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The snail shop has smoked for nearly 3 decades in Hoi An, the owner sells more than half a ton a day

Not a large restaurant in the city, but Hanh Dien Phuong snail has spent nearly 3 decades still holding back many diners near and far.

The snail shop has smoked for nearly 3 decades in Hoi An, the owner sells more than half a ton a day
Located on the route from Dien Ban town to Hoi An city, Hanh Dien Phuong snail shop (Tem Trung 2 village, Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province) is visited by many people and tourists from all over the world. to enjoy a bowl of snails that suck in sweet water and smell – a flavor that causes a lot of nostalgia for those who have ever visited. According to the owner, the reason it is called sucking snail is because it is eaten directly without using toothpicks.

The owner of the snail shop, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hanh (SN 1969), said that in the past, the house sold alcohol, her husband worked as a fisherman, and then tried to pick up the snails and cook for them. After being praised by people around the area, she continued to take snails from many places to sell. Gradually, the snail shop is getting more and more crowded and absorbent until now, more than 28 years have passed.
The shop starts to open from 14:00 until about 21:00 – 22:00. In addition to selling at the shop, snails are also sold wholesale throughout the districts and cities of Quang Nam province to Da Nang.
The bowl of snails here is measured in cans (1 bowl 2 cans) with full snails, lemongrass, fried onions, chili peppers, kumquats, etc. to make the taste rich and the price is only 40,000 VND/bowl. The snails are sold wholesale for 35,000 VND/bowl. On average, the shop sells 500-600kg of snails a day, earning 35-50 million VND.($1=25,000 VND)
According to the owner, snails are available from all over the place such as Thua Thien Hue, Gia Lai, Dak Lak to the western provinces, and then they are thoroughly soaked in rice water to release the mud. After that, the snails are manually scrubbed, pressed, and processed to produce a delicious bowl of snails.
“The special thing that makes the snail brand attractive is that the restaurant is meticulous in every stage, from selection to processing, all handmade. The staff at the restaurant are all family members, so they are very careful. Plus the special seasoning recipe makes the snail secrete its original sweetness. The snail here is both fat and the broth is sweet and rich, attracting many diners near and far,” said Ms. Hanh. lousy.
Currently, the shop has nearly a dozen employees, all of whom are members of Mrs. Hanh’s family. Working as a snail shop assistant also becomes the main job to help them earn extra income to support their family.
Family members are the ones who prepare for the processing, from soaking snails to peeling onions, onions, and packing. The owner of the restaurant is the person who directly tastes and takes care of the payment for customers.
With a piece of rice paper dotted with sweet snail juice, Hanh Dien Phuong’s snail becomes a local specialty when visiting Dien Ban. When having the opportunity to visit here, diners are all touched by the rich and elegant flavor of the simple and rustic cuisine that is no less memorable.

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