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The places to play Christmas with your lover are both beautiful and fun throughout the 3 regions

Here are the places to spend Christmas with your lover that you can choose to have a warm, romantic, and happy Christmas together. 

1. Hanoi – a place to play Christmas with a super romantic lover

Every year, the Christmas season is the time when Hanoi’s capital attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists to visit. This city has many places to play Christmas with your lover , bringing many interesting experiences. In particular, the Christmas season is also the season when Hanoi is in winter, the weather is cold, which is very suitable for going down the street. 

Hanoi capital has many beautiful places to play Christmas. Photo: @q.chiem_2204

In the early days of December, the capital began to sink in the typical cold air of the North. Throughout the streets, Christmas atmosphere was really filled with red, yellow, blue, white of pine, of snow and many other beautiful symbols. 

Hanoi Cathedral shimmering colors during the Christmas season. Photo:

In Ha Thanh, there are many Christmas coordinates for couples. If you like to take pictures in virtual life, take that person’s hand to Hang Ma Street. This place sells a lot of Christmas items with a bustling and brilliant space. Just find a corner and stand in to get a good photo to bring back. 

The places to play Christmas with your lover are both beautiful and fun throughout the 3 regions
Hang Ma Street is a place where young people in Ha Thanh come to take pictures during the Christmas season. Photo: @phuongsunn_

The next entertainment coordinate that you cannot ignore is Hanoi Cathedral – a beautiful symbol of the capital land and a place that many tourists check-in when traveling to Hanoi. In the Christmas season, the church is splendidly decorated with a large pine tree, with extremely beautiful shimmering lights. 

Come here with your lover to take pictures of virtual life. Photo: @checkin.hanoi

If you are afraid of the crowded church area, hold his hand and walk around Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake Park. This is also a very beautiful place to spend Christmas with your lover. The busy flow of people, the Christmas atmosphere that was once in the middle of the winter weather in Hanoi will bring you memorable memories.

Exploring Hanoi in the cold winter is a wonderful experience not to be missed. Photo: @k_kieutien

In addition, if you want to have a comfortable space to take pictures or experience more activities, you can choose to explore the commercial centers. Vincom Ba Trieu, Aeon Mall Long Bien, Times City, Royal City, etc. are all spectacular Christmas decorations, helping you have a peaceful and happy Christmas with your loved one.

2. Nam Dinh – a place to play Christmas with your lover as beautiful as Europe 

If you are in the North, Nam Dinh is the perfect place to spend Christmas with your lover . Nam Dinh province is considered a “church kingdom”, famous for many beautiful European-style churches. During the Christmas season, these churches are decorated extremely shimmering, which is the meeting point of tourists inside and outside the province. 

Nam Dinh is known as the “Kingdom of Churches”. Photo: @vietlong__

About a month before Christmas, beautiful churches in Nam Dinh have begun to prepare for Christmas Eve. Almost every church has twinkling lights and a huge Christmas tree. Especially, the stone cave is invested very elaborately, bringing an extremely warm and romantic space. 

This land has many great churches such as Hung Nghia, Bui Chu, Khoai Dong,… Photo: @chenhuyenchen

There are many beautiful and famous churches, becoming an extremely hot destination of this land. Among them are Bui Chu Cathedral, Nam Dinh Cathedral, Khoai Dong Church, Hung Nghia Church, etc. These are all beautiful churches with impressive architecture and majestic and outstanding decoration. in the Christmas season. 

Although the building is in ruins, Hai Ly church is still checked in by many tourists. Photo: @hiep.tranhoangg

If you have the opportunity to travel to Nam Dinh during the year-end festival season, spend a little time exploring the churches. Visiting the religious works on Thanh Nam land, you should take the time to visit these churches to enjoy the ancient European beauty of the churches. 

Visiting the churches in Nam Dinh, you will have many beautiful check-in photos to bring back. Photo: @trangdalat2911

Each church building in Nam Dinh will have a different history, different architecture, but all exude Western beauty. Therefore, these churches have become places to spend Christmas with their lovers that young people choose. Because just coming here in the Christmas season, you will definitely have very good virtual live photos to bring home. 

