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The group of people “exercising” on the beach also brought back dozens of kilograms of fresh squid

From 4 a.m., groups of fishermen in Loc Ha district (Ha Tinh province) flocked to the sea to catch seafood by casting a “terrible” net and then pulling back together.

In the early morning of May 20, a group of fishermen in Thinh Loc commune (Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province) went to the sea to pull a net to catch seafood. A network of about 20 people, they go from about 4 o’clock.

Initially, a few fishermen had the task of using boats to go to the sea about 600m to 1km from the shore to cast nets around in a semicircle. The net is about 600m long, the rope is more than 1,000m long.

Above the beach, about 20 people divided into 2 groups, standing about 600m apart and coordinating back and forth rhythmically.

Mr. Vo Hung Viet (65 years old, Yen Diem village, Thinh Loc commune) shared: “We went to the sea early in the morning, so it was still cool. This is both exercise and extra income. Everyone feels healthy. people who are happy”.

To avoid slipping during the towing process, they must go barefoot. The sandals are attached by many fishermen to their zippers to prevent them from being lost at high tide.

Working time lasts for more than a few hours, fishermen will bring large cans of fresh water to drink refreshments on the spot.

Not far away, many traders on motorbikes carrying “tools” stand waiting to buy seafood.

After about 3 hours, when the sun rose, the fishing group’s net encirclement was completed.

This season, fishermen catch mainly squid, herring, croaker, mullet and jellyfish to sell on the spot to traders.

“With this calm sea season, there are many days, we earn 4-5 million dong, but there are days when we only have enough fish to share to eat,” said fisherman Vo Hung Viet

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