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THE 11 BEST Spas & Wellness Centers in Hanoi, Vietnam

Enjoying the space like stepping into a fairyland, being relaxed, served by professional massage services after stressful and tiring working hours is what anyone wants. In Hanoi, you can also find yourself the most standard, high-class, and professional Spa. Let’s join Vinlove to list those Spas!

Saigon Smile Spa

Nearly 14 years of development with a chain of many large establishments in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa, and Thanh Hoa. Saigon Smile Spa is the Spa System with the longest, most stable, and most sustainable history of operation in Vietnam, always trusted and chosen by customers. For many years, Saigon Smile Spa has served millions of customers with the world’s most modern beauty technologies, and international 5* Medical Spa standard procedures, helping customers get optimal treatment effects, safe at the most reasonable cost.

Coming to Saigon Smile Spa, customers will enjoy the most wonderful relaxing moments. This is also the first Spa facility in Hanoi, using the method of fat loss by blood circulation with the advice and supervision of Oriental medicine doctors.

Saigon Smile Spa is also a manufacturer of product lines dedicated to weight loss with ingredients that are rare and natural herbs according to certain standards and completely suitable for Vietnamese people. At the same time, there are other services such as body treatments, skin whitening treatments and facelift slimming.

With the orientation to be the number 1 unit in Vietnam about beauty with technology, Saigon Smile Spa always updates the most modern beauty technologies from the US, Japan, and Europe. At Saigon Smile Spa, there are always leading experts in the fields of slimming, dermatology, nutrition, and high-tech aesthetic therapy who directly visit and plan detailed treatment for each customer: Doctor, Research and Development Director – Robert Vernon Nussbaum.

Saigon Smile Spa is honored to be the prestigious beauty care address of millions of customers who always appreciate effective and safe beauty methods, and love the most advanced and advanced technologies in the industry. world aesthetics in which there are many leading stars in Vietnam and internationally.



  • September 17, Nguyen Thi Thap, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • 85 Giang Van Minh, Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • http://saigonsmilespa.com.vn/

Phone: 1900 1299

Email: caring@saigonsmilespa.com.vn

Website: https://saigonsmilespa.com.vn/

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/SaigonsmileSpa/

THE 11 BEST Spas & Wellness Centers in Hanoi, Vietnam
Saigon Smile Spa

Saigon Smile Spa – Nano Eyes 4D rejuvenation service process

Spa The Summit

The Summit is located on the 8th floor of the Ruby Plaza Building – 44 Le Ngoc Han, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. Located on the busiest street in Hanoi, The Summit owns a luxurious and quiet space separate with an area of ​​more than 600 m2, with more than 40 relaxing massage services, reflexology, and skin and body care. in the style of ancient kings.

The Summit was born with the desire to converge cultures in the most luxurious space, giving customers moments of experience like kings and queens. The Summit is meant as a Summit, both a place for customers to rest, and regenerate energy and also a place for customers to exchange, have more great relationships, high-value contracts, and develop relationships. for successful guests, in a private, luxurious and classy relaxing space.

The purpose of a Spa, wherever it is, is the harmony of mind and body, relaxation, health and beauty recovery. Just like the message of The Summit – Relax In Luxury, The Summit wants to give you moments of care like kings and queens and experience the most luxurious services ever in the upper class. save.


Address: 8th floor – Ruby Plaza Building, No. 44 Le Ngoc Han, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Phone: 0976 882 353 & 024 2220 6789

Email: cskh.summit@gmail.com

Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00

Spa The Summit
Spa The Summit

La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa

The next name in the top 10 most luxurious spas in Hanoi is La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa located at: 338C Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. This is a highly rated spa address in Hanoi.

At La Vie En Rose, La Vie En Rose is committed to using genuine cosmetic brands and beauty support products with the best quality, clear and transparent origin, because La Vie En Rose understands well. The importance of maintaining credibility with customers. Besides the world’s leading cosmetic brands such as SK II Japan, IMAGE of the US…, La Vie En Rose also focuses on nurturing beauty from within with supporting products such as skin care pills. Perles de Peau, Khai Tam Yen, Collagen Hanamai… La Vie En Rose was founded with the heart of those who want to bring true beauty to women, so bringing the best products is not only because of prestige. but also a constant motto to help maintain and maintain the La Vie En Rose brand.

Don’t think of a spa as a luxury, you need to understand and be oriented about the concept of proper skin care, be inspired by confidence, beauty in a civilized and safe way. Without a guide, you are constantly struggling with many skin problems, spending a lot of money on skin care products or false beauty methods that are still ineffective. Coming to La Vie En Rose , you will not only receive professional care but also be advised on suitable care programs so that you can do it yourself at home.

