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The stunning scenery of Long Coc tea hills in Phu Tho

The smooth round bowl-shaped hills in Long Coc commune (Tan Son, Phu Tho) are like natural wonders bringing spectacular beauty to the tea land in the midland.

Overwhelming scenery of Long Coc tea hills

Phu Tho is one of the provinces with the largest tea growing area in the country. Tea trees not only bring economic benefits to households, enrich villages and communes, but the tea hills also create attractive beauty for the midland region, of which the typical is Long Coc tea hill.

Long Coc commune, Tan Son district has very favorable terrain and climate for tea plants to grow. Estimated tea growing area is about 600 hectares, tea trees have been attached to the people here for many generations. People are paid by the factory for product output, fertilizer support…

The tea hills here are round and protruding like green upside down bowls. In the sunlight, the block emerges creating an image that closely resembles the topography of a golf course.

The average height of the tea hills is only about 100-200 m, tea trees cover the entire hill surface. 

If Mu Cang Chai and Hoang Su Phi have terraced fields, Long Coc has a tea hill that is not inferior to the beauty of nature.

Although the tea is harvested by machine, the yield is much higher than that of manual work, but tea growers still have a hard time, especially in the current intense heat.

Rain and sunshine is a common weather phenomenon on Long Coc tea hill. In the picture is a sudden rain, this phenomenon is easy to appear rainbow.

The whole Long Coc commune has an area of ​​24.78 km2, 600 hectares of tea growing, creating jobs for many households here.

The bright dark patches are created by the afternoon sunlight on the Long Coc tea area.

People make tea mainly by experience, using eyes to see, nose to smell, and hands to touch. Income from growing tea is also from over 100 million/year/household.

The bowl-shaped tea hills, close, stretching seem to have no end. There are also many people who call this place Ha Long Bay in the Midlands.

Each large, gently upturned bowl usually has an area of ​​more than one hectare. To form a tea hill with a wide and stable canopy requires techniques and people’s eyes right from the time of planting, especially at the time of cutting and creating canopy. Tea cutting is cutting off old tea branches, toothpicks, and pests to replace them with stronger young branches, giving the tea tree a strong and strong canopy frame, with many positions to pop buds, creating a high and even canopy.

Harvest tea under breathtaking natural scenery.

Long Coc tea hill under the sunset. Follow Dan trí

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