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Thao Thuong Camp – a paradise of relaxation, fun, and virtual life that makes young people crazy

Summer is coming, but you still have not chosen a place to “hide” with your friends in Kien Giang? So Thao Thuong Camp is the ideal destination that you should not miss to relax and enjoy that super beautiful check-in. 

Where is Thao Thuong Camp in Kien Giang?   

Thao Thuong Camp is located at Bai Co Nho, An Cu, An Son commune, Kien Hai, Kien Giang. This is a homestay that serves the needs of tourists when they have the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery of Kien Giang. The special thing about this homestay is that it is decorated with many beautiful colors. When viewed from the outside, Thao Thuong appears as a colorful house with a location next to the beach. Choosing Thao Thuong, you can choose a dorm room or a bungalow depending on your preferences. The attraction of this homestay is that there are thousands of super quality virtual living corners that are making young people standstill today.

Thao Thuong Camp – a paradise of relaxation, fun, and virtual life that makes young people crazy
Thao Thuong Camp is also known as the rainbow village. Photo: @homestaythaothuongcampnamdu

How to get to Thao Thuong Camp

Thao Thuong Camp is located on Nam Du Island , so to get to this homestay you can refer to the following instructions on how to move:

– For those of you departing from Hanoi, you need to fly to Phu Quoc airport and then take a train to Nam Du or fly to Ho Chi Minh City then take a car to Rach Gia and choose a boat to Nam Du island. 

– If going from Saigon: You need to go to Rach Gia city (Kien Giang) by ferry departing from the Western bus station. Price fluctuates 150,000 VND / turn. Experience is that you should choose a ferry that departs before 11 pm to be able to reach Rach Gia in the morning the next day. After that, you need to take a speedboat for about 440,000 VND/person to reach Nam Du island. Note, if, on the day of rough seas with storms from level 6, the ship will not operate. 

You can refer to the information of some shipping lines from Rach Gia to Nam Du such as: 

– Ngoc Thanh high-speed train: Departs at 9am, travel time is about 2 hours. 

– Superdong train: Departs at 7:20 am, travel time 2 hours. 

– Normal boat Ho Hai: Departure time at 9am and take 5 hours to travel to Nam Du island.

This homestay in Nam Du is about 4.3km from the center of the island, so you can take a motorbike taxi or rent a motorbike to reach Thao Thuong in about 10 minutes. 

How to get to Thao Thuong Camp

Rooms available at Thao Thuong Camp  

Experience going to Thao Thuong Camp Kien Giang , if you want to stay at this homestay, you can choose from many different room types depending on the price. Room rates range from 150,000 VND/night. If you go in a group of about 4 – 10 people, you can choose the dorm room class. Room with sea view, fully equipped with air conditioning and toilet. The room space is extremely warm, luxurious and has a design close to nature.

Below is information about the price of some room types at Thao Thuong homestay you can refer to:

– Seafront room for 2 people: 580,000 VND/night

– Room for 2 people with sea view: 450,000 VND/night

– Seafront room for 3 people: 660,000 VND/night

– Sea view room for 3 people: 450,000 VND/night

– Seafront room for 4 people: 740,000 VND/night

– Sea view room for 4 people: 610,000 VND/night

In addition to accommodation services, Thao Thuong also offers a package tour for visitors when wishing to explore Nam Du Island, including: Guide, meals of the day, boat to visit the island… You can also hire a motorbike at Thao Thuong homestay for 200,000 VND/day to freely explore the surrounding beautiful scenery. 

Sea view room of Thao Thuong Camp. Photo: namduexplorer

What’s attractive about Thao Thuong Camp?  

What does Thao Thuong Camp have? What attracts visitors when coming to Thao Thuong homestay is the location right next to the beach, with white sand and blue sea, golden sunshine. Behind the homestay is a mountain range with verdant forests that bring fresh air to tourists. The highlight of Thao Thuong compared to other homestays is that the decoration color is like a rainbow village. 

The famous virtual living paradise in Nam Du. Photo: taothuongcampnamdu

All rooms at Thao Thuong are designed in a terraced way and have a romantic sea view. At any place in Thao Thuong homestay, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the sea and enjoy the virtual check-in with colorful stairs. 

Many beautiful virtual live shooting angles. Photo: taothuongcampnamdu

What to play at Thao Thuong Camp? With the advantage of being located right next to the beach, so you will enjoy relaxing swimming and immersing yourself in the cool water here. From Thao Thuong’s room, it only takes a few steps to walk to the beach, ideal for strolling to watch the romantic sunrise or sunset. Besides, from Thao Thuong, you can easily move by boat from one island to another to swim, scuba dive and see the coral.

Colorful houses attract young people to live virtual. Photo: @

Thao Thuong decorates a lot of beautiful miniatures with swings, bird’s nests… for visitors to enjoy the background with beautiful shimmering pictures. The yard area of ​​the homestay is very spacious, suitable for guests to organize attractive teambuilding activities or BBQ parties on the beach. What could be better than in the evening with friends enjoying barbecue, watching the sea and having fun, singing and dancing all night. 

Room with sea view at Thao Thuong Camp. Photo: taothuongcampnamdu

Discovering Thao Thuong, you can combine visiting many famous tourist attractions nearby such as: Bai Cay Men about 3.4km, Bai Soi 1.1km, Ba Chua Xu Temple 1.5km, Southern Cape Cu Tron 1.7km, Nam Du lighthouse is 5km… 

A beautiful virtual living paradise that you should not miss. Photo: taothuongcampnamdu

What to eat when coming to Thao Thuong Camp?

Not only beautiful scenery, good accommodation service coming to Thao Thuong Camp, you can also enjoy a lot of delicious specialties here. In which the most famous and loved by many tourists is the grilled green fish with a banana peel. With this dish, you can roll with fish meat, rice paper and delicious wild vegetables that are irresistible. If you want to eat comfortably and cheaply, you can go to the market to buy seafood and cook it yourself. Experience is that you should go early in the morning to buy seafood because the newly caught boat is both fresh and cheap. 

Grilled green fish specialty with banana peel

Thao Thuong Camp is the leading virtual resort and paradise that you should not miss when exploring the beautiful scenery of Kien Giang. Hopefully with the information shared above will help you have a trip to discover many interesting experiences. See more: Kien Giang travel experience

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