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Do Theater in Nha Trang: a check-in point with bold Vietnamese identity of the country of “Tram Huong”

Inspired by a folk fishing tool of Vietnam, Nha Trang Do Theater with its unique architecture imbued with indigenous culture is an attractive new check-in place for visitors when coming to the country. this wonderful sea.

Nha Trang has always been an attractive rendezvous on the tourist map of Central Vietnam, a peaceful land with golden sunshine, blue sea and friendly people who always leave a mark in the hearts of tourists from all over the world. Traveling to Nha Trang, in addition to the wonderful sea paradise, visitors also cannot miss beautiful architectural works such as Tram Huong Tower, Po Nagar Tower, Mountain Church or the latest is Nha Trang That Theater . The architecture, which was officially opened in April 2023, has quickly become an attractive destination in the eyes of tourists. 

Do Theater Nha Trang is a super HOT check-in point in the eyes of travel followers. Photo: @Life Puppets Show

Where is Do Theater in Nha Trang? 

Do Theater Nha Trang is located in the complex of resorts, arts and entertainment Vega City Nha Trang in Bai Tien area of ​​Vinh Hoa ward of Nha Trang city. The theater is located in a quite favorable position when the surrounding area has many famous tourist attractions, the distance from the center to here is also very close, so it is convenient for visitors to check-in. 

Do Theater in Nha Trang: a check-in point with bold Vietnamese identity of the country of “Tram Huong”
The theater is located at Vega City Nha Trang in Bai Tien area. Photo: Kim Loan

Check-in the theater at That Nha Trang , visitors move from the city center through the 2/4 square area, then follow the Tran Phu sea route and go through Tran Phu bridge to reach Pham Van Dong street. Visitors just go straight along Pham Van Dong street, passing attractive destinations such as Hon Chong, Nha Trang Marina and Amiana Resort in turn will arrive. 

From the city center, just move along Pham Van Dong street to reach the theater. Photo: Nhi Truong

Currently, visitors can visit Nha Trang Do Theater to check-in for free, if you want to enjoy the puppet show, you can buy Dragon Class (WIP) tickets for 1,100,000 VND, Tiger Class tickets. (VIP) is 900,000 VND and Zodiac Class (Standrd) ticket is 800,000 VND. Children from 5 years old and under 120cm tall, adults over 60 years old will be charged 70% of the adult fare, children from 120cm or more will be charged as adults. Visitors can buy tickets directly at Nha Trang Do theater when visiting. 

The unique architectural beauty of Nha Trang Do Theater 

Referring to the name Do Theater Nha Trang , visitors must have been impressed and curious. The name of the theater is named after the very architecture inspired by that boat, a very popular fishing tool used by Vietnamese people to catch it. The theater has the shape of a giant boat located prominently on Nha Trang Bay. 

The theater takes the form of a giant car. Photo: thodianhatrang

Do Theater has a total area of ​​2500m2 built with very strict standards of architecture as well as international art performance. The theater is built from high quality materials with high quality and durability and is completed by dozens of leading domestic and international construction units. 

The project is built with extremely strict international standards. Photo: FB Life Puppets Show

The space outside the theater is an attractive virtual living and check-in stop for visitors, besides the highlight of the theater’s architecture, there are also attractive and impressive check-in areas for visitors to enjoy. like to live virtual.

The outside space of the theater has many beautiful virtual living corners. Photo: Hoang Trinh

Visitors enjoy the diverse check-in space at Do Theater campus. Photo: Hoang Trinh

Visitors can check-in at various corners outside the theater. Photo: Life_Puppets_Show

Inside Nha Trang Do Theater is a space that is overwhelmed by the large-scale investment with stage equipment and international standard mechanical systems, providing a versatile performance space both on land and under water. 240m2 storage tank, 536-seat grandstand worthy of a world-class art and culture center in Nha Trang.

The theater has a scale of 536 seats in the grandstand area. Photo: Thao Thao

The sound system of Do Theater in Nha Trang is delicately designed with all equipment from the L-Acoustic brand (1984) imported directly from France, a quality incandescent light system from the system supplier. world leading light show Robert Juliat. It is also a rare theater project in Vietnam equipped with up to 20 semi-automatic electric poles.

The sound and light system is very invested, the performance space is diverse. Photo: Thuy Linh

‘Life Puppets – Dream puppets’ – The essence of Vietnamese puppetry at Do Theater 

In addition to the impressive architecture and space, Nha Trang’s Do Theater also makes visitors admire by the super special “Puppet Dream” show. “Puppet Dream” offers a unique indigenous art performance space, all performances and musical performances here will be performed live with manual methods to help the audience enjoy Enjoy the truest emotions.

Instead of performing through the curtain like traditional water puppetry, at Do Theater in Nha Trang , the audience can see completely new puppet performances with emotional bamboo puppets, artists and puppets appearing as characters. how the character performs. Here, visitors can also enjoy a completely new type of animated puppetry that combines motion sensing technology and contemporary dance. 

Puppet Mo is a spectacular and unique show at Do Theater. Photo: Life Puppets Show

Life Puppets – Mo Puppet is a combination of various types from water puppetry, string puppetry, shadow puppetry, cartoon puppetry and even contemporary dance, combined with the guidance of the orchestra of indigenous ethnic groups in the East. South Asia (SEASOUL) creates a grand stage, multi-space and multi-language synchronicity, stories are portrayed very life, very delicately with diverse emotional colors.

Artists and puppets become characters in performances. Photo:Life Puppets Show

The handmade performance gives the audience a genuine feeling. Photo: Life Puppets Show

With a sharp architecture with Vietnamese identity and a large-scale investment in space and performance sound system, Nha Trang Do Theater is expected to help elevate tourism “land of Agarwood” on the world tourism map. world and become the iconic check-in point of this beautiful coastal country. 

Photo: Internet 

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