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The “favorite” drink from snails attracts Vietnamese diners

 Clean snails, through a process of processing, become a “favorite” dish with a strange, chewy, crunchy flavor that is loved by “men”.

Previously, for many reasons, snails were not favored by Vietnamese people. They often eat young branches, young leaves of plants, live in moist soil environments such as gardens, in fields, appear more in the rainy season.

Today, snails are proven to be a rich source of nutrients, used for beauty and cooking purposes. For many Vietnamese cuisine followers, snails are the raw materials for processing many delicious dishes such as fried snails with lemongrass and chili, grilled and fried snails, etc.

Snail is a nutritious food that is now popular with many people (Photo: Thanh Tran).

Snails are molluscs, omnivores, so they often have parasites and worm larvae that exist in the body. Therefore, they need to be treated cleanly and undergo a meticulous and elaborate processing process to be made into food.

A few days before cooking snails, people usually keep them in pots or crates, feeding them with green leaves or herbs. This method helps snails eliminate the dirt in the intestines that they have eaten before, ensuring safety when processed into dishes.

Snails are fed clean leaves or herbs to remove dirt in the intestines before processing (Photo: Hieu Phan).

Snails are briefly boiled in boiling water, then the meat is removed from the intestines, keeping only the head. Add a little salt and sour water (vinegar, suddenly or pickle brine, sour bamboo shoot juice) to squeeze with snail meat to clean the slime, remove black spots and effectively deodorize. Wash the snail through a few times with clean water.

After cleaning, completely removing dirt and odors, snails are cooked into dishes such as fried snails with bamboo shoots, snails with lemongrass and chili, grilled snails, etc. The process of processing snails is similar. similar to other snails. Depending on each dish and taste and preferences of each person, snails are stir-fried with sour bamboo shoots, deep-fried with bay leaves or marinated with spices and then grilled.

The “favorite” drink from snails attracts Vietnamese diners
Stir-fried snails with lemongrass and chili is a favorite drink of many people (Photo: Hieu Phan).

The combination with sour sauces or typical spices helps the dish to be more flavorful, increasing the crunchiness of snail meat. Despite its ugly appearance, when processed into a dish, snails easily attract diners.

Also because of the strange crunchiness, snails become a favorite dish of “brothers”, especially with drinking people. Not only is it a rustic delicacy, snails also contain a great source of nutrients.

The crunchy, crunchy taste of snails blends with spices to make the dish more delicate and attractive to diners (Photo: Hieu Phan).

Scientists have shown that this animal contains 15% protein but only 2.4% fat. They have the ability to cure many diseases such as back pain, joint pain, …

The dishes from snails are very nutritious, capable of curing back pain, bones and joints,… (Photo: Pham Nhung).

In France, snails are a specialty with high economic value. If you have the opportunity to visit restaurants in France, you can find and enjoy unique dishes from snails such as snails baked with garlic butter, snail spaghetti, snail pizza or fried, cooked snails. soup…

The most famous dish is the Escargot appetizer, which is made from snails as the main ingredient. This is also the most expensive dish in the world, contributing to bringing French cuisine to new heights.

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