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Binh Dinh lotus flower

Hoai Thanh lotus flower in Hoai Nhon town is in full bloom at the beginning of the season, ideal for guests to take pictures, boat, fish or enjoy lotus tea.

Bau sen is nestled next to Lam Truc 2 residential area, next to the coastal road DT 639 – Vo Nguyen Giap, passing through Hoai Thanh ward, Hoai Nhon town. Hoai Thanh, a coastal plain ward is located east of Hoai Nhon, about 10 km from the town center.

Nguyen Quoc Dat (Quin Quin), born in 1992, in Binh Dinh, is passionate about filming and photography. He visited the lotus pond at the end of April and wanted to introduce the scenery of Hoai Thanh’s hometown to tourists through photos.

Nguyen Van Thong (also known as Nam Don), owner of the Hoai Thanh lotus flower, said: “Many places have lotus flowers, but the pink lotus next to the green coconut trees is a rare image like in Hoai Nhon coconut land.” , I said.

Bau lotus has an area of ​​​​about 10 hectares, planted mainly pink lotus, dotted with white water lily. The first flowers of the season are blooming beautifully, so this lotus flower becomes a favorite wedding photography location for couples.

Hoang – Phuong took wedding photos on the boat. Hoang, from Quy Nhon, shared his surprise at the scene of the green lotus flower, dotted with pink flowers.

The lotus season lasts until August. In the photo, Mr. Nam Nong wades through the mud, harvests lotus flowers, and collects seeds to sell.

The wooden hut in the middle of the lotus pond has bamboo boats, basket boats, and kayaks for visitors to freely visit the lotus. A hut is a place for visitors to sit and admire the scenery, check in, eat…

The best time to view and take pictures of lotus begins from 6 to 9 o’clock when the dew is still on the flowers, the fragrance is faintly followed by the early morning breezes.

Coming to the lotus pond, visitors can enjoy lotus tea or coffee, to relax their souls in the midst of nature. In addition, the restaurant in the middle of the lagoon also serves lotus seed milk, and lotus root salad or offers fishing experiences.

Photo: Quin Quin, Năm Xong

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