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Sweet and sour stomach toad jam on Tet holiday

In recent years, stomach toad jam has become popular in Tet menus, because of its sweet, sour, and spicy flavor.


  • 1 kg of young toads
  • 400 grams of sugar
  • 200 grams of pineapple juice


Peel, soak for a while, then take out and wash.
Double the fruit, the baby can be left whole, put the sugar in and soak overnight.Put the pot on the stove, put the soaked toads in the bowl to slug. Just let the fire boil, reduce the water, when the toads start to turn red, keep the slugs on low fire (swirl gently at this time, lest the toads be crushed).
When the toad is slightly candy, pour the fragrant juice into the rim until it is dark red brown.
If you want to make spicy and sour toad jam, take out the toads and mix with shrimp salt and chili powder.If you want to make sweet and sour plastic toads, then take the naked toads in a pot of warm water to drain the sugar, then let them dry in the sun for two days. The finished product will be dry, supple and sweet and sour.

On Tet, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying different kinds of jam is an elegant pleasure.

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