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Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience for first-timers

With a recorded altitude of 2979m, Ta Chi Nhu is known as the roof of Yen Bai and is the 7th highest mountain in Vietnam. Located in a convenient location right in Xa Ho village, Tram Tau, Yen Bai, conquering Ta Chi Nhu Peak is always one of the challenges for those who love to explore and challenge new things. 

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Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience is something you need to bring when coming to Yen Bai. Considered a cloud paradise halfway up the mountain, Ta Chi Nhu always brings a different and exciting feeling to anyone who comes here, even for the first time. The Ta Chi Nhu trekking route is difficult, with many extremely dangerous rocky terrain.

1. The best time to explore Ta Chi Nhu

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According to the Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience, the ideal time to come here to hunt clouds is from mid-October to the end of March. At this time, Yen Bai enters winter and spring, so the weather is still relatively cold, making it easy to hunt clouds. However, at this time, the humidity often increases as the altitude increases, causing clouds and fog, which can easily turn into rain and create obstacles for those planning to trek Ta Chi Nhu.

October is also a good time to go to Ta Chi Nhu to hunt Chi Pau flowers. On the trekking route, you will admire the dreamy, seductive beauty of this extremely romantic purple flower. Meanwhile, you trek Ta Chi Nhu in February. In that case, you can see the pure beauty of blooming azalea flowers.

2. Instructions for travelling to Ta Chi Nhu - Experience trekking Ta Chi Nhu

The road to Ta Chi Nhu is considered by many people in the Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience to be close, only about 30km from Nghia Lo town. To be able to hunt clouds at the right time, many people often choose to go in the evening to arrive at around 11 pm or 0 am. After that, we will rent a motel at Tram Tau to start trekking tomorrow morning.

The Nghia Lo - Tram Tau road is narrow and small, with many extremely dangerous bends. So if you travel by motorbike, you must prepare yourself extremely well before leaving or give the bike to a steady driver that you trust because the road is extremely difficult, so it is easy for unwanted risks to occur at night.

3. Experience hunting clouds on Ta Chi Nhu Peak

After arriving at Tram Tau, you must move to Mo Chi before starting your trekking journey. According to the Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience, you should go early to arrive in time when it starts to get dark. The road to Mo Chi is considered extremely bad. If you are trekking, you must prepare a pair of specialized climbing shoes to move easily.

Climbing time usually takes about 6 to 7 hours. Many predecessors share two main routes in the Experience of cloud hunting on Ta Chi Nhu Peak. The first is the road that goes through Mo Chi, and the other road has to follow the stream. On the way along the clear stream, you can take the opportunity to take photos with the herd of mountain goats gathered on both sides of the road.

Following the trail created by your predecessors, you will begin the journey to conquer Ta Chi Nhu Peak with high slopes and no grip points, causing many parts to change to crawling to continue. According to the Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience, the higher you go, the stronger the wind becomes, continuously gusting, creating unpredictable dangers. Therefore, you must lower your centre of gravity to reduce energy loss when climbing. When approaching the top of the mountain, you should lower yourself as low as possible to avoid the wind blowing you back.

After a journey that is not too long but full of hardships and challenges, you will arrive at the surprisingly beautiful mountain top, admiring the scenery of Yen Bai from above. There is a horse shack here where you can stop and rest. The horse shack is close to a natural water source, so it is very suitable for those who want to camp overnight at Ta Chi Nhu because they can shower and cook.

When going down the mountain, the path will be easier than at first; it will be less tiring and save time. However, it would help if you were careful not to move too fast, which can easily lead to slipping and falling in slippery areas. Remember to tie your shoelaces tightly to stabilize your ankles and help keep your toes from putting all your force down, causing pain.

Try to move evenly, not too fast or too slow, so that your speed is always within a safe level. If you go down the mountain late, you should be careful on dangerously high slopes. According to the Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience, both going and coming back, you should still start before it gets dark to be safe for yourself as well as those travelling with you.

4. Notes

- The route to explore Ta Chi Nhu is not easy but extremely arduous and challenging. Therefore, you must prepare extremely good physical and mental strength for the trip. If you feel exhausted while moving, you should stop to rest or report to the guide so you can return safely.

- According to the Ta Chi Nhu trekking experience, travelling in a large group will limit risks throughout the journey and ensure greater safety than self-sufficient trekking. You should find a guide who understands the terrain here to lead the group.

- Traveling at night is not safe. So, if it's getting dark and the nearest resting place is still too far away, you should stop and find a sheltered place to set up your camping tent. Although sleeping overnight in the middle of a high pass is quite dangerous, if you continue to climb higher, you will be more likely to encounter worse cases.

- You should calculate the appropriate amount of water to bring throughout the journey; avoid drinking all the water before travelling 2/3 of the way. In addition, you can also bring a water filter pen if you accidentally run out of water on the road and have to use spring water.

- The higher you go, the colder it gets. The wind whistles throughout the night, making you shiver if you don't dress warmly. Therefore, choosing suitable, long-sleeved, warm clothes is necessary from the moment you climb from the bottom to the top of the mountain.

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