3. Da Nang – an attractive place to play Christmas with your lover 

If in the North, Hanoi and Nam Dinh are extremely hot Christmas destinations, in the Central region, there are Da Nang. The most livable city in Vietnam has many beautiful coordinates for you to hold hands with your loved one to enjoy Christmas. From famous tourist spots to churches, it is a beautiful paradise for a memorable Christmas night. 

Ba Na Hill is a great place to celebrate Christmas. Photo: @sunworldbanahills

One of the places that tourists visit the most in the Christmas season is Ba Na Hill . This place is decorated extremely majestically with shimmering, colorful lights. In the chilly winter air on the top of Ba Na and the colorful scenery of the festival season, you will feel more fully the atmosphere of the last days of the year. 

Da Nang Cathedral is also a beautiful check-in point in the Christmas season. Photo: @dianaohy

After Ba Na Hill, Da Nang Cathedral located on Tran Phu Street is a beautiful place that you should visit. This religious building is also decorated early to celebrate a warm and peaceful Christmas with locals and visitors. 

International tourists explore Dragon Bridge. Photo: @martabyczuk

On Christmas Eve, residents and visitors come to the church in large numbers, check-in with the pine tree, with the lights and join the church’s rituals. Regardless of whether you are religious or not, this is also a beautiful Christmas place in Da Nang that you should check in with that person. 

Sitting at Sky36 Novotel to welcome Christmas is also a great experience. Photo: @yndinh

Besides the two coordinates mentioned above, Da Thanh also has many places to bring you a memorable Christmas night. If you like walking, you should go to Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge. If you like to check in and shop, don’t forget to visit Vincom or Lotte shopping centers. In addition, Sky36 Novotel or Asia Park is also an ideal place for you to hang out.

4. Saigon – a place to play Christmas with your lover with many experiences

Referring to the best places to play Christmas with your lover , Saigon must be mentioned. This vibrant young city has many places for you and your loved one to hang out and enjoy the peaceful and happy Christmas atmosphere together. This year, Saigon also has a chilly climate, suitable for hanging out with his “bear” everywhere. 

Notre Dame Cathedral is a beautiful symbol of Saigon. Photo: @dothuydung969

Since the end of November, Saigon has been “lit up” with all the vibrant colors of the year-end festival season. Churches, companies, buildings, offices, households, etc. are all brightly decorated with Christmas decorations… As Christmas approaches, the atmosphere becomes more jubilant and bustling than ever.

Warm Christmas atmosphere at Tan Dinh church. Photo: @eel_photo

In Saigon, I’m afraid you don’t have the energy to go but never recommend a beautiful Christmas place. If you want to visit churches, go to Tan Dinh Church, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. These are the great churches of the city, decorated brilliantly and magnificently with countless virtual check-in corners. 

You can play Christmas with that person in religious hamlets. Photo: @03thang11.uns

One of the coordinates that attract the most visitors at Christmas is the religious neighborhood on Pham The Hien Street. This is where the streets are decorated with many colored lights, creating a shimmering paradise. In addition, in Go Vap, there are also beautiful religious villages for you to visit. 

The shopping centers are also filled with a Christmas atmosphere. Photo: @phu_adam18

One of the most attractive places to play Christmas with your lover that you should check in with him is Nguyen Hue walking street. This street is spacious with many interesting activities, promising to bring memorable experiences. In addition, along the pedestrian street are famous milk tea shops, suitable for checking in. 

The cafes are also filled with Christmas colors. Photo: @anhngoc_1710

Besides the series of extremely hot entertainment places mentioned above, you can also explore shopping malls such as Vincom, Lotte, Diamond Plaza systems, etc. This is a place to decorate Christmas early with a beautiful space for visitors. take a photo. In addition, the Hai Thuong Lan Ong neighborhood that specializes in selling Christmas decorations is also a place where you should check in with that person.

Saigon people have fun at the end of the year. Photo: @saigonscenes

From North to South, there are many beautiful and warm places to spend Christmas with your lover for you to experience. Depending on where you live, choose the most suitable places to experience a romantic and happy Christmas next to your beloved half. 

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