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Spring on Ta Chi Nhu with the pure white color of “blossom apple tree”

Every year from February to April will be the season of white apple flowers in an area on the way to the roof of Yen Bai and Ta Chi Nhu.

Spring is usually the time when all kinds of flowers bloom. Temporarily putting aside the image of peach trees and apricot trees on Tet holiday, in recent days, on tourism groups, a place that is actively “hunted” by believers is the place where there is a wonderful white flower season. Pretty. That is Ta Chi Nhu.

Ta Chi Nhu is located in the area of ​​Xa Ho village, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, is part of the Pu Luong massif, belongs to the Hoang Lien Son range, runs between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces. west of Yen Bai province. With an altitude of 2979m, Ta Chi Nhu peak is known as the roof of Yen Bai and ranks 7th in the 10 highest mountains in Vietnam.

Spring on Ta Chi Nhu with the pure white color of “blossom apple tree”

Ta Chi Nhu is the 7th highest mountain in Vietnam.

In the past, Ta Chi Nhu was famous for its brilliant purple flower season under the clouds in late autumn, or an ideal place to hunt for clouds and was given the name “Cloud heaven on earth” by tourists. However, in recent days, this place is associated with a white flower, which blooms beautifully in spring. That is the cat apple flower, also known as the medlar flower.

Admire the “flowering apple tree” on the way to Ta Chi Nhu

In fact, the medlar flowers are not located on the top of Ta Chi Nhu, but in an area, on the way to the top. On the way to the top of Ta Chi Nhu, visitors can stop here and admire the beautiful “blossoming apple tree” scene.

It is in Nam Nghiep village, in Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district, Son La province. The village is the main living place of the H’mong community. Because it is located at an altitude of more than 2000m, visitors coming here will need high endurance and perseverance to climb slopes or go mountain roads. However, the road is not too complicated or difficult to go.

Nam Nghiep village is famous for medlar flowers.

According to the share of many experienced people, to reach Nam Nghiep, if you climb the road, including the time to go and rest, it will take about 5-6 hours. Alternatively, visitors can choose to ride a motorbike. Coming here, the scene filled with pure white of medlar flowers will appear before your eyes.

Every year, the period from February to April will be the time when medlar flowers bloom, after the plum or peach blossoms have faded. However, March is considered to be the most beautiful time for flowers to bloom. The medlar trees have roots as big as thighs, the lowest trees are as tall as people’s roofs. When in full bloom, the flower opens to see all 5 petals, and the yellow stigmas gradually turn brown.

The medlar flower or the cat apple flower.

With a large number of medlar trees, according to many documents, it can be up to thousands including old and perennial trees, so every season, the flowers bloom at the same time, on the branches, all white in one corner. God.

In the past, the medlar trees here were grown mainly for people to get the fruit, serve to soak wine, honey or sugar. But when photos of white medlar flowers appeared on social networks, Nam Nghiep became a major attraction for tourists. Many photographers share, they just wait until this time of year to come to Nam Nghiep to take pictures.

Photo: Ethnicity and Development Newspaper.

Nam Nghiep village is covered with white color of medlar flowers every February – April every year.

Realizing the potential for tourism development, authorities at all levels have also made plans for Ngoc Chien commune in general and Nam Nghiep village, in particular, to attract both domestic and foreign tourists, towards community tourism. imbued with cultural identity.

Visiting Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La, Son La this spring, in addition to looking to Nam Nghiep to see medlar flowers, visitors can also experience hot spring baths, traditional music and dance shows or visit the famous tourist attractions. Another beautiful scene.

One more thing when coming to Nam Nghiep is that at present, there is no place to stay for a large number of people, the homestays just stop at a small scale, so many tourists choose to camp by themselves. This can also be considered an interesting experience in the journey to conquer the spring medlar.

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