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Snails cooked with banana and beans

A bowl of yellow bean bananas, smoky with an attractive aroma, will make your family’s winter meal cozier. Please refer to the recipe from the chefs .


Clean processed snails.Bacon is only shaved, washed and cut into pieces.Golden fried tofu, cut into small pieces.Peeled green bananas, cut into small pieces, soak in water mixed with batches, then blanch in hot water. Turmeric filters the water. Shrimp paste, filter to get condensed water. Scallions, perilla washed, chopped 1 cm.Marinate snail meat with fish sauce, pepper, turmeric juice, batch, shrimp paste. The pork belly is only fried and marinated with pepper, fish sauce, turmeric juice, and batches. Tofu marinated like snails.Put the fat into the pan to fry the dried onions, add the snail meat and quickly pour it out into the bowl, add the fat to the pan, pour the marinated meat into the pan and stir-fry to absorb the spices, pour it out. Continue to stir-fry the bananas as above. Pour the sauteed meat into the pan, prepare boiling water to cover the meat, boil for 10 minutes, then add bananas, seasoning tofu, seasoning to taste. Continue to cook for about 5 minutes, until the bananas are soft, the beans are soft, then pour the fried snails into the pot and bring them to a boil, then take them out, add finely chopped scallions, perilla, and scoop into the bowl.Presentation of decorative chili flowers.

Requirements: Snails are cooked too, crispy, cooked ingredients are soft, not crushed, water ratio 1/2. The dish is yellow in the color of turmeric, fragrant with spices, not fishy, ​​tastes just right, sour.


  • Large stuffed snail: 1 kg
  • Pork belly: 250 g
  • Tofu: 200 g
  • Green bananas: 3
  • Water grease: 100 g
  • Shrimp paste: 10 g
  • Fresh Turmeric: 50 g
  • Fish sauce, salt, pepper, spring onion, dried onion, perilla, fresh chili, batch.

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