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Watching the sunset on Phu Tho tea hill

Phu Tho is not only famous as an ancestral land with many anecdotes and temples but also possesses midland tea hills, intertwined with mountains and rivers.

Phu Tho is known as the land of the ancestors, where the Hung King built the country and the spiritual energy gathered. People believe that anecdotes and history have dyed the tea here delicious and rich. Phu Tho tea has a greenish-yellow color, fragrant and mild acrid, and deep sweetness. On the way from Viet Tri City to Xuan Son National Park, visitors can go directly to the tea hills to learn how people grow this specialty tea. Among the famous tea hills in Phu Tho, My Thuan tea hill is less known, but every sunset, the beautiful scenery here captivates visitors.

Watching the sunset on Phu Tho tea hill
The sunset light covers the green of the tea leaves, creating vivid color contrast. Photo: Trung Nghia

My Thuan welcomes visitors with green tea hills, where there are midland girls looming on the fields, picking tea buds with their hands. On steep, somewhat vertical hills, visitors follow each other to reach the top. The tea hills in My Thuan commune are surrounded by mountains and rivers, the surrounding landscape is still very wild. On the way to the tea hill, visitors can also see people herding buffalo returning, constantly greeting visitors, bearing the atmosphere of a peaceful northern village. After setting foot on the top, the fresh, refreshing air makes anyone can feel peace and light. The sunset sun is bright red, spreading the sunlight on the green of the tea leaves, creating a vivid and majestic picture of contrasting colors. Coming here, visitors are spoiled for taking pictures of the midland tea hills as far as the eye can see.

Tourists walk together to the top of the tea hill. Photo: Trung Nghia

My Thuan tea hill is located 56 km from Viet Tri city, visitors follow Highway 32 to arrive. To take photos of the tea hill right at the time the sun begins to set, visitors should check the weather forecast in advance. When visiting, tourists need to pay attention to clean up, carry garbage if they eat or drink. When taking photos, you need to be careful to avoid stepping on or breaking the tea buds, affecting the production and harvest of people. Follow vnexpress

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