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Lost in the fairy garden in Da Lat, Vietnam

Summer Garden Coffee Shop is one of the most famous shops in the beautiful coffee village of Da Lat City, most loved by tourists in recent times. This place is not simply a place for tourists to enjoy the taste of coffee, but when you set foot here, you will have a different perspective on this foggy city.

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Location: No. 27, Alley 1, Dang Thai Than Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Phone number: 090 918 95 84

Opening time: 8:00

Closing time: 20:00



Reference price: about 45,000 VND - 50,000 VND/

Summer Garden is a beautiful cafe, like a fairy garden, of interest to many tourists. When you come here, you feel like you can shake off all your worries and mingle with nature and plants.


How to get to Summer Garden Coffee Shop

Located on the "legendary" Dang Thai Than street - a famous and poetic street with views of green valleys and mountains, the coffee shop embraces the most quintessential things of the foggy city. Additionally, the shop is located near the city centre, only about 3km away, so it is easy to find. Visitors can choose a motorbike to enjoy coffee at the shop and visit other famous attractions in Da Lat.

In addition, the shop is located on a famous steep slope of about 45 degrees, 300m long, so runners must have a steady hand on the steering wheel! 

The best time to go to Summer Garden Coffee Shop

According to the words shared by "big fans" of Summer Garden Coffee Shop, visitors should come here on weekdays, avoid Saturdays and Sundays, around 8 o'clock in the early morning, or around 8 o'clock in the early afternoon. 2 hours to find the most suitable seat for me.

Also, visiting the Summer Garden Coffee Shop in the evening is an interesting suggestion! At this time, visitors can avoid virtual believers because it is already past time. In addition, the shop lights up in the evening, creating a space filled with shimmering, sparkling, magical light, bringing romance and emotion to this city of flowers.


4.1 Diverse menu at Summer Garden coffee shop

Summer Garden Coffee Shop's menu is complete with dishes from the coffee group, traditional tea, fruit tea, crushed ice... In addition, the shop also has many dishes made from Da Lat specialties, such as strawberries, avocados, and bananas, which are very good for health. You can order carrot or pineapple cake to enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee at Summer Garden Coffee Shop.

4.2 Natural space at Summer Garden Coffee Shop

The shop is divided into two areas, outdoor and indoor. Both places are decorated with beautiful small flower trees interspersed with about 3-5 sets of tables and chairs. True to its name, Summer Garden Coffee Shop space is close to those looking for nature. From the first time entering the restaurant, visitors will likely be conquered and "fall in love" as they feel lost in some fairy tale wonderland. You will be welcomed from the entrance by hibiscus flowers; even the walkways on both sides are surrounded by lush green trees. Some tables have extremely chill valley views that you must reserve in advance to get a seat.

The interior area is meticulously cared for by the owner of the decor. The furniture here is mostly wood, and the decorative items are very simple in everyday life. The campus is covered in transparent glass, so if you sit inside, you can still admire the panoramic view of the outside space! With a strangely rustic and simple beauty, Summer Garden Coffee Shop promises to make you admire the rare and interesting experiences in dreamy Da Lat.

4.3 Super beautiful photography angle 

There is a lot of space here for you to freely take photos, especially the main house nestled in the green space. Spending half a day at the shop is enough for you to take amazing photos!

Summer Garden Coffee Shop is worthy of being a Da Lat coffee shop that will make you fall in love from the first experience.

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