In the midst of a time of confusion, trust from customers is the most precious value that La Vie En Rose always wishes to have and constantly preserve.

Address: 338C Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Phone: 0908 779 669 & 024 3975 5566
Email: nguyengiaspa@gmail.com
Website: http://lavieenrosespa.com/
Fanpage: www.facebook .com/lavieenrosespa/
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00

La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa
La Vie en Rose Beauty & Spa

De L’Amour Spa – Professional spa services

De L’Amour Spa was established and put into operation in 2013, is a famous beauty address in Hanoi. With the criterion “Awaken the hidden beauty in you”, De L’Amour Spa has helped many women find their own beauty.

The services of De L’Amour Spa that you can refer to such as basic skin detox, acne treatment, skin whitening incubation, germ cell electrophoresis, permanent hair removal, teeth whitening, … Space at De L’Amour Spa is not too fussy, but still meets the relaxation needs of customers.

Operating since 2013, with a team of highly experienced technicians, De L’Amour Spa has received trust and satisfaction from customers.


Address: 1st Floor, Hoa Cuong Building, No. 18, Lane 11 Thai Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi

Phone: 0947 019 567

Website: https://delamourspa.com/

Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/DelamourSpa.hanoi/

De L’Amour Spa – Professional spa services
De L’Amour Spa – Professional spa services

Perla Spa – Hanoi

Perla Spa is a prestigious health and beauty care center at 4/73 Hoang Cau, Hanoi with outstanding services including: Facials, Hair Care Dao Duoc, Body Massage Da Thong Kinh Lost. With in-depth knowledge in the beauty industry, Perla Spa always gives customers the best experience.

Perla Spa aims to take care of not only external beauty but also internal health care methods. With skin care treatments from basic to lifting, rejuvenating or tightening the skin, combined with massage therapy to clear the meridians, increase blood circulation to help the body relax, refresh and return the skin. radiantly fresh.

Currently , Perla Spa is using products of natural cosmetic brands such as Carecella or Cosmetics such as DermaFirm from Korea. In addition, an important selection criterion is that Perla Spa prioritizes the use of benign beauty products, extracted from nature with the goal of improving health, relaxation, reducing stress, improving meridian and circulation. qi and blood like Dr Zhou from Taiwan.

Perla Spa always researches and updates the latest beauty trends but still has to ensure the criteria of safety, quality, beauty from the heart, from the root and take the customers’ needs and desires as a guideline. for all activities. You will be completely relaxed in a space of Perla Spa.

Address: 4/73 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Hanoi
Phone: 0926 732 422

Email: perlaspa.com.vn

Website: http://perlaspa.com.vn/
Fanpage: www.facebook.com/Perlaspahanoi

Perla Spa – Hanoi
Perla Spa – Hanoi

Sister Beauty Spa

SORELLA is a brand established by Founder & CEO Nguyen Minh Tram – who has nearly 10 years of passion, research in the field of professional Skincare, with the aspiration and vision to build a chain of Clinic Spa brands for skin care and treatment. The region’s leading professional, based on science – with the business philosophy of beauty from the heart, safety and sustainability.

Sorella Beauty Spa is a professional spa from products to services, friendly, professional and skillful staff.

Outstanding services at Spa:

  • Personal Skincare: Intensive skin care according to skin condition
  • Personal Treatment Program: Intensive skin treatment regimen personalized to specific problems: clogged pores / acne / melasma / superficial or deep oxidation / superficial or deep aging with the expression of shallow wrinkles , deep, sagging skin sagging. The price will depend on the protocol for each specific customer – Customers can schedule an examination, skin examination and consultation with a Sorella expert by inboxing or calling to make an appointment. Sorella free online consultation.
  • In addition to specialized skin services, the Sorella system provides other services such as body care (acne treatment, pore inflammation in body skin areas), slimming and high-tech hair removal – full warranty. life.

The procedure of skin examination and examination with a high-tech machine of International Clinic standards, 3D tomography + specific analysis of skin indicators in the superficial and deep layers, through which the specialist assesses the general to the details of the patient. skin type, skin condition. From there, the specialist will design a customized regimen/process/care service or treatment according to the specific needs, conditions, conditions or skin types of each customer.

Customers doing basic care or intensive therapy also have their own personal profiles and specialists to closely monitor and care for the treatment process as well as home care to optimize the results received.

Sorella is committed to using all professional cosmetics from reputable cosmetic brands in the world – selected and selected by the specialist department of the Sorella System according to the criteria of Effectiveness, safety, and friendliness. and suitable for Vietnamese skin characteristics. (Professional cosmetic pharmacy is a cosmetic line that is only distributed at professional dermatology clinics and clinics, not sold widely in the market, requiring prescribers to have certain professional standards).


