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Travel to Sin Chai, visit a small village nestled under the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range

Try once to visit Sin Chai Sapa to see that there is a rustic, peaceful village that is in stark contrast to the noise and bustle of the center of Sapa town.

Where is Sin Chai village?

Traveling to Sin Chai is definitely a memorable experience when you come to Sapa. Referring to this foggy town, everyone thinks of Cat Cat or Ta Van, but Sin Chai is also a very beautiful village, well worth a visit. This place is only about 5 km from the center of Sapa and connected to the road to Cat Cat village, which is very convenient for you to explore. 

Travel to Sin Chai, visit a small village nestled under the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range
Sin Chai is a small village nestled at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain. Photo: @phtrung0611

Today, Sin Chai is one of the largest villages in Sapa, belonging to the old San Sa Ho commune, nestled right at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain . An interesting thing is that although the location is close to Cat Cat, this village is more rustic and pristine. This place is almost not noisy, nor does it have any modernizing works. 

This village is located near Cat Cat village. Photo: @luhotrung

Sin Chai village is home to about 1600 H’mong people, imbued with the beauty of a highland village with beautiful imprints in house architecture, life, and traditional culture preserved by the people. Coming to this village, you not only admire the beautiful scenery of the Hoang Lien Son mountains but also learn more about the life of the H’mong.

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What’s fun in Sin Chai tourism?

Like many other beautiful villages in Sapa , Sin Chai is endowed with majesty, poetic and rustic by mother nature. Coming here, you will be able to fully admire the beauty of the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, roam the winding roads, and be immersed in the endless beauty of the terraced fields.

The village is beautiful and rustic, reflected in each simple house. Photo: @nguoicongaitronxoe

Like many other beautiful destinations in the Northwest, Sin Chai has a specialty in beautiful terraced fields, just like a talented artist painting every stroke. When traveling to Sin Chai in the rainy season and in the ripe rice season, visitors must take full pictures of the memory card and take full photos of the camera battery because the scenery is really beautiful. 

Green terraced fields in Sin Chai. Photo: @ilove_viet

The best time to explore this village in spring, summer and autumn. In spring, there are hundreds of flowers blooming and the air is fresh and cool. Summer comes, and this village enters the pouring water season with terraced fields glistening with water from the mirror. Then when autumn comes, the rice is ripe and golden everywhere. 

The beauty of this place is no less than Cat Cat, Ta Van,… Photo: @demosbertran

Traveling to Sin Chai in the ripe rice season, you can also hear the fragrant rice scent wafting throughout the village, creeping into the small houses of the people. The feeling of walking on the roads, going to the fields to stand in front of the vast landscape of heaven and earth, you will feel very small in front of the majestic nature of the Northwest. 

The winding road in Sin Chai village. Photo: @harikanguyen

Whether the sun is shining in the morning or the sunset is dyed purple, this village still has a very attractive charm. The fields are curved, the rice is heavy, and the colors are bright yellow in contrast to the green of the mountains and forests. The picture of Sin Chai in the ripe rice season is as beautiful as Hoang Su Phi and Y Ty. 

In Sin Chai, people mainly cultivate and raise livestock. Photo: @nguoicongaitronxoe

In this beautiful village, in addition to growing rice, residents also grow cardamom along the mountainside. In order to have more income, the H’mong also combine buffalo and horse breeding in addition to farming. Although tourism has not yet brought a large source of income for local people, this is entirely possible in the future.

Sin Chai is the residence of the Mong people. Photo: @n.huong.92

According to the Sapa travel experience of many young people, perhaps only about 1 day is enough to explore this village. Coming here, visitors can choose to walk along the roads to admire the scenery, and visit the house of the H’mong to understand more about their life, customs and habits.

Small houses are located between terraced fields. Photo: @michelee1

Currently, Sin Chai tourism has begun to develop with the introduction of homestays in the village. Visitors can choose to stay overnight with prices from 50,000 VND or more. Tuy is not as professional as Cat Cat, but thanks to that, this village retains its wild and peaceful beauty.

Experience discovering Sin Chai Sapa

When Sin Chai tourism gradually develops, visitors need to buy tickets at the gate of Sapa town if they want to visit this village. The entrance ticket price is only 40,000 VND/person. In particular, you can also buy tickets to visit Cat Cat village for 70,000 VND/person.

Ticket price to visit the village is 40,000 VND/person. Photo: @humantree

In Sin Chai, visitors in addition to experiencing the scenery, and walking around, can also enjoy delicious specialties such as corn cakes, Thang Co, corn wine, apple cider… The cost of eating in the village ranges from only 50,000 – 100,000 VND but surely will not disappoint visitors because of the rich flavor of Northwest cuisine.

Coming to Sin Chai, visitors are treated to many attractive local delicacies. Photo: @bubbles_inthesky

Some notes when discovering Sin Chai village:

  • If you want to visit people’s houses, you should ask for permission first. Only when approved. If you observe that in front of the house or at the top of the stairs are thorny branches, green branches or a lattice screen, you should not enter because this is a symbol of taboo.
  • In the rice tray of the H’mong, there are separate regulations on the sitting position. Visitors will not be able to sit in positions near the altar because that is the place for the spirits of the deceased. You should also not sit in seats reserved for the elderly.
  • When eating, listen to the host conduct all the rituals to invite ancestors or bless. Even if you are very hungry, you should not rush to pick up your food first to avoid being rude. When finished eating, you should not put the bowl down on the tray.
  • When exploring this village, you should take the initiative to bring drinking water and snacks if there is no need to eat in the village.
  • In case of staying at a homestay, you should follow the instructions of the host and avoid lying with your feet facing the altar.

Western guests are excited to explore Sin Chai village. Photo: @keitifaithloco

Learning and properly implementing these principles when traveling to Sin Chai is a way for you to better understand this village and have a memorable journey when discovering the beauty, people and culture in Sin Chai.

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