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Experiencing Ban Luot hot spring, soaking while watching the scenery is very chill

Coming to Ban Luot hot spring, visitors can immerse themselves in the warm mineral water, relax and admire the beautiful scenery of Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district. 

Go to Muong La to discover Ban Luot

Ban Luot Hot Spring is a prominent destination in Ban Luot, Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district, Son La province. This place has long been a favorite of tourists, especially on cold winter days. 


Ban Luot is a beautiful village in Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district. Photo: @sweetie_choco92

Ban Luot is located in Ngoc Chien commune, about 17 km northwest of Mu Cang Chai district. This is a village located at an altitude of about 1500-1800 meters above sea level, blessed by nature with a very fresh and unspoiled landscape. Coming here, visitors are immediately mesmerized by the beauty of terraced fields. 

Experiencing Ban Luot hot spring, soaking while watching the scenery is very chill
It owns fresh, picturesque natural scenery. Photo: @hieu_fung

Like other beautiful villages in the Northwest , Luong village is hidden in the middle of rice fields, between winding roads. This place has pleasant cool weather all year round, especially in summer. If you come here in winter, you have the opportunity to explore Ban Luot hot spring. 

The villages in Ngoc Chien are nestled at the foot of the mountain. Photo: @huynhnhuduong_63

Visiting Luot village, visitors have the opportunity to wake up early to watch the sunrise over the villages. Walking in a cool space, catching the warm rays of the sun at the beginning of the day is a great thing for visitors. In particular, do not miss the opportunity to take a mineral bath when stopping in this village.

Experience Ban Luot hot spring

Nature really favors Ngoc Chien Muong La commune when bestowing this place with beautiful scenery and scenes of natural hot mineral springs. Hot water in Surf village has an average temperature of 50 – 70 degrees Celsius, suitable for visitors to relax and relieve stress effectively. 

In Ban Luot, there are natural hot springs that are good for health. Photo: @mantiti

Hot mineral water contains many healthy minerals, helps to relax the body, beautify the skin, strengthen the bones and give you a pleasant feeling. In the middle of the hot weather of the mountains, there is nothing better than a dip in the warm water. 

This place is planned to be a professional mineral bathing area to serve tourists. Photo: @blue.nomad

Today, to serve tourists when traveling to Muong La , the locality has built a model of community tourism with the famous Ban Luot hot spring area. Here, you can take a mineral bath in the baths made of pomu wood. In particular, the mineral bath area also has a separate male and female fairy bathing area, which is very convenient. 

The mineral baths are built in beautiful po mu houses. Photo: @loveapple190284

Hot mineral springs located in the middle of majestic mountains, bathing while enjoying the scenery is an experience that tourists love very much. You can see the green forests in the distance, can be immersed in the magical scenery when the steam from the mineral pools rises every morning. The large mineral spring area, closed design looks like a small corner of the palace for visitors to check-in. 

Ban Luot Hot Spring owns a very chill scene. Photo: @_quinnpt_

The mineral baths in Ban Luot hot spring are quite large, surrounded by large covered walkways, with seats for visitors to rest after bathing or storing clothes. Beneath the mineral water pool is warm, clear and clean water. All to bring guests the most comfortable and pleasant experience. 

Visitors come here to enjoy mineral baths, soak in warm water. Photo: @mantiti

About Ban Luot, in addition to mineral bathing, visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about the life of local residents. This is a place where many ethnic groups Thai, Mong, La Ha, … live with their typical culture, many delicious and attractive dishes. 

Besides Ban Luot, in Ngoc Chien commune, there are many other villages that also have hot mineral bath services. Visitors can come to Dot village, Khau Vai village, … to both have a mineral bath and explore the beauty of Ngoc Chien – Muong La. 

Note when bathing in hot springs  

When coming to Ban Luot hot spring, visitors will be guided on how to experience a safe and effective mineral bath. Besides, you also need to pocket a few small notes below:

  • Do not take a mineral bath after eating, after drinking alcohol, having a cold…
  • If you have diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, arthritis,… you can’t take mineral baths
  • Women in the early and late stages of pregnancy are also not allowed to bathe in hot springs 

Visitors need to ensure health conditions if they want to take a mineral bath. Photo: @vietnam_adventure

At the mineral springs, there are enough toilets and places to change clothes, so you just need to bring appropriate clothes. If traveling in winter, remember to prepare clothes to keep your body warm. 

You will have many memorable experiences when going to Ban Luot, Muong La. Photo: @nightfall2510

Ban Luot Hot Spring is a destination in Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district. This place is located in the middle of a beautiful natural picture with warm, healthy mineral water, very suitable for you to have a comfortable relaxing time when you come here to travel and experience.

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