  • 12 lane 55 Van Ho 2, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Penhouse 9th floor, building 15A Nguyen Khang, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • https://sorellabeautyspa.com/chi-nhanh

Phone: 0902 752 725
Email: sorellabeautyspa68@gmail.com
Website: sorellabeautyspa.com

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/SorellaBeautySpa86

Opening hours: 09:00 – 20:00

Sister Beauty Spa

Shi Beauty & Spa

Talking about the prestigious spa in Hanoi, it is impossible to ignore Shi Beauty & Spa, a beauty complex, with comprehensive beauty care with 3 facilities. Spas and beauty salons are appearing more and more on the market, giving customers more choices. That is why many people feel confused and worried about the quality of spa services. At Shi Beauty & Spa, you can be assured of the service, modern equipment as well as the impressive and professional working style of the team of doctors and staff of Shi Beauty & Spa.

The space at Shi Beauty & Spa is decorated with white and yellow as the main colors, combined with many green trees to create a very airy space. Coming to Shi Beauty & Spa , you will have a wonderful experience in a peaceful space, soothing music, sweet fragrance, relax and regenerate your skin in the most wonderful way.

Shi Beauty & Spa offers a variety of services from facials, facials, body treatments, cosmetic injections, etc., the most prominent of which is acne treatment. Shi Beauty & Spa is known as the number 1 acne treatment in Hanoi.



  • 6b Tran Quoc Toan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • 57 Van Bao, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Phone: 0944 473 333

Email: shibeautyspa@gmail.com

Website: https://jamja.vn/thuong-hieu/shi-beauty-spa

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/ShiSpa.vn

Opening hours: 09:00 – 19:00

Shi Beauty & Spa
Shi Beauty & Spa

Thien Ha Beauty Salon (Thien Ha Spa)

Proud to be the leading beauty salon in Vietnam, receiving the title of the top 10 most prestigious beauty salons in Vietnam in 2014. Thien Ha Beauty Salon gathers a team of leading cosmetologists at home and abroad. Well-trained, experienced and the most modern technology and equipment system, Thien Ha affirms to be a reliable beauty salon for all customers with beauty needs.

Thien Ha Spa is known as one of the leading Spas in Vietnam, the trusted address of a series of A-list stars such as Mr. Dam, Quang Ha, Duong Trieu Vu, Dan Truong… This is the leading unit. in applying the world’s most advanced cosmetic technologies in Vietnam, helping you to satisfy all your beauty needs, giving you the most beautiful confident appearance. With the standard treatment process and protocol developed by a foreign expert, it will bring a thorough treatment effect after only 1 course.

Some of the strong services of Thien Ha Beauty Salon (Thien Ha Spa) can be mentioned as: treatment of melasma, freckles, scar treatment, white bath, acne treatment, cosmetic tattoo spray.Choose Thien Ha Beauty Salon to use high-tech beauty services, because this place possesses all the standards to conquer all your requirements!

  • A team of experienced beauticians with professional skills, well-trained at home and abroad. Dedicated and dedicated to work.
  • Always update and put into use a system of modern equipment, leading advanced technology, tested by the world’s leading cosmetologists.
  • Professional service process, safely standardized according to the standards of the Ministry of Health.
  • Received many achievements, a series of prestigious awards voted by customers.
  • Luxurious, modern aesthetic space, ensuring the most effective, smooth, comfortable and relaxing beauty process.

With unremitting efforts, continuous improvement – constantly changing, taking the lead in the application of modern aesthetic technologies, Thien Ha Spa has had proud achievements, as evidenced by the number of customers. habits are increasing day by day and this number seems to show no sign of stopping.

On the other hand, with a cool space, decorated and designed quite delicately, Thien Ha Spa
 always brings extremely relaxing comfort to any guest every time they come here. Besides, with a team of well-trained professionals, with a high spirit of learning, good customer care skills, you will certainly be served like a real god every time you set foot in. come on.

 176 Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
 0948 279 393 & 0943 439 999

Email: cskh@vienthammythienha.com

Website: http://vienthammythienha.com/

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/thienhaspa.vn/

Opening hours: 08:15 – 20:00

Thien Ha Beauty Salon (Thien Ha Spa)
Thien Ha Beauty Salon (Thien Ha Spa)

Amadora Wellness & Spa

Born in 2011, located on the old Ba Trieu street, Amadora Wellness & Spa is located in the shade of old green trees, simple and quiet as the private place of souls passionate about experience, a place to stop. The ideal foot for you and your loved ones to step into the journey to enjoy the wonderful life, and immerse yourself in the sublime moments of authentic Spa art.

