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He is passionate about making micro models

HO CHI MINH CITY – Four months without working as a nurse’s assistant because of the epidemic, Le My Diem made a pomelo tree, sugarcane tree, banana bush… just like the real thing.

Le My Diem, 29 years old, graduated from a construction college in Da Nang and used to work for a company specializing in architectural models. Here, a young man from Quang Ngai realizes that he has a talent and passion for making Diorama (sa table), a combination of models to build a scene in a small space, where the maker presents historical and natural scenes. natural or fantasy…

However, an incident caused Miles to quit his job. Last year, he gave up his passion to work as a maid to maintain his life. “One day, while I was eating in my room, I broke my chopsticks. By inertia, I threw it out the door and hit the papaya tree in front of my room. Suddenly, I felt like I was awakened, I wanted to make such a tree. , by a realistic model,” said Miles.

In six days, he managed to make enough tree models. The trunk is made from a hanger and then covered with clay, the fruit is also molded from clay, and the leaves are made from a 502 glue hose.

With the artist’s blood in him, the idea came to him very naturally. Once, when he went fishing with a friend, he slipped into the river. Miles quickly grabbed a bunch of dried bananas and fell into the water to get to the shore. Touching the banana sheath, he felt like the color of the wood, so he thought about using it as a tree material.

The outermost layer of the coconut tree trunk is covered with dried banana peels cut along the river.

In the days of the Covid-19 outbreak, Mim asked to stay at an acquaintance’s workshop, sitting from morning to night to make pomelo trees. He wrapped this tree with an electric wire, shaped it, then covered it with tissue paper, applied milk glue all over the body, and then used sawdust to spread it evenly, dried and colored it. Grapefruit molded with clay, painted with oil colors.

“The leaves are the most difficult and tiring. I had to ask for real leaves, redraw it on the software, then ask the machine to assist in cutting, using industrial paints to paint to match the real color,” he said. It took him half a month to perfect the pomelo tree.

Making a coffee tree took 11 days, but when she went to work without income, Le My Diem had to sell it cheap to have money to pay for a motel room. He asked an acquaintance to send real leaves from Lam Dong to observe and make varieties.

At one point, Mile decided to give up his passion for Diorama, many friends and acquaintances on social networks texted him to encourage him. When he saw him posting products he made during the epidemic break, many people praised and supported him. “I use that as motivation to continue,” said Miles.

He said the works have many people’s interest, but because of the effort, the price is high and difficult to sell. “I will still work as a helper to earn a living and take advantage of my free time to fulfill my passion. Even though life is difficult, I feel lucky, knowing what I like, what I want, while some people still struggle all their lives. struggling with this question,” he said. Follow vnexpress

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