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Three trips to the beach near Ho Chi Minh City are less than 100$

Visitors can go to Long Hai or Cam Binh, or Tan Thanh, destinations with peaceful scenery, and not crowded.

In addition to the familiar Vung Tau and Can Gio, visitors from Ho Chi Minh City can change the summer breeze by camping by the coast, taking a cool bath or resting in resorts, enjoying fresh seafood. With 100$ for 2 people, the following destinations will be suitable for 2 days and 1-night activities.

Tan Thanh

This is an alluvial beach in Go Cong Dong district, Tien Giang, about 80 km from Ho Chi Minh City. The sea has turbid water, mainly for clam farming, so not many tourists like to cool off. Popular tourist activities are taking pictures at the cork photography tree, 300 m pier, relaxing in the wind, enjoying seafood in coastal restaurants.

However, you can change the wind by camping overnight, watching the sunrise at sea, observing the livelihood of the people… Mr. Phan Tuan, born in 1994, who has experience camping at Tan beach Thanh shared, the necessary tools for the trip include tents, tarpaulins, chairs, tables, cooking utensils… you should bring them from Ho Chi Minh City because there is no camping rental service here.

Three trips to the beach near Ho Chi Minh City are less than 100$
Watch the sunrise at Tan Thanh beach. Photo: Phan Tuan

The campsite is located in the photography cork area, visitors can ask people or follow directions on Google Maps. This place has quite a few houses and shops, before coming you can visit Tan Thanh market to buy food and seafood as you like. All kinds of clams, snails, scallops, shrimp, squid… are reasonably priced. If you can’t cook for yourself, you can visit restaurants along the beach to eat and drink. The restaurant only sells during the day. To avoid chopping and slashing, you should choose points with clear names, avoid field shops, without names.

From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors follow Highway 50 in the direction of Can Giuoc, Can Duoc (Long An), cross My Loi bridge to Go Cong town, Tien Giang province. From here, you follow provincial road 862 for about 15 km to Tan Thanh beach. Unspoiled sea landscape, quite sunny due to few trees, in addition, there is also garbage thrown by guests on the sea.

Cam Binh

Cam Binh beach belongs to La Gi town, Binh Thuan province, about 160 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 7 km from the center of La Gi town, Binh Thuan to the south, convenient access from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. The first time you come to Cam Binh, you will be impressed with the pristine sea route, fine sand and green casuarina groves…

The sea has quite a lot of interesting activities such as playing adventurous water motorbikes, experiencing ox carts walking on the beach, playing volleyball, beach soccer, checking-in with “tiny” lighthouses … That’s not to mention, Cam Binh has a long-standing fishing village, you can feel the rhythm of life of fishermen through the fresh and diverse seafood markets.

Cam Binh beach is a suitable spot for a short vacation in the summer. Photo: Huynh Nhi

If you have a night to rest in Cam Binh, you should get up early to walk on the beach to watch the sunrise or wait for the sunset to fall, because this is a romantic experience worth trying. In the afternoon, Cam Binh is quiet with the sound of crashing waves, and the exposed rocks when the tide recedes have a beautiful shape.

Popular accommodation services here are coastal resorts with swimming pools, suitable for couples, families or large groups of friends, corporate team building. Suggestions are Bao Anh Sunset Beach resort, Aurora Resort Lagi or Cam Binh resort, priced from 950,000 VND/night. If you love camping, you can visit Coco Beach Camp, a coastal campsite with many facilities and dynamic and colorful outdoor photography angles.

Long Hai

The destination is in Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, about 3 hours by car from Ho Chi Minh City. This is a place with many diverse experiences for visitors to explore. On the way to Long Hai, you will pass Phuoc Hai pagoda, also known as “Bun Rieu” pagoda located on National Highway 51, in Dong Nai province, this place has vegetarian noodle soup for guests for free, you can visit Visit the temple and have a frugal breakfast.

Long Hai is famous for spiritual tourism works such as Dinh Co Temple, Minh Dam Mountain, Monkey Pagoda… are attractions that visitors cannot ignore. In addition, Long Hai fishing village and Dinh Co night seafood market are places where you can enjoy seafood at relatively low prices. To avoid slashing, don’t be afraid to ask the price before eating, usually dishes such as oysters, grilled octopus, fried snails with garlic, seafood fried rice… cost from 15,000 to 150,000 VND.

Not to mention, the dawn on Long Hai beach is very beautiful, you can watch fishermen rowing basket boats to fish or rake sand to catch clams. In the afternoon, watching the sunset from Nuoc Ngot Pass is the ideal choice when you can embrace the whole scenery of the sea village in your heart. Long Hai has a variety of accommodation types from budget hotels, homestays to luxury resorts, with room rates ranging from 350,000 to more than 2.5 million VND/night.

Instead of going to Vung Tau, visitors can choose Long Hai for weekend fun. Photo: Luu Chan Huy

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