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Remember forever the bold, chewy flavor of Phu Tho palm sticky rice

As a rustic dish, but Phu Tho palm sticky rice attracts visitors by the fat flavor of the palm, resonates with the sweetness of upland sticky rice to bring a unique and delicious dish.

Coming to the homeland of Dat To, you can not only enjoy the poetic natural picture through the green tea fields, pristine and rustic villages… But besides, you can also participate in traditional festivals. traditional, specially such as Hung Temple festival, Phu Tho Xoan singing…

Most especially, there is one thing that makes visitors always entangled, stealing and remembering that is the typical cuisine of this place. Just the unique dishes from the countryside such as sour fish, Thanh Son rock moss, or sour cassava vegetables… also make people choke on their emotions because of its unforgettable taste. In particular, Phu Tho palm sticky rice always reminds people of the fatness of the palm when mixed with sticky upland sticky rice. I’ve only just mentioned it, but I’m already craving it!

Yellow palm sticky rice

About Phu Tho palm sticky rice dish

If you are a food enthusiast, or discover rustic local cuisine, then of course, you are no stranger to the palm sticky rice dish of the Tay people in Phu Tho. Not just a nutritious and delicious dish, the Tay’s palm sticky rice is the harmony of two rustic and rustic products as close as the people here.

Phu Tho palm sticky rice is processed quite simply and not too fussy with 2 main ingredients: palm fruit and upland sticky rice. Every time the palm season is ripe around November, December of the lunar calendar. People in Phu Tho go to pick up sticky rice for sticky rice and save ingredients if they want sticky rice on Tet holidays. That is why this simple and authentic dish has been associated with the life of the Tay people. And this is also one of the unique culinary culture of Phu Tho people. No matter who is far from home, when returning home, they want to enjoy palm sticky rice to remember their homeland, the source where they nurtured their childhood.

Remember forever the bold, chewy flavor of Phu Tho palm sticky rice
Sticky sticky rice

Learn how to cook delicious Phu Tho palm sticky rice

In order to be able to cook palm sticky rice that is both delicious and flexible with the fleshy, greasy texture of the palm, two main ingredients are indispensable: umm palm and upland sticky rice. However, if you want sticky rice with a stickiness and consistency, you must know how to choose old, ripe palm fruits to cook delicious and fragrant sticky rice.

Preliminary processing of sticky rice

In fact, when it comes to sticky rice, there are two main types of fruit: grass and sticky rice. As for the sticky palm, the fruit will be larger, rounder, and more flexible, the flesh of the palm is fatter and greasy than the ordinary palm. It is because of the fatness of such sticky rice that people choose to use sticky rice instead of ordinary palm. However, you can also choose a sticky brush to make sticky rice. But in terms of deliciousness, suppleness, and fat, it will not be compared with sticky rice.

Stretchy round brush

After choosing the old, plump, ripe sticky rice, the Tay people will bring it back to wash it and let it dry. Next, they will put the sticky rice in a basket with clean shells. Continue to put the pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil over medium heat. Cook while stirring in the pot. When the water in the pot reaches 70 degrees hot, people cover the lid for about 15-20 minutes to cook. 

Peel off the outer brush

After the palm is ripe, at this time the Tay people will pour the palm into a basket to wait for it to cool. Next, they will use their fingers to gently separate the iridescent yellow flesh from the palm. This is the layer of fatty, greasy meat to mix with sticky rice to cook sticky rice.

Choose upland sticky rice to cook sticky rice

After preparing, preliminary processing and separating the palm meat layer to cook sticky rice. Then for delicious sticky rice to prepare, the stage of choosing sticky rice for sticky rice is also very important. The type of sticky rice that the Tay people often use to cook sticky rice is upland sticky rice with a round, beautiful, and plump shape. Thus, when cooking sticky rice, the new sticky rice is sticky, fragrant and the seeds are shiny and soft.

When choosing upland glutinous rice, at this time, people will bring sticky rice to soak for 3-4 hours or leave it overnight for the rice grains to soften. Next, the sticky rice will be washed and then poured into a basket to drain.

Mix palm meat with glutinous rice

Delicious palm sticky rice

When the greasy palm meat is prepared and the upland sticky rice is soaked in water for a long time. At this time, the Tay people will mix palm meat and upland sticky rice together. While mixing, they squeeze the soluble palm meat and glutinous rice and add a little salt so that when the sticky rice is cooked, the palm sticky rice dish is greasy, delicious and full of flavor.

Next, we will put the rice in the sticky rice bowl and cook it on low heat for about an hour. At this time, the pulp as well as the essential oil of the glutinous palm have soaked into the glutinous rice and turn the color of crab bricks. When the glutinous rice gives off the aroma as well as the greasy smell of sticky rice spreading evenly throughout the house, the palm sticky rice is cooked.

Enjoying the hot Tay palm sticky rice that has just been cooked, you will feel the delicious, unique and very different taste from the usual sticky rice dishes such as: sticky rice with beans, sticky rice with peanuts. Perhaps because of that, palm sticky rice always leaves an impression and nostalgia for visitors because of its unique and distinctive taste that cannot be confused.

Delicious palm sticky rice is hard to resist

How to enjoy Phu Tho palm sticky rice?

Palm oil, when absorbed into upland sticky rice, creates a beautiful color for palm sticky rice. Many people in order to increase the greasy and delicious taste of sticky rice, they often add a bit of fried onion fat to make the sticky rice dish even more fragrant and attractive.

For those who first enjoy Phu Tho palm sticky rice , at first, they will feel the bitter, bitter taste from the palm. But the more you eat, the sweeter and more delicious it becomes when combined with upland sticky rice. And often this sticky rice dish when dipped with sesame salt is delicious, irresistible.

When enjoying palm sticky rice, you will initially feel a bit of acrid and bitter taste, but the more you eat it, the more attached this distinct flavor is, not mixed with any kind of sticky rice. This dish is usually dipped with sesame salt.

Palm sticky rice is wrapped in a layer of green banana leaves

Bringing the iridescent yellow color from palm oil, Phu Tho palm sticky rice always makes people remember because of its fatty, aromatic flavor. And this is a dish of childhood and has raised many adult Phu Tho children. If you come to Phu Tho, once, enjoy this special sticky rice dish. You will definitely be impressed by the unique flavor it brings!

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