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Coordinates for "partying hard" in the East of Hanoi (Vietnam) for young people during Christmas

"Capturing the hearts" of young people with "extremely chill" photo shoots shared on social networks, the destination city Ocean City is becoming the "hottest" check-in location in the East of Hanoi. Especially the "entertainment universe" Mega Grand World Hanoi is about to open to welcome guests with vibrant festivals lasting 79 days until the Lunar New Year.

"Landing" point for Asia - Europe trips

Familiar places every Christmas, such as Hang Ma Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, and the Old Quarter, are no longer the top rendezvous spots for dates and fun of Hanoi's youth at the end of the year. The main reason is overloaded passenger traffic and cramped space. Instead, new entertainment coordinates have gradually "overtaken the throne"; typically, the name Ocean City is a "place to go" that makes many young people fascinated by owning a series of architectural works and special color artwork, light shows, mapping or regularly holding vibrant cultural experience festivals...

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In the last months of the year, Ocean City recorded an unprecedented "influx" of "photographers" coming to create photo sets with various Asian and European styles. The top destination here to help you get satisfactory photos is Mega Grand World Hanoi - where "1 step gives you 10 virtual living corners". With the magnificent East-West bridge in the background, standing on the bridge, you can fully take in the view of the sunset in the East of the capital - moments that are enough to move the heart.



Stepping into Venice, young people can freely relax in the unique and outstanding Renaissance architectural streets. The wide, colorful arched windows next to the romantic river, nearly 1 kilometer long, are inspired by the canals of Italy, mixing classic and modern colors. Another experience is relaxing on gondola boats and gliding on the Venice River to enjoy the romantic scenery of colorful houses reflecting on the clear blue water.

Mega Grand World Hanoi is like a "miniature world" converging the beauty of the world's most famous cities. Just step across the East-West bridge, hearts with love for the land of kimchi will find their "territory" in the K-Town subdivision, perfectly recreating the atmosphere of Gangnam Night Street, a cultural street Itaewon, Hongdae Art Street…

The Korean impression here is created by contemporary-style artwork clusters, with statues of the giant Red Bear, Brown Bear and Cony Rabbit, interactive butterflies that glow in the night combined with traditional mascots such as Prajna drum, Hanbok statue or Haechi statue - a symbol of luck and fortune according to Korean beliefs. At the "Kday in Ktown" event held last November, these clusters of artworks brought many young people's photos that caused a "like storm" on social networks.

In particular, Ocean City and Mega Grand World Hanoi bring visitors moments of emotional sublimation in world-class festivals and a series of events lasting up to 79 days. Kicking off is the La Fiesta Night music festival with the participation of singer Van Mai Huong, Vietnam Idol 2023 champion Ha Van Huy and the multi-experience show "The Grand Voyage - A voyage to discover a prosperous commercial port" will open on the occasion of the official opening of Mega Grand World Hanoi on December 21. This was followed by a series of blockbuster events such as the Japan Wave Discovery Festival, The Mega Grand World Countdown 2024 concert, and the program "Welcoming Nhu Y Tet - Giap Thin 2024", which lasts until the end of February 2024 to honor traditional Vietnamese Tet values...

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Shopping and entertainment are "exhausting" 365 days a year.

Not only does it help visitors retain impressive and emotional moments of fun, but Ocean City also brings trendy shopping and entertainment experiences with the formation of shopping and entertainment complexes comparable to the world's busiest commercial streets. The arrival of more than 300 big brands at Mega Grand World Hanoi is worth waiting for, with various products meeting all needs, from cuisine to shopping, services, entertainment, and enjoyment of culture and arts.

Many famous fashion brands have chosen to "move" here, such as Queen Beauty, Ecochic, Dirty, Coins Tatgolf,, Adidas, Eva Beauty, Crocs... Along with that is the convergence of hundreds of famous domestic and foreign culinary brands such as Bia Tu, Wang, Net Hue, Bo To Quan Moc, Mekong Food Story... creating a "free-spirited" culinary paradise for foodies.

From January 2024, Ocean City continues to welcome the presence of the Center Point Commercial and Service Complex. This is a gathering place for more than 200 brands covering all service fields, F&B, retail, fashion, and more. It connected to Mega Grand World Hanoi and Ocean's highlight amenities when officially implemented. Cities like the Capital of Light Square, VinWonders Hanoi Water Park and VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park, Ocean City will answer all questions "What to play today, where to go?" of young people right at a top entertainment - shopping - experience destination in the East of Hanoi.

Offering the opportunity to experience the "destination city" Ocean City with a series of attractive entertainment experiences, Vingroup has deployed VinBus buses directly connecting the inner city to the East of Hanoi, such as E01, E02, E03, and E09. Along with that are free VinBus trips within Ocean City with a frequency of 15 minutes/trip from Vinhomes Ocean Park 1 through Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 and 3, creating a convenient connection - a "hard to refuse" attraction during the season-end festival.

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