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Go to Ba Vi to see wild sunflowers in full bloom for only about 8 USD

For those who are living in Hanoi or the surrounding areas, moving to Ba Vi is extremely easy and inexpensive. Maybe that’s why every wild sunflower season comes, this place is always bustling with visitors.

October – November every year is the time when wild sunflowers bloom in Ba Vi National Park. The vibrant yellow color of this wild but enchanting flower has become a feature that attracts many visitors to the garden at this time.

However, wild sunflowers only bloom for about 2 weeks, so take advantage of this time to visit and save beautiful “virtual living” photos in Ba Vi National Park.

Go to Ba Vi to see wild sunflowers in full bloom for only about 8 USD

Wild sunflowers are not Ba Vi’s own flowers.But for those who live in the northern provinces, going to Ba Vi in this flower season is the most ideal choice because of the close distance and this place also owns the most beautiful wild sunflower forest.(Photo: Ngan Duong – Ngoc Diep)

Thanks to the very close distance from Hanoi to Ba Vi National Park, you can completely go and return in the same day at an economical cost.

The cost of going to Ba Vi to see wild sunflowers

If you come from Hanoi, you can completely travel by any means you want – motorbike, car or bus.

The maximum travel time is only 2 hours, so it is recommended that you only go during the day. However, to ensure safety, you should go in the morning and come home in the afternoon. This time allows you to have fun without worrying about insecurity.

Accordingly, there are 2 types of fixed costs when going to Ba Vi to see wild sunflowers, including transportation and entrance tickets.

(Photo: sanvemaybay)

To get to Ba Vi National Park, visitors can follow Thang Long Boulevard or Highway 32 and then follow provincial road 414 (Son Tay – Da Chong). When meeting the welcome gate of Ba Vi district, go about 800 m to see the nameplate of the national park, turn left and go 1 km to the garden gate.

1. Transportation cost: about 50k/person

* Bus:

– You can choose 2 bus routes 214 and bus 74. Although the bus fare is cheap, only about 7k/way, one note is that the bus end stops at Xuan Khanh to Ba Vi, 5km away, guys. You can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to move on. Therefore, if you are a lover of discovery and initiative in your journey, the bus is not necessarily an appropriate choice.

* Private motorbike or car:

Traveling by private vehicle is probably the way you should choose when going to Ba Vi. Fill up the tank with 1 round of gasoline, but make sure that when you return home, your gas is still very much. Accordingly, it can be seen that moving costs have been greatly saved.

2. Tickets to visit Ba Vi National Park: 10k – 60k/person

To visit Ba Vi National Park, you will need to spend a little money to buy tickets. As follows:

– Adults: 60k/person/time;

– Students: 20k/person/time;

– Students: 10k/person/time;

– Priority ticket: 30k/person/way (applicable to the elderly and disabled)

In addition, if you ride a motorbike, you can refer to parking right at the foot of the mountain or going about 400 meters more, halfway up the mountain there is also a reputable parking spot. This will shorten the journey and help tourists less tired.

– Ticket price for car parking under 10 seats: 20k/car

– Ticket price for car parking over 10 seats: 25k/car

– Ticket price for motorbike parking: 3k/car

– Bicycle parking ticket price: 2k/car

If you are still a student and a student, remember to bring your student or student card for them to compare!

– HDV rental fee: 300k – 500k/person. However, if you only go up to see wild sunflowers, hiring an HDV is not really necessary.

+ Food costs: In addition, because it comes from the morning, it is likely that you will be hungry when you are in Ba Vi National Park. Now choose to eat around there.

If you want to enjoy the rustic dishes here, you can go to Ba Vi tourist area famous for delicious dishes known as specialties here such as Da river catfish, goat dishes, badger pig, milk. goat meat, grilled goat meat, taro soup, sauteed pickles with fat, cassava vegetables, …

Otherwise, when approaching the pine forest, there is a small grocery store for people to rest and snack. If you lack or want to eat something more, you can go there and ask to buy it. The price of some items in there, of course, will be more expensive than outside, ice cream: 20-25k/piece, sausage: 10k/piece, pate: 30k/box, filtered water: 10k/bottle…

Or, if you go during the day, you can also prepare your favorite dishes before coming to Ba Vi, which will help you save even more. Choosing to eat or not, the cost is entirely up to you to choose and decide to suit your needs as well as your pocket.

Finally, in addition to all the above expenses, take a little extra cash in case something happens or you want to buy something as a gift!

With only 200k, you can go out of the city to breathe the fresh air and see the extremely beautiful wild sunflowers in Ba Vi.(Photo: msquare, wecheckin)

What should you prepare to see Ba ​​Vi wild sunflowers?

Going to Ba Vi to see wild sunflowers and take photos, it’s better to equip useful items such as:

– Wind oil;

– Topical insect bites;

– Shoes;

– Coat…

Besides, you can prepare things at home and come here to camp, which is also great for the trip to see wild sunflowers in Ba Vi. But there is a note that you should not burn leaves, firewood, in dry forests because it is easy to cause forest fires.

Note: The above fares are subject to change without notice.

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