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Camping on craggy cliffs in Ha Giang, Vietnam unforgettable experience in life

Where is the White Cliff?

White Cliff, or H'Mong people, also known as Gau Ca Dinh, is located on the top of Co Tien mountain, with an altitude of 1700m above sea level. You can see Ma Pi Leng Pass and Nho Que River here. This cliff has many people roaming around, so the trail leading up to the ridge gradually forms and leads to the whole of Phai Lung commune.
Photo: Nguyen Trung Duc
To get here, visitors follow the Ma Pi Leng pass, located on National Highway 4C - also known as the Happiness Road. You should note that motorbikes or backpackers can only travel this road. After going to the Ma Pi Leng B section, visitors ride a motorbike for about 3km and then walk about 2km to the white cliff.The road is rough, rugged, small, and narrow enough for only one motorbike to go; the other side is the cliff, and the other side is the abyss. Going here is extremely dangerous, so you must have much experience and steady hands on narrow roads.
Nguyen Trung Duc, a longtime freelance tour guide in Ha Giang, recently had an overnight camping trip with a group of friends in this area. The set of photos recording the wild area, lying in the middle of the cliffs, immediately received the online community's attention.

Photo: Nguyen Trung Duc

According to Mr. Duc, where his group camped was about a 40-minute walk from the motorbike stop. There are 2-3 different ways to reach this campsite, but Mr. Duc's group chose to trek along the route from the viewpoint of Pai Lung to the top. This path is relatively small, slippery, and foggy, with a deep abyss below. However, the route has iron railings running along, so it is pretty safe.

"Before going, everyone should carefully monitor the weather, not go on a rainy day. I went in the fall, so the clouds were beautiful, the weather was cool, and it took less effort," Duc shared.

Photo: Nguyen Trung Duc

Hotels with thousands of stars in cliff

Although White Cliff has been around for a long time, its attraction was only recently noticed when Ha Giang tourism became more popular. One of the exciting experiences here is camping and staying overnight.
The white cliff surface has an area of about 15-20 m2, located in the heart of the rock arch. According to geologists, the landscape of the white cliffs is mainly due to the Nho Que River fault activity more than 30 million years ago. According to the local people, this place is where the Meo king and his entourage stopped when they passed by.
Duc's group brought warm clothes because the campsite was very high, so the night and early morning were cold and windy. They also prepare enough drinking water, food, and essential items. When it got dark, the group started a fire. This place has no internet or wifi, only wild, rustic nature, and silence. The group grills food, sips tea, chats, and watches the fanciful night sky.
At dawn, Mr. Duc can admire the sea of floating clouds, the Nho Que River in blue, and Ma Pi Leng winding around the mountains. The scenery is as beautiful as a picture.
Dung Pham also just arrived at the campsite at this white cliff in early October. "I saw this place through an online post and decided to experience it. I was surprised that I could see Nho Que River, Ma Pi Leng Pass, and the wild and picturesque natural scenery from here. I believe this place will attract many tourists in the future," Dung shared.

Photo: Dung Pham
The area is limited, so it can't be crowded with people and can only accommodate about ten people. Therefore, visitors who want to camp overnight must bring the necessary items, watch the weather and carefully check the condition. It would be best if you built a small tent, a stool with a flickering fire, and a kettle of water.
In return for the feeling of being extremely satisfied and comfortable here, visitors can zoom in and watch the Nho Que river drifting by, Ma Pi Leng passes winding, and the misty clouds. This scene makes the white cliffs the "sleeping place with a thousand-star view."

Photo: Dung Pham

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