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48 hours to explore Hung Yen with countless interesting experiences

Entering a 48-hour journey to explore Hung Yen with countless interesting experiences will bring you unforgettable memories in the country known as the ‘minor period’ of the country.

Only 40km from Hanoi city center, Hung Yen is becoming the ideal destination for young people to visit and explore. This land of “sweet longan, lotus flower” has many attractive destinations for you to visit. With 48 hours to explore Hung Yen, you can check-in a variety of famous destinations as well as enjoy the fascinating specialties of Hung Yen . If you have a plan to travel to Hung Yen with a time of 2 days, the following suggestion will help you have a complete itinerary.

Hung Yen is a land of “primary period” with many hot destinations waiting for you to explore. Photo: truongchich_2k

Day 1: Start 48 hours exploring Hung Yen with famous spiritual destinations 

Hung Yen is the mecca of famous architectural works and spiritual destination. Therefore, with a 48-hour itinerary to explore Hung Yen, take a full day to check-in to these destinations. 


The first thing you need to do when you come to Hung Yen is to deal with an empty stomach. In Hung Yen city, there is a famous dish of eel rice vermicelli which is very attractive, this is also the perfect breakfast dish, you can visit Goc Sanh century eel noodle shop at 330 Dien Bien street, Quang Trung ward to reward This dish food. Ngoiaf out you can eat mandarin chicken patties and other delicious dishes.

48 hours to explore Hung Yen with countless interesting experiences
Bun Thang eel, small mandarin chicken pies, longan tea are all attractive dishes of Hung Yen. Photo: @thanundluc


You move to Pho Hien, one of the most famous destinations right in Hung Yen city to visit. The most prominent place in this place is Hien Pagoda , a unique spiritual destination in the heart of town. This temple was built according to the layout “foreign internal public affairs” with many beautiful items. Especially, this place has a 300-year-old longan tree and is a symbol of Hung Yen longan land. Right near Hien Pagoda 

Hien Pagoda is located in the heart of Hung Yen city. Photo: @ se7entaka


Starting from the center of Hung Yen city, moving to Chu Dong Tu temple, a very beautiful destination associated with the love story of Chu Dong Tu and Tien Dung. Chu Dong Tu temple has 2 different temples, Da Trach temple and Da Hoa temple. Both works have ancient architecture with many beautiful items. To explore these two places you need more time than other locations because the two temples are located in two different places. To get to Chu Dong Tu temple, move from the center of Hung Yen to Highway 39, then turn left along Provincial Highway 205 to go to Da Trach commune to visit Da Trach temple and go on to provincial road 195 to reach Da Hoa temple. . 

The famous Chu Dong Tu Temple of Hung Yen. Photo: @ tarotmuseum_1

The typical ancient architecture in Chu Dong Tu Temple. Photo: @tujayba


Lunch, rest. For lunch you can refer to Phuong Tuong braised frog, a very famous dish originating in Phuong Tuong village in Nhat Tan commune, Tien Lu district. This famous dish has even been handed down with the lyrics of  “If you go, miss your wife and children, you will miss Phuong Tuong braised frogs at home” . Coming to Phuong Tuong village, you will have a lot of choices with dishes such as braised frog, growing frog, frog cooked with pickled bamboo shoots, or frog stir-fried with lemongrass and chili …

The famous frog in Phuong Tuong. Photo: young


Return to Hung Yen city and continue the journey to explore with a series of attractive destinations such as Van Mieu Xich Dang, Pho Noi and Phuong Hoang Temple … These are all fascinating landscapes and spiritual destinations of the country. “Primary period”. Since these destinations are quite close to each other, you can combine a visit in one afternoon. 

Temple of Literature Xich Dang is considered “national death penalty” of Hung Yen. Photo: @jaylllay


Have dinner at the food court or restaurant of interest then return to the hotel to rest or explore Hung Yen at night. In the evening, you can go to Nguyen Van Linh square to visit and enjoy. You can also come to Ban Nguyet Lake to admire the scenery and take advantage of some attractive snacks sold by the lake before returning to rest and prepare for the 48-hour journey to explore Hung Yen the next day. 

Ho Ban Nguyet is a familiar destination for young people. Photo: @ loki.hoanglong

Day 2: Visit the beautiful and famous community tourism spots in Hung Yen 


Have breakfast with Hung Yen’s specialties such as Gauan village rice cake, Phu Thi rice roll cake or a messy gear … In Hung Yen city, there are many places selling these specialties. 

Hung Yen rolls are also very attractive. Photo: thegioidisan


Leave Hung Yen center to continue 48 hours to explore Hung Yen with a series of other attractive destinations. The first place you should visit is Nom village, an ancient village with hundreds of years old still retaining the unique culture of the North. In Nom village, there are hundred-year old houses and especially Nom pagoda with beautiful architecture.

Nom pagoda is the famous check-in point of Nom village. Photo: @ hg.touyen


Come to Thu Sy village, Tien Lu district, a place famous for that knitting profession has a history of 200 years. This village has a very peaceful landscape and typical of the Northern countryside, coming here you will be surprised with the very poetic beauty, the images of which are simple, natural but also extremely artistic. After visiting this village, you can take a lunch break at the stop and dine with dishes of interest. 

Thu Sy village is associated with that profession. Photo: @ bank.24oct


Visit the village of Tuong Ban in the town of Ban Yen Nhan, My Hao district, which is famous for its famous dish in Hung Yen. With self-produced raw materials, people here have been attached to the same poor production profession for hundreds of years. Here you will have the opportunity to visit and learn about the famous dish production stages of this place. After visiting, you can buy kohlrabi as gifts for friends and relatives after the trip. [/b]

Xiangqi is an attractive specialty of Hung Yen. Photo: @vietnamnomad


Located in La Mat village, Phu Ung commune, An Thi district, Hung Yen province, Phuc Lam pagoda is a hot check-in point recently for tourists coming to Hung Yen. The temple has an architecture that resembles Thai temples in lush gold. Here you can collect magical check-in pictures like in the golden pagoda. 

Phuc Lam pagoda is in splendid gold. Photo: @ ltvb1712

After visiting Phuc Lam Pagoda, you can go straight to Hanoi with a travel time of only about 1 hour, end the 48- hour journey to explore Hung Yen with many attractive destinations, or return to Hung Yen city to buy Shop for more specialty gifts before the trip ends. 

Photo: Internet 

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