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Energize the journey to cheer the SEA Games with delicious Vietnamese Tri dishes

Not only is the economic and political center of Phu Tho, the gateway to the Northwest with famous historical sites; but Viet Tri delicacies such as lentils, ear cakes, braised fish fillings, etc. are also important attractions for tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to this city. 

Famous Viet Tri delicacies

1. Grilled river lentils

Viet Tri has the advantage of being the convergence of three major rivers: Lo River, Red River, and Da River . Therefore, the river trout of this region is delicious and famous throughout the country because of the sweetness of the meat, which is soft, not chewy. Due to wild fishing, it can grow from a few to several tens of kilograms. Coming here, you can easily see the whole street with fragrant, smoky fish grills. In addition, it can also be processed into: stir- fried lentil fish, fried fish with lentils, fish hotpot, …

Energize the journey to cheer the SEA Games with delicious Vietnamese Tri dishes
Photo: @jplim

– Suggested delicious restaurants: 

  • Hac Tri fish – Group 10A, Song Thao street, Tien Cat ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho.
  • Lang Lieu restaurant – 34 Tram Sao, Gia Cam ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho.

Photo: @huynhnhungoc2711

2. Anh Vu Fish

Along with salmon, Anh Vu fish is also a famous specialty known by many people in Viet Tri. However, it can only be caught from October to March next year. Because fish live in caves and only when the water is clear and cold will they come out to find prey? The flesh of the fish is white and very fragrant, especially the cartilage in the lips. Just wash it, marinate it and then steam it to enjoy its full sweetness or make fish cakes which are also very delicious.

  • Good places to eat : restaurants are located along with Hang Bac Ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho.

Photo: @amthuccotruyen

3. Sour cassava vegetables 

Phu Tho sour cassava vegetable is a rustic dish with bold characteristics of the homeland of the ancestors. Wash, then crush and then salt in a jar for 5-7 days to be able to eat. Salted and sour cassava vegetables are best when stewed with pork legs until the meat is soft, the sweet fat infuses the vegetables with a delicious taste. Or simply cook soup with fish, the sour taste of cassava vegetables helps fish less fishy, ​​rich, sour and delicious. 

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4. Braised fish stock

Canarium is a famous fruit of this region with 2 types of sour filling and black filling. The sour filling is often stocked with carp because of its thick pulp. Before cooking, it is split in half and removed the seeds. Before cooking, place each layer of fish alternately with fillings in an earthen pot, add spices and simmer. The fleshy, sour taste of the filling permeates into each fiber of the fatty fish, adding to the deliciousness of the pot of quality braised fish. 

– Good places to eat:

  • Viet Tri Han River Restaurant – 03 Tien Son, Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho.

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5. Hung Lo rice noodles

Referring to the famous Viet Tri dish, it is impossible to ignore the famous rice noodle dish of Hung Lo commune. People here are still familiar with the traditional way of making with many meticulous steps, so they keep the freshness, natural whiteness and clean quality standards. Noodles, when processed into dishes, will be tough and not crushed, so they are not only loved by the people but also by tourists as gifts. 

Photo: @thuonghieuvaphapluat

6. Viet Tri Vegetarian Rice

Come to Viet Tri and want to enjoy vegetarian rice, it is not difficult for you to find delicious restaurants that are highly appreciated. Although the dishes are frugal, they always ensure full of nutrients and are prepared cleanly. Simple ingredients from vegetables, fruits, flour, … are transformed into savory dishes such as beef, pork rolls, fish, … You are spoiled for choice to enjoy when visiting this city to watch sports. 

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– Good places to eat: 

  • Thien Nguyen Vegetarian Restaurant – 184 Le Quy Don, Ph.Gia Cam, City. Viet Tri, Phu Tho.
  • Sen Hong Vegetarian Restaurant – 3 Dinh Tien Hoang, Nong Trang, City. Viet Tri, Phu Tho.
  • Lien Hoa Vegetarian Rice – Group 35c Thi Dua Street, Tien Cat Ward, Viet Tri, Phu Tho.

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7. Sticky rice dishes

Those who are followers of sticky rice, coming to Viet Tri is the standard card, in this city there are many strange and delicious types of sticky rice that are not available everywhere. 

Palm sticky rice : This is a traditional dish of the Tay ethnic group since ancient times. Phu Tho palm sticky rice is an attractive dish in both taste and color. Upland sticky rice combined with greasy sticky fruits, after being cooked, creates a unique flavor that you will remember forever. 

Photo: @danviet

– Sticky rice with perch : A bowl of fragrant sticky rice is still hot, topped with delicious home-made perch fried rice, adding a little fried onion makes you crave it.

– Sticky rice with a chicken crow : It looks like sticky rice cooked with chicken. But sticky rice made from rooster rice is a typical product of the My Lung region, grown on sandy soil mixed with cool clear water. Sticky rice dishes from this sticky rice when cooked will have a feeling of bar, sweet and fragrant, not tired. Dip it with super delicious sesame salt. 

Photo: @changg.th

7. Palm leaf rice ball

Along with palm sticky rice, this Viet Tri delicacy is also an idyllic and dear specialty for many generations of people in Phu Tho. The hot rice is held in the young palm leaves to form firm grips, when cooled, it is flexible and fragrant. The leaves are still delicious to spend the next day. Rice balls with palm leaves are eaten with sesame salt or salted roasted pork ribs to have a full stomach. 

Photo: @doisongsinhvien

9. Palm silkworms

Palms in Phu Tho appear everywhere, continuing with the series of delicacies from palm can not be ignored this special specialty. Like coconut weevils, palm silkworms also make many people afraid when they first start enjoying them. The fat silkworms are grilled on shiny, golden coals. Dotted with salt and sour chili strange mouth but delicious.

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10. Viet Tri ear cake

Referring to Phu Tho cuisine, it is impossible to ignore the simple cake of this village. The ingredients for making tai cake are very simple, just plain rice, pork and a little spice. Rice before pounding or grinding will be soaked in water to bloom, then boiled for about 20 minutes, and put in a mortar to create a fineness to make a cake shell. Filled with minced meat, add fish sauce, dry pepper and onions, mix well in the middle, with sour, spicy and sweet fish sauce. Eat soft, fragrant without being bored. 

Photo: @trang.inr

Thanks to the quintessential ingredients of heaven and earth and combined with skillful hands. Viet Tri delicacies are not only famous in Phu Tho but also loved by tourists everywhere. Make a special for the local culinary map. 

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