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48 hours in Da Lat

The following suggestions are for first-time visitors to Dalat, who want to have both traditional and new experiences.

The itinerary for two days in Da Lat was suggested by two tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and one tourist from Hanoi.

Day 1

8:00am: Breakfast with shumai bread

Banh mi shumai is one of the “exclusive” dishes of Da Lat, suitable for breakfast. Xiu Mai is often available at popular restaurants, is made mainly of minced pork, mixed with ingredients such as shallots, bread intestines, pepper, steamed, and then drizzled with a tomato-based or tomato-based sauce. Soup. Da Lat sausage is best when eaten hot, along with bread.

Some reference addresses: 47 Hoang Dieu, Be Linh restaurant, Co Suong restaurant, 207 Phan Dinh Phung, Gia Phuc bowl…

9am: Tung Coffee

48 hours in Da Lat
Interior space of Tung cafe. Photo: Dalat Tourism

The place that appeared in the movie “Em and Trinh”, is located in the Hoa Binh area, in the city center. Phong Vinh, a tourist who has been to Da Lat, thinks that Tung is suitable for people who like nostalgia and want to experience an old Da Lat.

“Existing for more than half a century, Tung coffee is still rustic with old tables, faded paintings, wooden wall panels and even a door that opens slightly to catch the sunlight. Some people come here to watch the street and people. , some people come to listen to some old music, and there are people who sit at the bar just to find nostalgia,” Vinh said. Drinks at Tung are traditional coffee dishes, each cup of coffee is carefully cared for by the owner, priced from 15,000 VND.($1=24,000 VND)

10am: Walk around the center

The Y-shaped bridges around Xuan Huong Lake. Photo: Tam Anh

The center of Dalat is often mentioned including the locations around Xuan Huong Lake. This is an area not to be missed, especially for first-timers. Some famous photography locations in the central area include: Xuan Huong lake with Y-shaped bridges, Lam Vien Square with artichoke flower-shaped building, and Hong Kong corner at Da Lat market. If it’s not too hot, you can take a walk around the lake.

12 o’clock: Chicken hot pot with e leaves

A pot of chicken hot pot with e leaves for 4 people to eat. Photo: Tam Anh

Chicken hotpot with e leaves is a must-try dish. The hot pot consists of clear, cool, and mildly sweet broth. This is a popular dish, ranging from 200,000 to 400,000 VND a pot of chopped mushrooms, bamboo shoots and chicken and especially indispensable e leaves. Chicken hotpot with e leaves served with vermicelli, a bowl of dangerous chili salt or lemon pepper salt to dip the meat. The chicken is tender, the mushrooms are sweet, the bamboo shoots are crunchy and crunchy, and you can feel the light taste of the e leaves.

There are many shops selling chicken hotpot with e leaves, the method and taste are not different, depending on where you choose Tao Ngo or 668 chain.

15h: Visit Da Lat station and go to Trai Mat

Train tickets from Da Lat station to Trai Mat station when purchased directly. Photo: Tam Anh

After resting, in the afternoon you can go to Da Lat station. This is a long-standing station, built by the French since 1932, with architectural style of three pyramidal roofs, stylized three peaks of Langbiang mountain or communal house in the Central Highlands. This is a unique railway line of Vietnam with about 16 km of cog roads, an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level.

If you have little time, you can just visit and take pictures, and if you have more time, take the train to Trai Mat station. Trains run fixed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, about 30 minutes each. The first train departs at 9:50 am from Da Lat station, the last one leaves Trai Mat at 17:05. From March, train tickets are sold online. Round trip fare is 160,000 VND and one way is 90,000 VND.

19h: Stuffed snails and oxtail hot pot

Famous Dalat stuffed snail dish. Photo: Tam Anh

Eating stuffed snails and oxtail hot pot is very suitable in the cold weather of the evening in Da Lat. Each piece of snail costs about 150,000 – 200,000 VND, enough for two people. Snail meat is finely minced mixed with ground meat marinated with spices, added lemongrass and steamed, brought to the table still fragrant and hot. The shop also sells oxtail hot pot next to the nail dish, which is stuffed with snail meat. A pot of hot pot ranges from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND.

Some reference addresses: 33 snails stuffed with meat on Hai Ba Trung street; Quan Go beef hot pot at the end of Hoang Dieu alley.

Day 2

Bag Mo To coffee shop is one of the addresses that many tourists find. Photo: Coffee shop

7:30 am: breakfast and coffee outside the city center

One of the other “specialties” of Da Lat are the beautiful cafes. So, the next morning, take a leisurely walk out of the city center. Early in the morning, the air in Da Lat is fresh. Choose a spacious cafe, on the hill, among the pine forests, with a wide view in front of you. If you get up early, you can even hunt clouds. Having breakfast and enjoying a peaceful morning at these cafes, you “will fall in love with Da Lat immediately”, said Anh Kiet, a Ho Chi Minh City tourist who used to sit at Chenh restaurant in Da Lat.

Some other reference addresses: Binh Minh Oi, Cafe Suoi Mo, Miss Coffee Da Lat, Bag Mo To, Waiting for One Person…

10am: Strawberry picking and taking pictures with hydrangeas

On your way out of the city, experiment with a range of activities such as strawberry picking and a visit to the hydrangea garden. “Hydrangeas in Da Lat are very big, bloom a lot, and every corner of the garden can bring beautiful photos,” said a Hanoi visitor. Tickets to the flower garden range from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND. Some addresses include: Clay Tunnel, Trai Mat field, Lac Duong field…

Leaving the flower garden, choose one of the nearby strawberry gardens. Dalat has long been famous for its delicious strawberry gardens. Strawberries in Da Lat are not too big, but fresh and quite sweet. After picking strawberries, you can take them home. The garden owner will weigh and box for you to feel secure when transporting. The price per kilogram of strawberries ranges from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND.

Hydrangea garden with flowers bigger than a human face. Photo: Tam Anh

Da Lat has many places to pick fresh strawberries. Photo: Tam Anh

Inside the strawberry garden. Photo: Tam Anh

Ripe fresh berries. Photo: Tam Anh

Hydrangea garden with flowers bigger than a human face. Photo: Tam Anh

Da Lat has many places to pick fresh strawberries. Photo: Tam Anh

3pm: Take a photo at Da Lat Pedagogical College

If you are coming to Da Lat for the first time, please stop by Da Lat Pedagogical College and ask to take pictures. The school is located about 2 km from the city center, on Yersin Street. This place was once recognized by the World Association of Architects as one of the 1,000 unique buildings of the world in the 20th century. The school does not charge an entrance fee, but if you want to take a walk and take photos or visit the campus. Remember to bring your ID card or other identification documents.

16h30: Singing Clouds Wandering

“Going to Da Lat must definitely listen to music and watch the sunset” is the suggestion of a tourist in Hanoi. May Lang Thang is an outdoor music space with two stages located in alleys on Tran Quang Dieu or Hoang Hoa Tham streets. The show is most suitable to both enjoy music and watch the sunset, usually taking place from 5pm to 7pm. Ticket prices range from 150,000 VND to 1.2 million VND depending on the seating position and the singer.

19:30: Dinner

The famous avocado ice cream of Da Lat. Photo: Tam Anh

The street food around the downtown area will be a light dinner and dessert with butter cream. “One of the most famous avocado ice cream shops in the downtown area is Thanh Thao. Please be patient because you may have to wait in line for a long time,” a Hanoi visitor shared his experience.

Photo: Internet (

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