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Hai Giang is being compared to a hidden gem, in the new context of Quy Nhon tourism.

Located in the east of Quy Nhon city, facing south, Hai Giang is a pristine peninsula, almost unexplored. If Eo Gio, Ky Co … are the names that have been engraved in the minds of tourists every time they come to Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, and Hai Giang, they are being compared to a hidden gem, helping to realize their aspirations to save money. wings in the new context of Quy Nhon tourism.

After 40 minutes of traveling from Phu Cat airport, travelers can set foot in Hai Giang, a place that is being mentioned by travel experts recently. Standing at the highest roof of two mountain ranges embracing the entire blue sea, it is easy for visitors to understand why this place is expected to be the “heart” of the rise of coastal city tourism.

The peninsula belonging to Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city possesses a rare terrain with mountains and valleys adjacent to the sea forming a diverse population in less than 10 square kilometers.

Embracing the crescent-curved beach are two mountain ranges that converge. Two mountain ranges connect the sea, in the middle gently form a peaceful valley. The valley is embraced, shielded on 3 sides, in front of the sea, with a curved crescent-shaped bay and a long stretch of golden sand.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam – Vice Chairman of Nhon Hai Commune People’s Committee, what makes the peninsula’s unique terrain is still in the direction. If the banks and bays in Binh Dinh mainly turn to the east, then Hai Giang turns to the south. As a result, this place is less affected by storms and floods, the waves are calm, the water is clear all year round and visitors can swim for almost 12 months.

After climbing the mountain, swimming, diving and watching fish in the clear blue water, visitors cannot ignore the fresh seafood dishes right on the island, which are caught and processed on the spot by the nearby fishing villagers.

In previous years, Hai Giang kept its pristine appearance and was hardly exploited outside the small village on the eastern edge. In the past half-year, visitors have been able to access more easily and discover interesting experiences in a place just a few kilometers from the coast of Quy Nhon city.

Specifically, from Hai Giang marina, a completed item of the “peninsula city” under construction, visitors can board a canoe and take a stroll along the shore just below the mountains. The boat drivers are local fishermen, recruited to be the first employees of the “peninsula city”.

From the canoe looking to the west, visitors can capture the entire city of Quy Nhon from the sea, a scene few people see if only moving inside the city.

Looking up at the peninsula and undulating mountains, visitors can admire the towering Tran Hung Dao monument at the westernmost tip. Under the water – right next to the shore of Hai Giang is a straight rock strip hidden, full of mysteries because of its origin. It is said by many locals that this strip of rock is a remnant of the ancient Champa citadel, some say, is a masterpiece bestowed by mother nature. Just know that visitors to Hai Giang are looking for every opportunity to see.

Also by sea, canoes only need a short time to reach a series of other favorite places of Quy Nhon city: 5 minutes from Hai Giang to Hon Kho, 15 minutes to Ky Co, 35 minutes to Cu Lao Green…

This journey will be for tourists from all over the world to come and stay in Hai Giang in just a few years, when the “peninsula city” invested by Hung Thinh Group comes into operation.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam, said, many tourists who have been to Nhon Hai told him, as long as they finish the hotel, have a place to sleep – rest – play as they like, they will come to Hai Giang to see the mountains, play the sea, spend money. for vacation.

“As for me, I hope there are many tourists. That way, I can have more trips to serve guests with this boat,” said Uncle Son, a fisherman over 50 years old, whose main income now comes from transporting guests to squid fishing. and visit the said sea.

Hai Giang is “waking up” when the transport infrastructure connecting the peninsula to the city center is quickly completed. For the first time, Quy Nhon will have a cable car system connecting Mui Tan to Phuong Mai peninsula with a length of 2km. This is the first cable car system invested methodically and modernly in the city. A bridge connecting the main road of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone to Hai Giang peninsula is also urgently completed, helping to shorten the travel time from the city by car from the city.

Many roads have been formed, such as the new National Highway 19 “opening the door” from the Central Highlands and the three border areas with Laos – Cambodia – Northeast Thailand to Quy Nhon seaport and Nhon Hoi economic zone. Highway 19B connects 3 centers: Phu Cat Airport – Nhon Hoi Economic Zone – Quy Nhon city. The West Road (DT 638) connects Quy Nhon city to Becamex VSIP Binh Dinh Industrial – Urban and Service Park…

The strategy of “rolling out the red carpet” to attract investment, calling for the cooperation of large investors to simultaneously deploy, helps Binh Dinh attract 93 domestic investment projects with a total registered capital of over VND 104,340 billion from early 2021 to the present.

Most recently, Hung Thinh Group shook hands with a series of large domestic and international partners such as Boston Consulting Group (Boston Consulting Group – BCG), Vietravel… to build solutions to promote Binh Dinh tourism. . A series of programs to promote and connect Quy Nhon with potential international tourism markets in Europe, the US, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong… were carried out. A series of large-scale and synchronous real estate projects in the vicinity of Quy Nhon city and Binh Dinh province, contributed to changing the local face.

Hung Thinh Group and its partners signed a cooperation agreement on training and developing human resources for the purpose of developing tourism in Ho Chi Minh City. Quy Nhon.

“In the current international context, Quy Nhon tourism in particular and Binh Dinh tourism, in general, have many motivations and opportunities to rise above and become an international destination”, Assoc. Dr. Tran Dinh Thien – Member of the National Monetary and Financial Policy Advisory Council commented at an event.

“On the momentum of Binh Dinh to develop tourism, Hai Giang peninsula will grow at the top with the current rate of change,” said Vice Chairman of the commune Nguyen Ngoc Nam proudly.

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