Amadora Wellness & Spa provides customers with special care services only available here such as:

Shiatsu Facials, Thal’ion French Facials, Amadora Body Cares, Multifunctional Hydrotherapy, Body Scrubs, Hand & Foot Massage, Men’s Care, Scrubs and Wraps Hot, Face mask, Back massage and mask, Keep…

Amadora is one of the few spas with standard quality in the world. According to the definition of the World Spa Association (ISPA): “A standard spa must satisfy all 5 human senses, that is, when you enter a spa, your ears must hear the sounds. nature and professional music therapy, your nose can smell essential oils and natural flowers, your eyes can see the natural scenery gently relax, your mouth can enjoy your own teas and perfumes Especially, feel the softness and gentleness when massage.” Not only giving you confidence, natural beauty, full of vitality of youth, Amadora Wellness & Spa also promises to bring customers wonderful experiences.


Address :

  • 250 Ba Trieu Street, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • 50 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Phone: 0906 263 590

Email: booking@amadoraspa.vn

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/amadoraspa

Amadora Wellness & Spa
Amadora Wellness & Spa – Mysterious oriental beauty

Oanh Beauty Spa

As the leading prestigious beauty address in the city. With many years of experience in the spa and skin care industry, providing customers with high quality and effective services, Oanh Beauty Spa will definitely be an indispensable name in this list. .

This place has never disappointed its dear guests, during the past time, Oanh Beauty Spa has always made constant efforts to improve service quality and diversify beauty care services. . Moreover, with a team of technicians, professional professionals who are always interested, enthusiastic and dedicated customer care, all will work together towards the goal of ensuring quality with all services, so that can bring satisfaction to everyone.

It is known that Oanh Beauty Spa is currently the exclusive agent to distribute Murad. Here, you can find the exclusive skin treatment solutions of MURAD – America’s leading skin doctor. Understanding that radiant and sustainable beauty is the crystallization of three main factors: bright skin, healthy body and a positive spirit, Oanh Beauty brings you a comprehensive care solution including including treating your skin on the outside, strengthening your inner health and nurturing your emotions.

Coming to Oanh Beauty , you will experience the complete skin care and treatment procedures from the most famous cosmetic brands in the world such as Murad, Channel, Thann, Lancome, .. in one space. Relaxing atmosphere and soft music.

Why should you choose Oanh Beauty?

  • Skin ultrasound and free on-site consultation
  • Safe and effective acne treatment by internal and external methods to help strengthen the skin from the inside, without abusing high technology.
  • Completely use genuine Murad products for all treatments.
  • Guide to the right diet, how to use Murad cosmetics correctly and enough.
  • In addition, Oanh Beauty Spa has won many awards from Murad: Effective agent for application of oral tablets in 2017, agent for application of the most effective melasma line in 2017, agent for application of the best aging line in 2017. Oanh Beauty has been verified by a series of runner-ups, beauty queens and celebrities.

Or acne problems make young people lose confidence, live alone, and many cases lose the opportunity to succeed in their career just because of “acne”. Hold on to your youth, then dispel your worries about acne, give you bright, smooth skin, full of life and moments of great mental relaxation with the most advanced and modern beauty methods, Spa. Oanh Beauty promises to give you a surprisingly smooth skin effect, thereby eliminating all self-doubt caused by skin defects.

 17 Pho Duc Chinh, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Phone: 024 7109 1345

Email: info@oanhbeauty.com
: www.oanhbeauty.com

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/oanhbeautyVN/

Oanh Beauty Spa

Anam QT Spa – A place to sublimate emotions

Anam QT Spa is a familiar beauty address of women in Hanoi, with a long life, since 1996. Up to now, 23 years, Anam QT Spa has always affirmed and renewed the brand of Anam QT Spa every day. me.

The services of Anam QT Spa that you can refer to such as: massage, facial care, body care, hair removal, hair removal, nail care, hair care, … The space of Anam QT Spa is very luxurious. warm, cozy, reasonable layout, to bring the best service experience for customers.

When coming to Anam QT Spa, we will be pampered and cared for to be beautiful from foot to hair. One thing I like about Anam QT Spa is that the spa regularly shares useful beauty information and knowledge on its fanpage, so that I can be provided with more information about skin care, body care. body, tips, makeup tips, …


Address: 9 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Phone: 024 3928 6116 & 0902 286 116 Email: anamqtspa@bichthuyco.com


Anam QT Spa – A place to sublimate emotions
Anam QT Spa – A place to sublimate emotions

Above are the most famous and high-class Spas in Hanoi for you to enjoy the most relaxing moments after stressful working hours. Hope the article on Vinlove.net will be useful to you.