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3 Hon Tre islands in Vietnam are picturesque, attracting visitors every season

Exploring 3 Hon Tre islands in Vietnam is an opportunity for visitors to experience the beautiful and charming seascape of the country, bringing back beautiful photos.

Take a look at 3 beautiful Hon Tre islands in Vietnam

1. Hon Tre Island Nha Trang

Hon Tre Island Nha Trang is one of three Hon Tre islands in Vietnam possessing beautiful natural scenery, and charming beaches that captivate people. Hon Tre Island belongs to Nha Trang Bay, only 5 km from the city center. Visitors can easily access this island by cable car, canoe, or speedboat. 

Hon Tre Nha Trang is only 5 km from the city center. Photo: @saifulina_kd

With a total area of ​​up to 32.5 square kilometers, Hon Tre Island is the largest island in the region. This destination in Nha Trang possesses a tropical climate with little wind and is especially blessed with many clear, beautiful and sunny beaches. Today, the island is invested in strongly developing tourism activities, meeting the resort needs of tourists every summer. 

3 Hon Tre islands in Vietnam are picturesque, attracting visitors every season
This island has strong tourism development. Photo: @svrckovah

According to many people’s experience of going to Nha Trang, June – August is the most suitable time to visit Hon Tre. This season, the weather is sunny enough, with a cool breeze, with a vast blue ocean, suitable for fun activities, entertainment, virtual live photography, or simply vacation. 

Romantic sunset on Hon Tre island. Photo:

Hon Tre Nha Trang is an extremely charming island with great tourist activities. On the island, there is VinWonders Nha Trang complex with 6 game zones, Vinpearl Diving Club is a suitable place for scuba diving to see corals, walking on the seabed, windsurfing or kayaking. 

VinWonder Nha Trang is famous on Hon Tre Island. Photo: @ramanova.0o7

If you are a fan of natural beauty on Hon Tre Island, take your time to explore Bai Tru. This is a beautiful beach, the most romantic sunset coordinates on this island. In addition, if you have time, you can also explore the pristine Dam Bay Bay – where there are many fine white sand beaches and countless views to take pictures.

Dam Bai Bay is wild and beautiful. Photo: @_abedesu

Of the three Hon Tre islands in Vietnam , Hon Tre Nha Trang has the largest scale and strongest tourism development. On the island, there is a system of beautiful resorts, hotels and homestays. This place also has a system of restaurants and eateries serving Nha Trang specialties such as breast snails, sea urchins, milk oysters, grilled spring rolls, banh can, … extremely attractive. 

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2. Hon Tre Island Con Dao

One of the most popular beautiful islands in Vietnam today is Hon Tre Con Dao island. This island is also known as Hon Tre Lon, located to the west of Con Son island. This island consists of 2 small islands connected by a sandbar, possessing beautiful natural seascapes and rich and diverse ecosystems.

Hon Tre Lon owns a wild, green landscape. Photo: @tuldge

Hon Tre Lon area is 77 hectares wide, including a rich system of forests and diverse marine ecosystems. Compared to Con Son island (the main island of Con Dao), Hon Tre is deserted and more pristine. However, thanks to that, the island becomes much more beautiful and fresh. On the island, visitors can experience many interesting activities.

This island possesses a diverse and rich ecosystem. Photo: @pandabear_0912

Setting foot on Hon Tre Lon island , visitors will be immediately conquered by small beaches and beautiful fine white sand. In particular, this island also has beaches where turtles lay eggs, attracting tourists to visit. In the summer, the small beaches on the island are the ideal coordinates for swimming and capturing virtual life.

Exploring this beautiful island, visitors also have the opportunity to experience coral viewing. This place is one of the seas possessing the most beautiful coral system in Con Dao with all kinds of colorful corals, and extremely beautiful shapes. Under the ocean, you will have the opportunity to see sea turtles, giant clams, and colorful fish swimming around.

Such a beautiful seascape, it’s a pity not to check in. Photo: Con Dao Tourism

In particular, Hon Tre Lon island also possesses diverse forest resources with many rare species of birds and wild animals. Spending time walking along the beaches and entering the forest is also an interesting activity, making you feel like an adventurer when traveling to Con Dao – Vung Tau.

3. Hon Tre Island Kien Giang

Of the three Hon Tre islands in Vietnam , Hon Tre island in Kien Giang is little known. Because when it comes to Kien Giang tourism, everyone thinks of the island paradise of Phu Quoc . But if you want to find a new tourist destination, Hon Tre is the most suitable coordination. This island belongs to the Kien Hai district and is about 30km from Rach Gia city center.

Kien Giang also has the beautiful Hon Tre island. Photo:

Hon Tre Island in Kien Giang has an average height of about 30 meters and has a rich topographical structure. This island has the sea, wild mountains, and forests, creating a fresh and peaceful picture of nature. On the island, there is a mountain peak 400 meters high with ancient primeval forest, inhabited by many species of animals.

This island has a diverse topographical structure. Photo: @_anhhthuu21_

According to the Kien Giang travel experience of many tourists, March – April every year is the most suitable time to explore Hon Tre Island. In this season, the sky is clear, the sun is yellow and the sea is blue, very suitable for swimming. The famous beaches on the island are Bai Chen, Coconut Cave, Da Dai, … are the most beautiful to swim with cool water. 

Many beautiful check-in corners on Hon Tre island. Photo: @manameisthuy

Hon Tre Island has a 12 km long road surrounding the island, which is convenient to explore by motorbike. On the island, you can take your time to visit Ba Chua Xu Temple, Nam Hai God’s Palace, Ha Ba tail, etc. These are all beautiful and famous places on the island, helping visitors have more worthwhile experiences. miss. 

Beautiful Chen Beach on Hon Tre Island. Photo: @truongvu.27

Although not an island, Hon Tre Kien Giang is still a destination that attracts tourists every summer. The island began to have affordable motels and tent rental services. In addition, on Hon Tre island, you can also enjoy many delicious seafood dishes such as fried oysters, mantis shrimp, stone crabs, crabs, frog gills, and hot pot from very fresh fish.

On Hon Tre Island, visitors can also enjoy many fresh seafood dishes. Photo: @tuan.dinhvan.5680899

All 3 Hon Tre islands in Vietnam are islands possessing beautiful and charming seascapes, accompanied by many extremely attractive tourist activities. Depending on your preferences, you choose the right island to visit, explore, and enjoy a cool summer on these beautiful islands. 

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