 North – Central – South tray will be reappeared during the Vietnamese New Year Festival 2021

With the upcoming Vietnamese New Year Festival 2021 at Le Van Tam Park (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), Saigonese will be able to see a re-enactment of the North – Central – South Tet trays and folk games for families like throwing cans, blindfolded and smashing burnt

The 3 North – Central – South tray will be reappeared during the Vietnamese New Year Festival 2021

The Vietnamese New Year Festival 2020 is expected to attract many families to bring children to visit PHOTOGRAPHY: WORD

On the afternoon of January 13, the Department of Tourism coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City and the Vietnam Food and Culture Association to hold a press conference to announce the information of the Vietnamese New Year Festival 2021. Accordingly, the festival took place from January 21 to 24. at Le Van Tam Park (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) with many interesting activities to honor the cultural values, Vietnamese cuisine and stimulate city tourism.

The organizers of the program give gifts to partners and sponsorsPHOTO: THANH KHUONG

This is the second year this festival is held. The organizers said that the program focused on giving families, especially children and young people the opportunity to experience the traditional New Year, to understand more about the meaning of Tet and the rituals in the holidays. . Specifically, stories from the meaning of offering incense to pray to grandparents, New Year’s Eve ritual, Lang Lieu’s story about the legend of thick rice cakes to the New Year’s pot of pot.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa – Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism said that since the outbreak of Covid-19 , people have started to switch to online shopping. The organizers expect the 2021 Vietnamese New Year festival to create a suitable and safe space to connect city people and tourists together.

“While the whole world is straining against the epidemic, Ho Chi Minh City still organizes such a large-scale cultural and tourist activity is a joyful thing. However, the pressure on the program organizers is not small. BTC will disinfect areas regularly. All visitors to visit and shop must wear masks, wash their hands, ”Ms. Hoa said.

This year’s program adopts four main activities: See Tet, Celebrate Tet, Play Tet, and Market Tet. If there are more Tet activities in 2020, this year will combine this activity with other performing arts programs.The Vietnamese New Year Festival also reappeared the Tet trays in the North – Central – South regions and folk games for the whole family such as throwing cans, blindfolded, and cracking …

In addition, the festival also opened 200 stalls with products. products so that people can have more choices.Mr. Le Tan – Vice President – General Secretary of the Association, General Director of the Vietnamese Tet Festival, said the program aims to help young people better understand Vietnamese culture through Tet activities.

“The Vietnamese New Year Festival this year also has the participation of ambassadors and consulates at diplomatic missions to attend and share the Tet culture in your country. This is an opportunity to promote the beauty of Vietnamese culture and global cultural exchange, ”said Mr. Tan.

The 2021 Vietnamese New Year Festival is open freely from 10am to 9pm throughout the 4-day festival to serve tourists and Saigonese to visit. The festival is expected to welcome more than 70,000 attendees.

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