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‘Charming Son Thuy’ in Na Hang

TUYEN QUANG – When the last rays of the sun fade away through the limestone mountains, the surface of Na Hang lake is deep blue, where gold glitters.

Na Hang is a tourist area located in two districts of Na Hang and Lam Binh, Tuyen Quang. This place is about 100 km from Tuyen Quang city, the road is easy. As the confluence of the Lo and Gam rivers, Na Hang has 8,000 hectares of water surface, surrounded by massive limestone mountains and deep green primeval forests. Therefore, this place is also known as “Ha Long in the middle of thousands”.

Impressed with the unspoiled beauty of Na Hang, photographer Le Cao Hai (often called HaiLeCao) returned to this land in early April. He spent two days exploring and making a set of Na Hang landscape photos. .

Located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level, the scenery of Na Hang is always covered with fog in the early morning, especially in winter from November to January next year. Therefore, many tourists come here to admire it as if they are lost in the “fairy scene”.

The first rays of sunlight appeared on the water surface and reflected the majestic mountains. Visitors can now start their journey from Na Hang wharf to explore the lake, and see rocky islands such as Pac Ta mountain or Coc Vai rocky mountain.

The higher the sun rises, the water gradually turns jade green. “Along the stream from Lam Binh wharf to Thuy Loa commune, there is a very peaceful relaxation, surrounded by four mountains surrounded by mountains embracing the banks. The boat glides on the blue water, as calm as a mirror, It’s really charming and charming,” Hai described.

Here, visitors can also meet the local people living in the mountains of Na Hang. They fished shrimp, and transported passengers on the lake. At this time, visitors seem to be getting rid of all the chaos and hustle in the city.

As seen above, Na Hang is more similar to Ha Long Bay. The best season to go to Na Hang is from May to September every year because the weather is cool, the water is high and it’s always blue. Those who love fanciful beauty should come here from November to January every year.

On the small green islands, fruit trees are where people build houses, in the distance, they make rafts to catch fish and shrimp.

In the afternoon, when the sun gradually disappears behind the mountains, the remaining sunlight creates blue and orange patches on the lake’s surface. “This is a paradise for many landscape photographers. Because of the large lake area, plus the mountains, but not too high to catch the sunrise and sunset with golden light moments for photography. “, shared the author.

In the late afternoon, the roads leading visitors out of Na Hang will pass through green rice fields and peaceful houses.

In the distance, the fog gradually covered the roofs mixed with blue smoke in the afternoon. Not only with their eyes, but visitors also experience beauty through all senses, when the cold covers the skin, the aroma of the kitchens also warms the nasal cavity.

Photo: HaiLeCao

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