07.06.2021, 09:46

The scent of Quang Nam lotus village

The peaceful scene of lotus ponds in Quang Nam such as Tra Ly – Dong Lon, La Thap Dong, and Binh Quy invites visitors to visit.

“Who is more beautiful in the dress than you
Ao Dai, conical hat, holding a lotus flower”

In May-June, Tran Minh Tri (32 years old) living in Quang Nam wandered back to the countryside to take pictures of blooming lotus ponds. The first destination is the Tra Ly – Dong Lon lotus field, in Chanh Loc village, Duy Son commune, Duy Xuyen district. This lotus lagoon has an area of ​​​​about 20 hectares, the most beautiful and largest in Quang Nam.

The remarkable point of Tra Ly – Dong Lon lotus lagoon is the blooming pink flowers, nestled next to the forests and foothills, peaceful scenery. Ms. Thanh Van, from Da Nang, said that she really likes Tra Ly lotus lagoon. Because there are many fields of easy access to the middle of the lagoon and there are many beautiful angles to take pictures.

Hanh Nguyen, also from Da Nang, wears a white Ao Dai and poses with a lotus flower to take commemorative photos in Tra Ly – Dong Lon.

Author Minh Tri said that the best time to view and take pictures of lotus begins from 6am to 9am when the dew is still lingering on the flowers and leaves and blends in with the morning sun.

Two playful girlfriends take souvenir photos on the lotus pond Tra Ly – Dong Lon. Visitors to the lagoon can take pictures, in addition, they can buy flowers and lotus flowers to bring back depending on their needs.

People here harvest lotus flowers, sell fresh lotus seeds to traders, about 35,000 VND per kilogram.

Chanh Loc village currently has more than 40 hectares of specialized lotus cultivation in Tra Ly – Dong Lon with about 50 households participating, not only bringing a significant source of income, lotus fields are also becoming an attractive eco-tourism destination. tourists from neighboring localities such as Da Nang, Hoi An, Tam Ky.

Another beautiful lotus pond is nestled in the rice fields of La Thap Dong village, Duy Hoa commune, Duy Xuyen district.

“The people of La Thap Dong alternately grow lotus and rice. Duy Hoa new rural commune is more and more spacious, many concrete roads have been invested to go to La Thap Dong village, contributing to improving infrastructure, convenient for people to travel and tourists to visit and take pictures. photos at lotus ponds,” said Mr. Minh Tri.

In Quang Nam, it is not difficult to find a romantic lotus pond, like the one in Binh Quy commune, Thang Binh district. This lagoon is also at its most beautiful bloom, sometimes visitors also see the scene of trains passing by very vividly.

Peaceful houses behind Binh Quy lotus pond. According to Mr. Minh Tri, depending on the lotus pond in some places, people have to charge a fee to take pictures, the purpose is to create more income for people who work hard to grow lotus. Follow vnexpress

Looking at the scenery of the lotus pond, the idyllic houses in the countryside always make people flutter and miss their homeland. Lotus ponds are always a beautiful image when visiting any village.