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A young girl from Thanh is as beautiful as a muse, walking to welcome Spring early

Nguyen Tham – a girl who does not regularly upload pictures, but still attracts nearly 20,000 followers on social networks. Tham possesses a gentle and gentle beauty like a “muse”.

Nguyen Tham (born 1996, a native of Thanh Hoa) has received everyone’s love for her beautiful face, cute and friendly personality. In the recent photo series, Tham received many winged compliments.

In the old year, Canh Ty was gradually going to finish the last stage, a young girl from Thanh took a walk to welcome the coming of spring.
Nguyen Tham is a girl with a gentle personality, gentle and knows how to feel life from the simplest things.
Nguyen Tham’s favorite quote: “Trying is all we have to do whether the end result is success or failure”.

Enjoy a choice of warm yellow ao dai, walk in the middle of the scenery reminiscent of the Tet holiday atmosphere. According to Tham, these moments are like a way for her to keep a beautiful youthful moment, as well as to welcome the early spring.

The young girl was shy and gently walked around, surrounded by a traditional Tet scene such as peach branches, apricot branches, kumquats …

Seeing the image of the “muse” of Thanh, suddenly people have a feeling of joy and anticipation for a very approaching new year.

Nguyen Tham always sets goals and tries to complete them.
A young girl from Thanh is as beautiful as a muse, walking to welcome Spring early
The peaceful moment of the beautiful girl in the last days of the Canh Ty year.

Nguyen Tham directed the Buddha so he enjoyed living compassion and giving happiness, not hurting others even with the smallest actions, words, and thoughts.

She shared: “This time I focused on learning more to develop and understand myself better through meditation, experiencing many new subjects such as astrology, horoscopes or even learning Go. I have raised dogs. and cats. Since then, I feel that the happiness of life stems from the simple things. “

Nguyen Tham loves to explore, travel, rock climbing …
The moment that many guys “vow to give heart”.
Lovely, graceful smile.
See optimism, love life, bring people around positive energy.

She also wants people to learn about meditation, this helps people feel more comfortable and peaceful in the hustle and bustle life.

Visiting each share about personal interests: “I like reading books, interested in learning practical fields in everyday life. I like to explore life, like to travel, to travel, to learn backgrounds different cultures and customs in the country of Vietnam.

Moreover, I am infatuated with mathematics, able to concentrate and be meticulous in everything, then draw, able to speak in public. I am trying to cultivate more things to become more mature.

Tham feels satisfied with his current life and constantly improves himself every day.
Seeing not too paying attention to what “virtual world” is going on, for her, living fully in the present is enough.

Tue Nhi/Dan trí

Photo: Duy Tam

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