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Young people in Ho Chi Minh City experience ‘snow and snow’, enjoy the cool weather of the Christmas season

TTO – Taking advantage of the rare cold air, young people in Ho Chi Minh City wear their clothes to the streets to experience “snow rain”, delight in posing “virtual life” with colorful Christmas spaces.

When many restaurants and bars are still limited to sitting on the spot, the outdoor spaces in the city center become the ideal place for people to hang out.

Many young people compare the city’s weather these nights to the weather on Christmas Eve, the streets are bustling and beautifully decorated, so this is considered an appropriate opportunity to dress up on the street.

Familiar places with a large number of young people in the city such as Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, the area around Notre Dame Cathedral, the theater area of ​​​​HCMC …

Streets and shops in Ho Chi Minh City have been decorated for Christmas very early – Photo: Cong Trieu

Afraid of the epidemic, afraid of being in contact with people, but still wanting to experience the Christmas atmosphere early, Ms. Thu Trang (who lives in District 7) and her child, Carrot (5 years old), went down the street at… 10pm.

Shops and enclosed spaces decorated for early Christmas are also hot places attracting young people in Ho Chi Minh City to check in “virtual living”.

At a cafe located on Tan Dinh ward (District 1), the Christmas atmosphere is something that everyone can feel right from the gate. And making a special thing that attracts young people here is also because of the interesting “snow snow” experience space.

Ms. Thanh Thuy checks-in at a Christmas space in District 1 – Photo: Cong Trieu

The first time she was photographed with the rain and snow, Thanh Thuy (who lives in District 8) said it was a “memorable experience”. “I’m here, so I don’t know what snow is. Even if it’s artificial snow, never mind, showing off to friends is a happy memory,” said Ms. Thanh Thuy.

The shop only accepts customers by appointment, must have 2 doses of vaccines and make a medical declaration … is what customers must do and respond if they want to come here.

According to Mr. Dang Hoang Duy (manager of the restaurant), because the number of customers coming to the shop increased suddenly (peak increased by nearly 200% compared to normal), but with the desire to do a good job of preventing the epidemic, the shop only accepts customers by appointment. is involuntary.

Despite taking pictures, Trang’s group of friends (second from left, living in District 7) still wear masks to prevent the epidemic – Photo: Cong Trieu

Experience snow and rain at a cafe in District 1 – Photo: Cong Trieu

Young people enjoy the cool weather of Ho Chi Minh City these days because they can wear warm woolen clothes – Photo: Cong Trieu

The ideal check-in point for many young people this Christmas – Photo: Cong Trieu

Mother and daughter on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street at 10 pm – Photo: Cong Trieu

The space in front of a commercial center in District 1 has begun to attract people to come and have fun these days – Photo: Cong Trieu

According to Ms. Tram, owner of a Christmas stall on Hai Ba Trung Street (District 1), people’s purchasing power during Christmas this year is very weak, down more than 60% compared to the previous year – Photo: Cong Trieu

The number of people and purchasing power of Christmas decorations at the largest Christmas market in Ho Chi Minh City (Hai Thuong Lan Ong, District 5) is also not high – Photo: Cong Trieu

Guessing that the demand for shopping will decrease, many small traders selling Christmas decorations have reduced their imports, but the designs are still diverse – Photo: CONG Trieu . Follow (Tuoi Tre)

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